The Fashion Magpie Fall Horizon

Fall on the Horizon.

We still have a lovely month or two of summer left, and I’m certainly not chomping on the bit for fall, but I must say that I’ve begun to compile a clothing wishlist for cooler weather.

At the top of my list are autumn-appropriate dresses.  I always gravitate towards a dress whenever possible, and reluctantly wear jeans the rest of the year.  If I could wear a dress every day of the year, I would.  A couple of my favorite dresses for these transitioning-into-fall months:

+This striped shirtdress, which I’d wear with sandals now and smart-looking flats later (on sale for under $40!)

+This boho dress, to be worn with booties!

+Yes, it’s white.  Yes, it will be worn after Labor Day.  I just love it so much and could see myself pairing it with light brown leather accents.

+Classic black wrap dress, with huge black shades!  (I love love love Saloni.)

+This dress, with slingbacks!

Of course, a woman cannot exist on dresses alone, so…

My Favorite Fall Picks.

+Ralph Lauren Beaded Fair Isle Sweater (on sale!)

+M Gemi Mocs

+Wandler Handbag — my best friend raves about this up-and-coming label, which has a super high-end, Celine-like look

+J. Crew Point Sur Wide Leg Crops — really into this shape for fall

+Lee Matthews Plaid Maxi — nailing that muumuu vibe I’ve been all about!

+Paravel Crossbody — personalizable with hand-painted

+K Jacques Sandals — adore these!

+Tory Burch Cashmere Sweater — on sale!; get the look for less with this button-side sweater for under $70 or this chic turtleneck sweater

+Vintage Hermes Watch

+Gucci iPhone Case

+Cuyana Tote — love this new color!

+Veronica Beard Trousers (on sale!)

+Leather-Trimmed Vejas

+Gucci Wallet

+Plaid Coat (on super sale!)

+Stubbs + Wootton Loafers

P.S.  What’s the deal with these things?  People love them?!  Tell me if you’re a fan!

P.P.S.  Lessons from the kitchen and lessons from Lee.

P.P.P.S.  I think I might order a few of these to organize some of the bulky items we currently just have in stacks in our closet — like boots, extra blankets, etc.


  1. I saw your comment that you ordered the invisibobbles! To add to everyone’s positive reviews, they are great at keeping your hair up during a workout! You’ll love them.

  2. I am also beginning the countdown to fall, and I can’t wait to wear all my sweaters again!

    I was wondering if you (or any readers!) knew of any mocs similar to the M. Gemi pair above, in a lower price point? I’ve been looking around but I’m at a loss for where to look!
    Thanks in advance. 🙂

    1. Hi Sandra! I think these are adorable and look a LOT like a pair of Tods:

      Plus, the reviews are solid (check them out). I especially like them in the orange suede (maybe because my Tods are in orange and I wore them constantly), but these in classy saddle brown are practical and chic:

      Cole Haan are supposed to be crazy comfortable, too, and their driving mocs are pretty cute — I like the white/cream pair (on sale!) here:


  3. Love the invisi-bobbles! I have naturally curly hair but when I straighten it, I only wash once a week. I pull it into a pony at night and it leaves very little by way of kinks come morning. I bought mine last winter and I’m still only on #1 (though it’s definitely stretched out). Recommend!

  4. Love your picks here! The boho Sea dress has been pinned immediately — am I the only one who still uses Pinterest? Haha — and that white Tibi is so gorgeous with the button details! Light brown leather accents would be perfect (like those K. Jacques sandals — I have a pair by another French leather house that look v. similar, with slightly thicker straps, and I love them/wear them to death!)

    Also: NEED those Veronica Beard army pants! LOVE.

    1. I use Pinterest too, especially now that Polyvore was so RUDELY dissolved overnight (grumble!!!). I need somewhere to store all of my shopping discoveries! I’m smitten with those two dresses in particular — sigh.

      VB pants are such a great deal!!!


  5. I use those phone cord/scrunchie/hair tie things! I have very thin aging hair with a slightly layered cut. I have damage right in the middle of the back of my head from regular hair bands. These things are much gentler. Another bonus if you use them for a messy knot they leave amazing waves in your hair.

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