Decorating the Newlywed Nest

Despite the fact that I still have a number of wedding to-dos on my list, I couldn’t help but get excited about the prospect of decorating my new home.  Sure…we haven’t found that “home” yet, but that didn’t stop me from spending hours poring over my favorite home design / bedding websites in search of the perfect gender-neutral bedroom and bathroom accoutrements.  My first stop:  Aside from the fact that they run special discounts regularly (every couple of weeks I receive “extra 30% off all purchase” coupons in my inbox and absolutely drool over the possibilities), they have a nice range of bedding options, from the ornate/over-the-top/it-looks-like-it’s-from-medieval-times to the graphic/contemporary/looks-like-it’s-from-the-MoMa.

While I would never in a million years have guessed it, I fell in love with the platinum shade from Pine Cone Hill’s Genevieve collection.  Since I have a white wainscotted bedframe from Crate & Barrel, it will look wonderfully “bridal” while still fresh and inviting…not to mention relatively gender-neutral, which is a big concern of my fiance’s.  (My bedroom is currently dusty rose pink with sage green accents.  All of my bedding is by Matouk, a GREAT bedding brand.  At any rate — it’s not exactly “guy” territory.)  Look at this lovely palette and contrast of textures:

The plan is to have the platinum rosary quilt covering the majority of the bed, the patterned coverlet folded at the bottom, and a mix of quilted and patterned shams at the top.  To play off of the airiness of the bed, I’m considering purchasing this mirrored bed side table from Pottery Barn:

I think it will add interest to the room and break up the “all white” monotony of my bedroom furniture.  Plus, I just love a little mirrored accent here or there.  Vintage and chic.  I can just imagine a little silver julep cup (I just had a couple monogrammed with our new initials! — I ordered them from Pottery Barn) filled with white hydrangea on the bedside table.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I was slightly motivated to pursue the neutral color palette after drooling over Charlotte York’s apartment from “Sex and the City.”  Sure, my reference to SATC is slightly dated, but the decor of her apartment was just jaw-dropping.  Take a look and drool.

Eventually, I’d love to upgrade to an upholstered bed-frame and dark wood furniture.  I think this would ENSURE that my fiance (by then — husband!) feels as though he is in an apartment that is not in any way an affront to his masculinity…


  1. I found your blog because I have been obsessing over that same bed set. And just the other day I was deciding if I would like that mirrored side table from potter barn. So fun that we have the same tastes!!

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