The Fashion Magpie Gucci Belt Bag Street Style 2

Belt It Out

I have a feeeeeling some of y’all are going to have strong reactions to this post.

But, listen to me Linda, lookeeeeee Linda.

I saw a v. chic woman walking down my block the other day wearing a Gucci belt bag.  At first glance, I thought — “hm, how odd.  Beautifully coiffed hair, lovely flats—blblblblb a fanny pack?!”

But it somehow worked.

I know the high fashion fanny pack was a thing maybe two seasons ago and I dismissed it as part of the “too out there” fashion camp, but seeing it in real life, on the streets, on an elegantly appointed woman, made me think twice…or thrice…or, well, let’s be honest — I haven’t stopped musing over it since I saw it, in part because of its wickedly delightful functionality: when I’m walking Tilly and pushing minimagpie on one of our strolls through Central Park, things can get a litttttle hairy.  (I’ve been told many times “my my, you have your hands full!” — and this is just a dog and a baby.  What happens if I have another baby?  Will people start ripping out their hair when they see me careening down the street with a double pram and Tilly on the leash?)  It would be so incredible to tuck my essential cards/ID into my card case — get the look for less with this, which is monogrammable! — along with my keys, hand sanitizer (I’m a nut about this stuff, especially in NY, and especially when picking up dog poop!), and phone to travel around ultralight.  When I’m on these strolls, I don’t feel like I need the whole baby bag since I’m so close to home or can toss super essentials into the basket of the stroller.  Sooo.


Maybe we could accomplish the same thing with a mini crossbody if the belt bag is too out there?

(Also, I’m still contemplating purchasing these thanks to the chic peas of NYC.)

On a little less “out there” ground, a few other things:

+Y’all know I’m obsessed with these for makeup removal at the end of the day.  I’ve probably featured them 2398 times, but they’re easy peasy (something so delightful about not having to tie your hair back and use a washcloth) and they REALLY scrub everything off, while toning.  But I got a sample of this micellar water from Dior awhile ago and loved it.  It smells amazing and the same principle applies — you soak a cotton ball and toss it when done — and it’s super gentle on the skin / not as astringent.  I went ahead and bought a full-sized one and will be incorporating it into my nightly routine.  (In case you’re wondering what the hell micellar water is, here’s a good primer.  Note that if you wear inky black mascara like I do — THIS IS MY JAM! — you’ll still need a separate makeup remover for your eyes — I have used these for centuries, but have also heard good things about this stuff.)  Also, if the Dior stuff seems a little rich for your blood (I hear ya), I’ve heard good stuff about this drugstore variation.

+Well this looks like heaven.

+A sweet holiday dress — covered up enough to be perfect for a more uptight/formal family gathering, and a new entrant to this list.  And, at the other end of the spectrum…!

+Love the colors in this affordable rug.

+I’ve been hearing that white boots are the new new when it comes to cool footwear.  I can’t even imagine what they’ll look like after a couple walks around NYC.  (Insert scared emoji face.)  White bags, however….HEART EYES.

+PARTY SHOES.  Alternately, these red beauties look an awful lot like my favorite Alexandre Birman heeled sandals, which I own in nude.

+Love the length + slouch of this.  Also, you might want to check out these.

+Love this oversized chair.  Perfect for reading on with minimagpie.

+Thinking about updating the drawer pulls on one of our dressers and some of the hardware in our new apartment is a cool brass color.  Are these trying too hard?  I mean, I’m not Zooey Deschanel over here.  But I think they could look kind of amazing since we have a lot of animal paintings/decor (think white ceramic quail and a ginormous bull painting and my beloved Stark antelope carpet).  Then again, these are more up my alley.  P.S. — If you’ve never updated hardware on a dresser or set of kitchen drawers before — DO IT!! It’s a relatively inexpensive way to personalize furniture or better blend a piece into your overall aesthetic!



  1. Okay, I am SUCH a fan of the fanny pack and I have wished it would come back chicly, so I am so pleased by this post. There are so many that lay close to the body, you hardly even notice them (very SJP Sex and the City), and I for one have just been looking for the right one. So I’m behind this trend, thank you for posting!!

    1. Yay! Glad I’m not the only one!!! I’ll need to find some more affordable styles, too, but that Gucci one…!!!

  2. I am intrigued by the fanny pack, tbh — I share your fascination! But as the owner of sevvveral smaller crossbody bags, I haven’t had the need to actually buy one. Keep us posted if you do!

    I personally like the little fox knobs and while they’re a LITTLE twee, I don’t think they would verge too heavily into Zooey Deschanel territory, especially given your other animal-centric decor. Could be cute to try for mini’s dresser, maybe?

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence on the knobs! I will let you know about the belt bag! (Belt bag makes it sound far more chic than “fanny pack.” HAHA)

  3. I caved and got a little wristlet just so I could hold my cards + lip balm + phone when I either have the baby in the Lille or the stroller (or when I’m holding her, which is what she VASTLY prefers to all other options). It’s made my life so much easier, and is much less cumbersome than a purse. The one I currently have is a little inexpensive fabric one I found on the Cape, and it’s proven to be so useful that I’m on the look for a nicer leather one.

    1. A wristlet is an awesome solution — I’m going through a similar phase with mini where she vastly prefers to be held at all times!

  4. Ok maybe it’s just the fellow mom in me, but I’ve actually had the exact same curiosity, sans actually seeing them in the wild. I bought a WOC because I don’t know if I would be able to fully pull the trigger…. ps glad to hear you guys are all safe & sound!! What a misery!!!! Am keen to hear more details, thank you for keepin it reuhl real

    1. Haha “seeing them in the wild.” This woman had it going ON and it majorly inspired me. Will keep you posted. Because right now I really can’t deal with a tote on my shoulder while mini is in her carrier — too many straps, too much on my shoulder, etc. xoxo

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