Do You Want Some Cheese with That Whine?

I try to stick to fashion on this little blogski, but today, I must digress and admit to the fact that I am the biggest baby ever.  Over the weekend, I had some sort of terrible allergic reaction to something that caused my right eye to itch and water uncontrollably for like a bajillion, trajillion hours and have been on all kinds of eye drops and ointments ever since.  I know it’s not a big deal and “this too shall pass” as my Magpie Mother pointed out while I was tearfully begging for her Dr. Mom opinion, but — I’ve just been having a big ol’ pity party for myself nonetheless and I need to snap out of it.  What better way than by planning an imaginary Whine + Cheese party?

First: setting.  I’d like to steal an idea I saw on Chevrons + Stripes by hosting my whine party in a glamorous pillowed teepee/tent from Fute Design

I’d wear a floaty caftan ($575 — and if you’re not into the ankle/maxi length, check out this $325 Cynthia Vincent style, which I’m BANANAS over…that citrine color!) with some glam drops ($430):


I’d finish with pure gold Zanotti sandals (on sale for $385 — but also available in pink here)


I’d serve wine in colored, stemless drinkware ($35 for set of 4) —



I’m weirdly obsessed with these neon corkscrews (around $100 each) by L’Aguiole, which would certainly make a lovely accent-piece (and come in handy):


Meanwhile, I’d serve treats on some dainty paper plates (who says paper needs to look cheap?! — $7.50 for 10):



We’d keep some vino / champers chillin in a sleek ice bucket ($175):

And you better believe there would be a nice spread of cheese and other treats ($24 for cheese slate board) —



I just discovered these tearable cotton napkin rolls — you buy a roll for $27 from MyDrap and can just tear them off as you need them!

All of my guests and I would sit surrounded by pillows ($115 each) and blankets ($170 each) until the wee hours of the night —


Of course, good tunes are de-rigueur — especially when issued from a hot pink iPod dock ($162):

I’m feeling better already…


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