Fall Finds

FIRST.  OMG.  I had SO much fun reading through all of the responses I got to my “Getting to Know You” post.  Y’all are hilarious and at the same time so thoughtful and deliberate about your fashion choices — really loved “meeting” you and hearing all about your style predilections.  (One surprising thing?  Almost everyone prefers to shop solo or online — guess that the trope of the galpal shopping date is more fiction than fact.)  At any rate, I had to pick Micaela L.’s post for three reasons: a)  When asked what one item she would rescue from her burning home, she said “a basket that has most of my purses in it” — I like the way she thinks; b) she wants to own leather pants, which, as I mentioned yesterday, have been a long-term goal of mine; and c)  this sentence: “I’m not going to say I wore bebe shirts, but baby tees didn’t really work for anyone.”  Micaela, send me your mailing addy so I can mail you a Magpie Treat!


And now: fall finds.  My sister is probably as big of a shopaholic as I am (maybe bigger?), and she recently texted me: “Hate everything I own.  I need to get a new fall wardrobe immediately.  Please send me a couple thousand dollars for shopping.  Thanks, bye.”  I feel her pain — I’m so ready to snap up everything fall-oriented around me that things could quickly spin wildly out of control.  But while there are a few investment pieces I’m saving up for this fall (this and this and this, to name a few), there are lots of cute and affordable pieces I’ll be snapping up to spruce things up in the short term — and I’m dedicating this post those fall finds.  Yes, that’s right, ladies.  Everything in this post is under $150, and most ring in under $100!  I don’t know how I did it.  (Well, there’s one exception — a pair of Tory Burch bootskis.  Forgive me.)

So, first up: I love this affordable leather-accented dress (on sale for $89 — WHAAAA?!) for work.  Imagine it with tights and booties and an edgy necklace ($75):

PSST.  You can get an even cheaper version of the dress above through the Kirna Zabete for Target capsule collection here ($45).  Or how about paired with this mixed-fabric bag ($49) and these cap-toed tootsies ($149)?


Or, how about this leather tipped poncho ($148 — plus 30% off now with code 30FALL):


Love it with a pair of black skinnies and some punchy flats (these get the same look at those Valentino rockstud shoes everyone dies over — but for $49!):



I like it with a pop of color in the form of this pouch (love the tassel!) from Morgan Parish ($160) OR this fur pouchlette ($45):

Or, how about this yummy sweater dress (on sale for $78), which you can pair with a statement necklace ($147) and your favorite sets of boots (OK, these are not budget-friendly, but I heart them — $525):




I’d finish with this slouchy, clean-lined catch-all ($125) and a fall-printed scarf (love the little foxes on this guy — $30):

Or, if you want a bit more color/pattern in your life, how about this paisley skirt ($56) with a simple camel sweater ($79) and some studs ($68):


Finish with a pair of red flats ($49 — or brown/nude, if the colors are getting to crazy for your taste) and a foldover clutch that coordinates with the pop of deep blue/purple in the skirt ($125):


Finally, this felt skirt ($110) in the cheeriest of maraschino cherry reds, which I’d pair with this printed blouse ($80) and some flashy earrings ($138) for a very Blair Waldorf look:


I’d finish with some simple black flats ($56) and this Valentino-esque studded tote ($118):


Don’t you love?!  Hope y’all are having a great week!  xxx




  1. Magpie, this is by far my favorite post yet! I work on a government salary but am expected to look professional… so I’m always on the hunt for affordable, fashionable finds. Thank you!

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