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By: Jen Shoop


My brother used to think this word was hilarious and would ask me, even when I was clearly wearing jeans/a dress/normal shorts/a nightgown/etc — “are those cuuuulottes?”  He would smirk, waiting for a reaction.  I have no idea why I would let this nonsensical inquiry of his get under my skin, but I did, right along with his nagging insistence that I had “raven black hair.”  (My hair was in fact a very normal shade of dark brown, but I suppose I always longed for the tow-headed glory of my younger sister, whose cherub-like mien and coloring garnered attention from every passerby this side of the Atlantic.  And, quite possibly, those across the pond, come to think of it.)

For this logic-defying reason, I have fastidiously avoided culottes much of my adult life, even when they came back in vogue a few seasons back, and even after my sister wore them with such panache that I found myself putzing around e-retailers late into the night looking for a suitable copycat candidate.  And yet.  I never pulled the trigger.

Recently, though, I have found myself returning time and time again to these snaps of the oh-so-outlandishly-fashionable Leandra Medine in her own pairs of pink culottes:

The Fashion Magpie Leandra Medine Culottes

The Fashion Magpie Leandra Medine

I believe one or both of her pairs are by the uber-chic line Tome  — this pair, to be exact, which will set you back an unfortunate $675.  (Incidentally, can someone send me a good and sound reason not to buy this Tome maxi skirt, on sale for 70% off?  Please and thank you.  God damn these mid-summer sales.)

I am cautiously planning to face my culotte fears and dip my toe into this fashion-forward trend with this pair by TopShop ($85 — alternately, these from Tibi, on maj sale, or these from Pixie Market) and this balloon-sleeved blouse ($35 — #STEAL), finished with these pearl-studded Tory Burch slides ($350 — several of you texted/emailed to advocate for these per the shopping dilemma I disclosed recently, and I am 90% sure I’m going to snag them soon):

The Fashion Magpie HM Blouse

The Fashion Magpie TopShop Culottes

The Fashion Magpie Tatiana Pearl Slides Tory Burch 1 The Fashion Magpie Tatiana Pearl Slides Tory Burch 2

Chic, n’est-ce pas?!

But also, I have to tell you: putting this look together made me want all.the.ladylike.things, and sent me down a long rabbit hole for girly/feminine pieces, which landed the following miscellany in my digital shopping cart:

+This delicious frothy Alexis dress, on sale for $356!

+This spaghetti strap bodysuit in the pale pink ($29) — very ballerina-like.  I’d wear it with a full white midi skirt.

+These pretty pink loafers with a sweet, urgent message on them: “Love is love.”

+This frilly OTS Apiece Apart dress ($300) — or this $60 H+M steal in the prettiest shade of lavender-pink.   Both delightfully flounce-y.

+These pom-toed Aquazzuras, which just may need to be entered as a candidate for my fall-statement-shoe splurge.

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2 thoughts on “Cool-lottes.

  1. Oooh, I love that Apiece Apart dress! Such a good find.

    I love culottes (!) and find that as long as they hit at the right spot, they are quite flattering — and comfortable, to boot! My favorite pairs are by Steven Alan and Black Crane.

    1. I know, that dress is magical. Great suggestions, per usual — I need to check out Steven Alan more often!!!

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