Current Beauty Wishlist.

By: Jen Shoop

A couple of beauty products I’m currently lusting after…

The Fashion Magpie Beauty Wishlist

CHANTECAILLE FAUX CILS LONGEST LASH MASCARA. I know. $73 for mascara. But several beauty bloggers consistently recommend this product as the be-all, end-all ultimate mascara. I’m desperate to try!

GIVENCHY SHEER LIPSTICK IN N16. Has been described as the perfect blush-nude color.

LAURA MERCIER MATTE EYE SHADOW IN MORNING DEW. This is not a new product — have worn this color for years and years. It’s such a great basic that looks natural but adds a little brightness to the lid. My favorite everyday eye shadow, and I’m due for a restock.

RETINOL EYE STICK. I wrote about this recently, but drawn to this product for ease of application (just slick it right on!) and the notion of retinol on the undereye area!

BOBBI BROWN EXTRA LIP TINT IN BARE RASPBERRY. One of my favorite products, but want to try the darker raspberry color for fall.

OUAI POMMADE for days where I want a slicked back bun.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY FACIAL PALETTE. Love all the shimmering, happy autumn colors.

NEUTROGENICA CLEANSING BRUSH. Have heard good things about this little gadget, especially when used with this aloe cleanser.

GUCCI RED NAIL POLISH. Obsessed with the color. Similar to OPI Big Apple Red, which is my salon go-to these days.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY MAGIC CONCEALER. Hearing good things about this!

EPSOM SOAK. For sore running muscles!

Related to beauty: I’ve written about this in the past, but White Elephant Designs makes gorgeous personalized leather cosmetics cases that were just restocked. I love these because you can buy the pouches separately or as a set of two. Great holiday gift, as would be this ultra-chic lipstick case along with a favorite tube of lipstick!

And also — has anyone tried these heavily-hyped, highly-expensive LED masks? I am so highly dubious but several trust-worthy bloggers have raved. I think it’s too pricey for me to take the risk but so curious. Have you tried? Have you tried any other gadgets like this?

P.S. Beauty products I can’t quit and all my favorite face masks.

P.P.S. Sometimes self-improvement is more about “chiseling away what isn’t” versus building something new.

P.P.P.S. A reminder not to worry about things too far down the road.

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15 thoughts on “Current Beauty Wishlist.

  1. I’m so, SO late in commenting here (!), but wanted to put in a vote for Ouai pomade if you haven’t already tried it — I use it for exactly what you mentioned (slicked-back buns) and it’s great. I think it’ll last me a long time, too!

    On the topic of epsom soaks, we love the one that Whole Foods makes (they have a bunch, but our favorite is the “muscle soak” one that smells like herbs … in a good way). It’s really effective and I love that I can restock during our regular grocery runs.


  2. A note- I took the leap on the Chantecaille FauxCils during a recent bluemercury promo and I haaaaaated it. I’m honestly amazed that people love it because I found it clumpy, smeary and runny- within 2 hours of applying I had major raccoon eyes! I gave it a full month because it had been so $$ but I finally couldn’t take it anymore and went back to my tried and true– Chanel Inimitable Intense. So I say this in hopes that you will save yourself!!

    1. OMG —

      Horrible! OK, this makes me feel less interested in trying it. Thanks for chiming in here!


  3. I’ve got good skin, thanks to genetics (I am 32). That said, I have under eye bags I am trying to reverse. Have never tried a retinol re: the eye stick. I splurged on the Boost LED mask because it’s everywhere. :-X I have had it for a few weeks. For me and my skin, I’d say not worth it. I can’t seem to find any changes to my face by using it. I keep Googling the claims over and over again, because I feel like I am missing something. In hindsight, I would have rather had an extra facial every quarter for a year, with the money spent.

  4. I bought the Boost LED mask and it is worth every penny. I’m getting retinol results while off retinol (with baby). It helps even out my skin tone and make me look more ALIVE.

  5. I love makeup but not so much now. I have all kinds of makeup gadgets and the one I use a lot is my mask maker machine. It makes any kind of mask I want. It’s so wonderful Amazon of course. When I do go out I do eyebrows and lips and of course blusher otherwise I look dead I’m so pale.

  6. I literally do not wear makeup at all and never have (thanks, four years of all-girls boarding school, ha!)–I think the only “makeup” I currently have is a tinted Burt’s Bees chapstick, ahh!–but we have a big black tie event at the end of the month, so I need to actually wear mascara as there will be press coverage! I have also been looking for a concealer, so I appreciate the Charlotte Tilbury rec, which I have added to my cart. Thank you! 🙂

  7. I just tried Jones Road Beauty miracle balm and their new lip and check cream….. amazing especially since they are all clean. Not something I usually love in make up but it helps this old gal looks dewy and fresh!

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