Desert Island

I’ve just wrapped a month of fitness boot camp, and admit to two contradictory emotions supporting this momentous event: 1) pride, because I actually found myself much stronger and fitter than I thought myself to be; and 2) glee, because I hated waking up at 5:40 a.m. on camp mornings with a sort of visceral intensity I have never before experienced in my life.  I will admit that it presented a wonderful platform for thinking through my blog postings — I would distract myself from the excruciating pain of back-to-back planks, burpees, dirty dogs, and — worst of all — flutter kicks (have you ever done these?  If not, thank your lucky stars.  O.M.-freaking-G.  I think it’s probably as painful as childbirth.  Spoken like a true non-mother.  Too far?) by thinking about fashion.  Today’s topic of choice: desert island picks.  What would I pack if I literally could only bring 10 items with me?

1.  DiorShow Mascara

Duh.  This is my best friend, my fashion staple.  I literally have a panic attack when I realize I’ve forgotten it.  Which is why I always carry my DiorShow ($24.50, Sephora) in my purse.  You neva know.  The darker and goopier the better.

2.  Lifetime Supply of HankyPanky

The only underwear I wear ($18 per pair, Shopbop).  So.comfortable, no lines.  Genius.

3.  A Bold Wrap/Scarf

I have a love affair with some of my favorite printed and solid scarves/pashminas/wraps/shawls.  They serve as neckwear to juju up a dull outfit; stand in for outerwear in cold weather; can be dressed up or down to accent a dress or jeans or even yoga-wear; and can, in a pinch, become a security blanket on a cold plane.  This would be a must for desert island living — you could even use it as a sarong, head cover, or beach blanket.  I would opt for Virginia Johnson’s bold patterns ($195, Virginia Johnson):

 4.  Face Shields (aka Oversized Sunnies)

The bigger the better to hide from UV rays and, of course, obscure the face when you’re not looking your best.  Although — having said that — the current pair on my lust-list is the Tom Ford Nikita (tortoise — $360, Barney’s; black — $288, 80sPurple), which Kourtney Kardashian wears and therefore I covet.


5.  J Brand Skinnies

You can find me in these ($176, Shopbop) about 50% of my life.  The other 50, I’m in a skirt or dress.  They  I like them in any color they come in, and have actually been checking out some cool blood orange/terra-cotta hues for fall.  Would be slick with a chunky white knit sweater and some OTK boots or leopard booties.

6.  All-Purpose Outerwear

For whatever weather the island gods throw at ya.  This all-in-one find (from J. Crew BOYS! — $118, J. Crew) converts into a puffer vest but will also keep you warm in cooler weather.

7.  Mr. Magpie’s Lived-In Sweatshirt

My security blanket.  So frayed and tattered and snuggly ($50, Mincer’s).  Need.

8.  Comfy Tees

I love J. Crew’s vintage tees ($19-$29, J. Crew) — they come in such fab colors, are a little on the long side, and are just as soft as a feather.

9.  LRR Jewelry

By LRR, I mean Lather-Rinse-Repeat — the day-to-day gems and jewels that you sport all.the.time.  For me, that’s a few important bangles (I wish the Cartier below were mine…but alas), my engagement ring (very similar to the one below, but mine has four prongs) and wedding band, a strand of pearls from my grandmother, a ruby-and-diamond ring I inherited from my mom’s aunt, and some of my favorite enorma-studs.

10.  Impractical Shoes

I’m guessing I’d go barefoot most of the time, but — to keep my love of fashion alive, I’d need something pretty to look at on a regular basis / some way to dress up when I was feeling down.  My go-to would be a pair of ridiculous tootsies, ad you know they gotta be Louboutin ($595, Bergdorf’s):



  1. Jen! You’re blog gets me through the days!!

    1) I feel your pain on flutter kicks…they are terrible.
    2) Have you tried DiorShow Extase? It is one of their newer ones and apparently has these little spheres the plump/expand upon application for extra length – literally is AH-MAZE-ING. The sales boy at Bloomys even wears it (and his lashed were to die for). Anyways, since the Nurmi’s were the ones to introduce me to DiorShow, I thought I’d share the love 😉


    1. WOAH, need to try the EXTASE. If the Bloomingdale’s salesman wore it, I’m in 🙂

      Thanks for reading…I’ve been swamped over with travel for work and work itself so I’ve been in a bit of a lull but should be back and up to speed by later this weekend/early next 🙂

      Miss you!


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