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I attended two lovely events hosted by Grace Atwood last weekend and one of the gals commented on the density of bows I’d worn on both occasions, joking that she would remember me as “bow Jen.”  I hadn’t even thought about it, but I had been bow-bedecked both times, wearing this blouse with these earrings on Friday and a white lace blouse with bows down the back (sold out!) with these flats on Sunday.  HA!  In the spirit of “Bow Jen,” thought I’d share a round-up of incredible bow-centric pieces I’m eyeing now…

+Simone Rocha bow-shouldered sweater.

+Oscar de la Renta bow earrings.

+Vintage Chanel bag (ZOMG).

+Velvet and glitter heels.  Ordered these!

+Le Petit Trou bra.

+Sandro bow sweater.  (Gucci vibes for less.)

+Velvet hair tie (under $10!).

+Plaid bow flats ($148!)

+H&M blouse ($30!).  Also loved this cherry red bow sweatshirt dress/tunic.

+Navy bow dress ($150).

+A bow-front dress for a mini.

+Ordered these knee-high socks in both colorways for mini!

+Goat midi dress.

+My favorite Gucci shoes — I wear these all the time.

+Red velvet bow flats for mini.

+Mini coat!

And in the blush/white colorway…

+Avec Les Filles wrap coat with bow ($149!)

+Tory Burch Clara bow flat (<<got so many compliments on these; on sale!).

+Velvet hair tie.

+Droopy bow earrings.  (Also adore these, on mega sale!)

+Red Valentino dress (on sale in a different colorway here!!!)

+Bow flats for mini ($18!)

+Glitter bow clutch (under $100!)

+Bambah white silk bow top (on sale!)

+Bow brooch (under $50!).

+Feathered capelet with satin bow.

+Tie-neck blouse (under $80).

+Lanvin bow pen.

+Bow-shouldered pajamas (on sale!)

+Gift ornament.

Aaaand because there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing: this gown is perfect; this bow-cuff sweater reminds me of Gucci but costs far less; and this hair tie intrigues me.  And how sweet is this for a newborn mini!

P.S.  Thinking a lot about this as we head toward Thanksgiving.

P.P.S.  How do you stay organized?

P.P.P.S.  I dare you to break curfew this week 🙂


  1. I love bows — this post speaks to my heart! Those TB flats are so great and I LOVE that Petersyn blouse as well as the Simone Rocha sweater.

    I recently scooped up a velvet bow-backed sweater dress by Maje for a friend’s holiday fête — can’t find it online but I loooove! Bows forever!

    1. Not yet! But I will say I have ironed satin ribbons on outfits in the past…! I would also toss them in a little mesh laundering bag to prevent them from getting too destroyed. I’ll let you know what I find! xo

  2. Can never go wrong with a good bow! I used to wear them as part of my tennis outfit in high school and love putting the baby in them now – she doesn’t quite look the same without one in her hair, and asks for them in the morning (and sometimes before bed too – happily, she doesn’t spike them as frequently as she used to). Those Tory Burch shoes are the cutest and I may have to get them – does the bow drag on the ground though?

    1. Hi Jen! YES, I didn’t even adequately touch upon my love of hairbows for mini in this post! It’s part of her “look.”

      Love the TBs. I’ve gotten this question about the bows a lot — so, the bow fabric is kind of stiff and I found that though the bow’s edges did graze the ground, they didn’t like drag or fall underneath my foot or anything like that. I felt fine traipsing around in them for an afternoon, but I do think I’ll probably save them for mainly indoor occasions in the future. Someone recommended taking them to a tailor/cobbler to see if they could trim the bow but I’m going to play it out with the current style and see how they fare. I didn’t even really think about the fact that they might get dirty when I wore them though, if that’s any indication of the actual feel of the shoe while on. I LOVEEEEE them. xo

  3. Jen, I’ve been eyeing that Boden sweater from the first time you mentioned it. Today I caved, had to get it! So cute!!!!

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