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The Best Things I Bought This Month.

OK, so we’re not yet to the end of July, but I thought I’d share my absolute favorite pieces I’ve purchased this month.

Purchase No. 1: Layered + Long Engraved Ring

I personalized this gold plated ring  from Etsy store Layered + Long with minimagpie’s initials and birth date (in Roman Numerals) and am obsessed with it.  For many years, I have worn a stack of David Yurman rings on the ring finger of my right hand, but I had been finding that they were a bit bulky and snaggy with a young babe on my hip — I always felt like they were pushing into her arms/head when I was holding her, and, when I was washing my hands for the trillionth time each day, they started irritating me because water would often get trapped behind one of the stones in one of the rings.  Small inconveniences, #firstworldproblems.  But anyway, I had retired them from everyday wear and am thrilled to now have this simple, pretty, slim little ring instead.

The Fashion Magpie Layered and Long Ring

The Fashion Magpie Layered and Long Ring

The Fashion Magpie Layered and Long Ring

P.S. — I did a little recon on this company and discovered that they have a sister shop, GLDN, with more personalized goodies.  The company behind these two storefronts makes meaningful, dainty, handmade jewelry in a studio in La Conner, WA — all of which are custom-made and hand-stamped.  They’re a mostly female shop (yasss) and they donate a portion of all profits back to their community each month.  Love.

Purchase No. 2: Kopari Coconut Skincare

I loved (!!!) my Drunk Elephant moisturizer, but I do like to switch up my skincare.  I had planned to return to Dr. Hauschka’s reasonably-priced, lovely, rose-based facial cream, but was so tantalized by the promise of new, coconut-based skincare line Kopari that I had to take the plunge.  I am OBSESSED.  These products go on super light and non-greasy, have a lovely coconut-y scent (caveat: not suitable for those sensitive to fragrance!), and leave your skin seriously moisturized.  (Also, the packaging…!)  I started with their face cream ($38) and toner ($24), but think I may also need to snag their most famous product, their coconut melt, which can be applied to legs, lips, face, and even hair.  (And P.S. — the cosmetic bag shown below is actually minimagpie’s, but I love that banana leaf print so much, I might need one for myself.  It’s $28 and from Etsy store Pretty Lou Lou.)

The Fashion Magpie Kopari Skincare

The Fashion Magpie Kopari Facial Cream


Purchase No. 3: Lilah B. Concealer

The Fashion Magpie Lila B Concealer

The Fashion Magpie Virtuous Veil Lilah B Concealer

OK, so this isn’t a purchase — it was a gift from my bestie, who is a serious bloodhound when it comes to new and cool cosmetics.  But I am OBSESSED with this Lilah B. concealer.  I’d literally tried a half dozen concealers in an attempt to make my semi-haggard-looking-newborn-mom-self look a little more awake — everything from Nars’ Radiant Creamy concealer to Tarte’s Shape Tape.  They all had their merits but Lilah B.’s virtuous veil concealer easily wins.  (I have it in the b. radiant color.)  I swear to God it’s like Cle de Peau, but half the price — goes on with the same glide and blend.  OBSESSED.  And P.S. — the towel shown above is Matouk’s Auberge towel, and they’re on ridic sale for $28 apiece right now!

Purchase No. 4: Le Specs Shades


The Fashion Magpie Le Specs Sunglasses

The Fashion Magpie Le Specs Sunglasses

I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of my pink Wildfox shades ($89) — I like the way they can add just enough funk to a run-of-the-mill outfit, escalating the everyday to something special.  I saw these statement shades from Le Specs and instantly knew they had to be mine.  The funny thing, though — you’ll notice this if you look closely at the pic above — is that Nordstrom’s sent me the wrong style in the mail!  They sent me a pair of Le Specs’ “Flashy” style with a more dramatic cat-eye situation — hence why you can still see the tag on the pair above, because I actually think these are pretty rad, too, but couldn’t make up my mind.  Super dramatic and statement-making.  What do you think: should I re-order the Air Hearts?  Keep the Flashys?  Both?  Regardless, I love this brand because they have sunnies that look far more expensive than their under-$100-price-tag might suggest.

