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Easter Planning.

Now that Valentine’s Day is behind us: I know Easter is over two months away, but I’m a planner and am already thinking ahead. Below, some of my favorite Easter/spring festivity finds.

Easter Dresses.

+I’ll be very pregnant and am wondering if I can get away with this, which walks the line between sleepwear and daywear…see it above! So darling! (Get the look for less with this.)

+Many of the dresses below (not sure about the nightgown-ish one above…) would also work well for an early spring Christening/Baptism. Incidentally, one of the most commonly asked questions I receive is: what should I wear to my child’s Baptism?! Below, some thoughts on how to look appropriate but chic:

+This gorgeous knit dress, or this floral one (love the scalloped trim!) — both by Ted Baker. Smitten!

+My dream dress. Wondering if I can legitimize its purchase if I pledge to wear it at both my baby shower and Easter?!

+This pretty gingham from Innika Choo, or this ladylike lovely from RedValentino (on sale!)

+This patrician’s daughter easter egg blue Marni (on maj sale).

+For bags: live for this basket bag or this one from Pam Munson, or, for something more formal, this satin one in the blue or pink (swoon!)

Easter Clothing for Minis.

+This Luli & Me for a girl; this one for a boy.

+For newborn boys who might not be ready to wear a full on starchy outfit! (I have so many friends due right around Easter.)

+This cross-print smocked dress. I already ordered for this for mini in anticipation of micro’s Baptism!

+This romper for a baby boy, or this traditional set.

+Dying over these bunny-eared Mary Janes for mini — or these crocheted ones. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere warm, these in the petal pink! And for itty bitties: these for girls, these for boys.

+These bow-backed socks!

+This getup with knee socks. LOVE.

+This sweet gingham for a mini; this bunny-embroidered romper for a boy.

+A perfect everyday cardigan in petal pink for mini.

+This bunny bow or this traditional bonnet.

Easter Baskets for Minis.

+I absolutely adore these wicker baskets with the scalloped liners, but fellow urban dwellers will cringe at the idea of storing these big baskets. If I still lived in Chicago, this would have been my first pick.

+I also love the stitching on these monogrammed ones, but note that they do not come with a basket!

+Because we are limited on storage space, I bought a style similar to this from this exact Etsy store last year that I can collapse and pack away. I also love this with the bunny ears.

+This attachable basket bow is BEYOND.

Easter Jammies for Minis.

+In love with these gingham ones and the coordinating bunny ear sleep mask.

+These Kissy Kissy short jammies are perfect for spring.

+These bunny jammies! (Under $15!)

+These tulip-printed footies from TBBC.

Easter Tabletop Accessories.

+Love this bunny planter!

+Pink gingham tablecloth.

+OMG these bunny plates and these ears!

+This pretty moss basket.

P.S. New discoveries for minis and micros.

P.P.S. A mini tech detox worth testing and the best bags for everyday adventures.


  1. I’m happy to see that I’m not the only one who began thinking about the secular aspects of Easter today! Until we had kids, I didn’t put so much thought into holidays- but now I realize that we’re the ones responsible for the traditions and the magic… and that I do best with two parts planning and one part spontaneous (such as the on a whim stop for a Mylar balloon on the way home Tuesday evening- a hit with the babies and preschoolers alike). Thanks for the Easter ideas!

    1. Yes — exactly! I had most of mini’s Valentine’s Day stuff sorted about three weeks in advance. Planning is EVERYTHING. Just remembered this with particular precision while traveling. Mr. Magpie said: “I’m blown away by you” (heart swelling, and excuse the humble brag) after he observed how carefully thought-out my carry-on was: full of little activities, snacks, books, etc. She was preoccupied the whole flight there and back! Mom power! Ha!

  2. I love love love all these ideas – having a bunny-themed birthday party for the baby (her second is just a couple of weeks before Easter). I’ve stocked up on party supplies already but have been dithering over her outfit and love your suggestions. I do have those LL bunny shoes in the most beautiful pearl white – and she won’t put them on!! It is killing me.

    1. Noooo! OMG. You’ve mentioned your daughter’s clothing predilections in previous comments and they haunt me. I’m like, “Will this be the day she stops wearing what I dress her in…?!?!?” Those shoes are beyond.


  3. One of my favorite things my mom chose to do, especially as my brother and I got older, was to use storage baskets/boxes as the vessel for Easter gifts. She would place all of our candy/gifts in a decorative, reusable storage basket or bucket that we then got to take home with us after celebrating. I know your daughter is too young for this now, but it’s a fun way to make every part of the gift functional – and I always appreciate another basket to help organize closets or anything else!

    Rachel |

  4. I love all those pajama options for minis, and I feel like you could totally pull off that Sleeper gown if you’re having a more casual Easter celebration! I’ve seen their wares in person and really love them…the ruffled short pajama set is my favorite.

    I am going back & forth on what to wear for Easter this year. I’m leaning towards a blue & white eyelet Band of Outsiders dress from one of their last collections with Scott Sternberg — it doesn’t get enough play in my closet and I have bought several new dresses for other occasions this spring, and so am feeling the need to shop my closet. I also have a (new) dark floral Rebecca Taylor dress that I’d love to wear if it’s warm, but usually tend to gravitate towards lighter colors for Easter garb. We shall see!

    1. All of these options sound INSANE. So chic! Thanks for the note on the Sleeper dress! Very close to pulling le trigger. xo

  5. This was so fun! Happy that Easter is a little late this year because there is a real chance for a warm ish spring day in the northeast, but of course the downside is we have to wait for it. I hadn’t even begun thinking about it but this makes me look forward to spring!

    1. Yes!! Being in FL definitely left me with warm weather on the brain…now it just needs to hurry on up! xo

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