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Blouse Hunt.

I don’t much care for the word blouse.  I used to shudder when my mother said it: “Just wear a nice blouse and a skirt.”  Yuck.  I placed it, mentally, in the same awkward language category as “clogs” and “slacks” — both bespeak a certain fuddy-duddiness of which I want no part.  Guys, blouses need a re-brand, badly, because I love a good blouse, but I shy away from its handle, more often referring to it as “a top,” which ain’t right, either.  What shall we call them?  I feel like something soft and melodic like lilamine or shereen would do the trick.  “What a lovely lilamine you have on!”  “Where did you get that shereen?”

Too far?

I’m out to lunch today, WHEEEE.  I just treated myself to a mini spa day and am sitting here with my head in the clouds.

Get to the point, Magpie:

I’ve been on a blouse hunt.  (Ahem, a lilamine hunt.)  While I recall winters in Chicago as where all good fashion goes to die, I’ve had many occasions thus far in New York to wear something a little more festive and statement-y — the dinner out with friends, the drinks with a fellow blogger (eeee, I just had the loveliest evening with the amazing Mackenzie, as beautiful inside as she is out), the show we caught at the Guggenheim (admittedly, it was Peter + The Wolf — for kids!! — but it still required something a step up from jeans and a sweater).

I love the casual but UBER STYLISH vibe of the chic pea above, wearing this asymmetrical Rejina Pyo blouse (on sale) — and below, a few other items on my blouse-hunt wishlist:

+This belted denim top.

+This Caroline Constas (on sale!)

+This shirting striped lovely.

+This Free People stunner — or, similar vibe, this style by Warm.

+This Red Valentino (#obsessed).

+This pearl adorned budget buy.

+This gorgeously printed Dagny piece.


+This ladylike Ganni.

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