Big Things Poppin

Yes, the title of this post hails from a T.I. jam.  Is there a problem?  {Apologies to my Magpie Mother.}  I was trying to think of an appropriate heading for this post, which is all about BIG, BOLD COLOR (I know, I know, nothing too original about that — we’ve been seeing neons and brights for the past season and a half…hope you aren’t bored of it yet!), and all I could think was: “Big things poppin, and little thing stoppin…[something unintelligible]…being broke is not an option.”  But if I’m being honest, the inspo for this post can be attributed to Miroslava Duma, the uber-chic Russian fashionista who founded the haute fashion website Buro 24/7 {yes, it’s in Russian, but the eye candy transcends language} and has since earned the glamorously vague job title of “Fashion Consultant,” a career title I place on the same aspirational plane as that of “financier.”  (What does a financier do, exactly, on a day to day basis, besides live in extravagance?  How awesome would it be to flash a business card that reads: “I’m Jane Smith, Financier”?  So, too, for Duma’s “Fashion Consultant” calling card tag line.)  If you don’t know about Miroslava Duma, you should probably follow me on Pinterest, as I obsessively pin her to my “Mavens” section.  You can also check out her digs via this Coveteur feature, which explores her closet.  Or, just swoon over the snaps from the shoot below:

LOVE.  LOVE.  LOVE. the color, the motion, the boldness of that swoosh of neon.  In that vein, how to die is this neon skirt ($250) with a feather-weight tank ($19)


Throw on some bold baubles, like these one-of-a-kind earrings by Pure Essentia ($105) or this faux gem necklace (I own it and dig it! — $98):

{As an alternative, check out this $58 find of a necklace.  Heartsies!}  I’d probably tone down the outrageous coloration with some nude platform sandals (love this $80 pair!)

I’d finish with one of these neon-striped clutchskis ($155):


And — I’d love to finish with a wristful of these Yarbie fabric bangles ($48-$79 each, depending on width):

Other hint-o-neon picks?  This woven clutch ($155) with these perfectly-coordinated Pierre Hardy tootsies ($735):

I’m also big into these neon bralettes ($19 each) — the perfect way to put a little (private) pep in your step:

For more casual beach or poolside lounging, snap up some of these colorful beach towels from The Girl and the Water ($29 apiece)


Now, I’m not huge into playsuits/rompers, as I discussed fervently with one of my gal pals this past weekend, but for beaching around, I can see it working, especially in the form of this DVF style (on sale for $72), over this Mara Hoffman two-piece (on sale for $183 — and BTW, I’m obsessed with Mara Hoffman, full-stop):

I’d finish with a colorful jelly tote ($98) and some neon t-straps ($44 and up, depending on color):

Or, how about some neon shades ($15) with an embroidered caftan ($286)?



Finish with metallic bow-toe sandals ($15 — for other affordable but uniquely designed sandals, check out Boutique 9) and a colorful confetti tote ($143):

HELLO, SUMMER.  Glad to have you here!


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