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BloomIn Smocked Clothing.

I have a new obsession: Spanish childrens’ brand BloomIn, purveyor of stunning smocked clothing for the well-dressed mini.

The Fashion Magpie Bloomin Children Smocked 5

The Fashion Magpie Bloomin Children Smocked 4

The Fashion Magpie Bloomin Children Smocked 3

The Fashion Magpie Bloomin Children Smocked 2

How darling?!  I am especially smitten with this sailing dress, this cherry-print romper, and this floral dress.  Fit for royalty, am I right?!  A certain addition to my list of the best places to shop for traditional baby clothing.


+Alert, alert: La Coqueta pieces have been further discounted!   (THIS.) And, the Jacadi sale continues to rage: I might have to double back for more of their Liberty London pieces, like this and this!  (More of my Jacadi sale picks here.)

+I wrote a fairly long review on the Babyzen Yoyo last week (scroll down to the second bullet under the post-script), and then I came across another potential contender for those of you looking for a solidly-built umbrella stroller, but without the YoYo’s pricetag: the Quinny Zapp is getting pretty solid reviews, and it comes in good colors.

+Gap keeps selling out and restocking on these adorable jammies — I love it in the blue dot print OR the pink and white floral print!

+Speaking of Gap finds: THIS SWIMSUIT.  Ordered it immediately.  Mini starts swim lessons in a few weeks and I had been thinking of ordering her this Minnow Swim suit until I saw that Gap beauty!  This is also pretty damn cute.  Also, a complete guide to the cutest rash guard options here.

+A cute and inexpensvei last-minute FOJ option!  (More picks…)


  1. OMG — those BloomIn pieces are GORGEOUS! Smocked pieces are dear to my heart; my mom’s good friend had a little smocking company when we were kids and I have great memories of the pieces she made for us. Wishlisting a few of these, too, for my future niece … thanks for the tip! xo

    1. What an incredible connection to have had! All those lovely smocked pieces! xo

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