The Fashion Magpie Le Specs Air Heart The Fashion Magpie Le Specs Flashy

P.S. — That striped shirt above is my favorite striped tee du jour.

Purchase No. 5: J. Crew Bow-Shouldered Top

This little ditty is SO adorable in person, but WORD TO THE WISE: the top runs super big.  One of you asked about the sizing on this puppy, and whether it ran TTS or according to J.Crew’s “vanity” sizing — ha!  Good to have asked. I need to run out to J. Crew today to exchange for a smaller size.  What is with J. Crew’s shifting sizing situation?!  It’s so frustrating!  BUT, this top is also precious and I’m anxious to get it in a smaller size before it sells out, like that darned H+M top did.  (Though — you should know that they just came out with a dress that resembles the top for $99 and it is darling.)

The Fashion Magpie JCrew Eyelet Bow Top

The Fashion Magpie JCrew Eyelet Bow Top

For those with minis in tow, my favorite minimagpie purchases this month:

+These LifeFactory teethers ($15).  They have the strongest reviews on Amazon if you need extra corroboration!  She also loves (!!!) this oreo-shaped teether and this comotomo one.  She’s putting everything in her mouth and then looking at me with a face of confusion as she experiences different textures and it is hilarious.

+This sweet sunsuit on sale from Beaufort Bonnet Company — I bought it for mini’s next summer wardrobe.  I also bought us matching jammies (#dork) — these for her, and these for me — because they were on sale.  The pajamas are so damn comfortable!  The softest pima cotton…but check out the whole TBBC sale section because there are so many adorable pieces right now.

+Mini will start her first bites of solid food in the next few weeks, and I bought her these Olababy spoons ($15 for 2) and this Olababy bowl ($12).  The cool thing about the latter is that it becomes a steamer!  So you can literally place a handful of carrots or whatever in it over simmering water without having to dirty too many pots/pans.

+I read mini about 49809823 books per day — she really reacts to the pages and colors, which is so fun! — and I especially love Llama, Llama Red Pajama for bedtime (such a cute message!) and Nancy Knows, which is probably a little advanced for mini right now, but the illustrations are gorgeous and the way the book portrays the mechanics of memory for a little one is ultra-creative.  I received the latter as a gift from my brother and sister-in-law, who bought mini a subscription to the Picture Book Club; we receive a new book each month and they’re all beautiful.  What a lovely gift for a new baby!

+Try as I may to keep mini’s gear sleek and non-ugly, she tends to gravitate towards bold colors and plastic thingamabobs.  She is really into these maracas right now.

+I loved the cherry pattern on these jammies and had to have them.

+More Sapling goodness — how adorable is the pattern on this onesie?  I pair it with these Gap eyelet shorts.

+One of these POP pacifiers — such a smart design: if it falls on the ground, the nipple pops into its protective shell to prevent it from touching the ground.


  1. Hey! Did you end up keeping the Le Specs Flashy or return them for Air Hearts ? I have scoured the Internet trying find the Flashy style in black and have not had any luck. I am really loving the Grace Kelly cat eye situation, but the Air Hearts are lovely too. I am now convinced I need to branch out from my normal basic Ray Bans for more of a statement sunglass option.

    1. Hi Mary! AHH I’m still on the fence. I went ahead and ordered the Air Hearts and am waiting for them to come so I can see how different they look alongside each other. I also found a cute pair of cateyes by Draper James after seeing them on Reese herself:

  2. I was the one who asked about sizing! Thank you for following up. I tried it on last week in store, and was yet again frustrated by the vanity sizing! They make the top in a triple zero, but that fits like an xs/s at other stores. The top is beautiful though! Thank you for posting it.

    Whenever I try things on from J. Crew, I feel a deep understanding of why they are in such financial trouble. The inconsistency of sizing is a huge turn off. They used to be such a dependable retailer! Now I return 80% of what I purchase online because of fit issues.

    1. Totally, Kate! It’s such a frustrating customer experience! Mr. Magpie and I vent about this all the time — for him, Polo NEVER has consistent pricing and is constantly coming out with / adjusting its “cuts”/”fits.” At this point, who knows what “slim classic cut” means?!?! HA.

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