Currently On My Shopping List…

A MILLE DRESS // Seen above. Everything about this voluminous, floral print dress is up my alley. Nightgown dressing at its finest. (H&M has a similarly cut dress for less here, and this &OtherStories style — also available in a similarly patterned blouse — projects a similar cottage chic vibe.)

NEW STATIONERY // I am eyeing this and this for correspondence and these as a notepad for my desk. I am forever making lists.

ARTIS BRUSHES // I already have and love the Oval 6 — perfect size for concealer, though I have also been using it for foundation/tinted moisturizer. I now want the Oval 8, which I think is even better suited for foundation application. Have I raved enough about these brushes?! I’m obsessed! Full review here. (And their even larger size, the Oval 10, is on sale for almost 50% off here.)

NO. 6 CLOG BOOTS // I managed to kill three pairs of boots last winter. This year, I already purchased these snakeskin Paris Texas tall boots but I intend to buy a pair of these clog boots for everyday schlepping (look for less with these).

SEA DRESS // For Thanksgiving day!

NARCISCO RODRIGUEZ PERFUME // My longtime favorite. I have been dappling in Jo Malone and Carven for the past year or two but I always come back to NR. It’s a softly spiced, musky floral scent. So feminine. I love it.

FLEECE FOR THE CHILDREN // Eyeing this for mini and this for micro. I just know that if I don’t buy it now, we’ll wake up one morning in September and it will have turned cold over night and all the good colors will be sold out.

CYGNET LIVING SWEATERS FOR THE CHILDREN // I have been eyeing these sweet personalized sweaters forever; think I will take the plunge for their fall wardrobes.

DAILY MULTIVITAMINS // I have gotten sick too many times this year — the flu, a stomach virus, and of course coronavirus. Yuck. My immune system must be so weak right now. I am trying to improve my health by getting more sleep, drinking more water, and taking vitamins. I’ve always been skeptical of vitamins but they can’t hurt. Mary Ruth’s products gets really good reviews, as do Ritual’s. Currently debating between the two.

GEECHIE BOY GRITS // We have always only used Anson Mill grits (so delicious — also you must try their outrageously satisfying toasted oats!), but a reader wrote in about Geechie Boy and I’m intrigued.

AGUA BENDITA SWIMSUIT // To tuck away for next summer. I don’t usually fit well into this brand’s sizing (cut for tall women, I think!), but this suit is haunting me…

TORY BURCH TIE DYE LEGGINGS // These continuously sell out when restocked! These inexpensive scallop-trim ones are also darling, and people go wild over these $27 ones, which come in great colors.

ARTWORK FOR OUR MASTER BEDROOM // I have been loosely looking for some artwork to hang above the dresser in our master bedroom. I think Mr. Magpie would kill me if I suggested this hand-painted triptych, as he already complains that we have too much chinoiserie and too much blue in our house. I have long loved these textiles by Paule Marrot…perhaps I can convince him to go with one of those. They are stunning. And speaking of artwork, I am also considering this set of vintage white Majolica oyster plates. Wouldn’t they be unbelievable mounted on a wall in our dining room?!

What are you eyeing at the moment?

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  1. That Sea dress is SO gorgeous! Perfect for Thanksgiving. I also wanted to write in with a vote for Papier — have been so pleased with the stationery I have from them! I have a set of the marbled-border cards and LOVE them.

    I just bought a Patagonia fleece jacket for myself after having not had one in years — I found the Divided Sky jacket (which seems a bit more modern/feminine to me?) at a random outdoor apparel store in Texas at a super discount! Love it when that happens.

    Also, thanks for reminding me that I ran out of my multivitamin yesterday and need to run to Target today for a refill! 🙂

    Otherwise, here’s what I’m considering:

    + a new pair of medium/dark wash jeans for fall — eyeing this super good deal by a Japanese brand (love love love Japanese denim):

    + Beyond Yoga leggings in “Darkest Night” — I LOVE THIS BRAND and already own a bra top and bike shorts, but would love a pair of leggings to pair with the bra top in cooler weather

    + a black leather bag, ideally by Clare V., to go with a Clare V. shoulder strap I already own — have found some options on Poshmark but am just trying to decide! I think I am going to go secondhand since I don’t want to splurge on a new one right now. 🙂


    1. Wow those Hana jeans are in such a good wash (and the price! YES!) Thanks for the tip on Beyond Yoga. I’ve seen that brand all over the place but not yet tried. My goal is to somehow ease back into running at some point this fall; maybe they will be my enticement.


    2. I really like Beyond Yoga — the fabric is super soft & stretchy. I’m not sure how they’d hold up for running (I imagine they’d be good!), but for yoga and low-impact activities, they’ve been great.


  2. I have worn NR perfume for MANY years…decided when I was in my 20s I wanted a signature scent…have dabbled with Chanel Mademoiselle but always return to NR. Have gotten some samples of Jo Malone but didn’t find it lasted as long as NR.

    1. It is JUST the best, Nancy! So soft and feminine and spicy at the same time. Perfume twins 🙂

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