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Bedroom Refresh.

I’ve been talking about changing up our bed linens for maybe a year now, but things have gotten dire: our current sheeting set has started to fray at the trim from years of use.  Finally placing an order for new bedding this month.  I have been heart-set on Hill House Home for some time, and I had wanted the Waverly in blue but they’ve been sold out for some time.  I am considering the Chancery Lane instead — elegant, simple, and somewhat similar to our current bedding, which is from Restoration Hardware (get the look for less with this monogrammable set).

I am also considering Matouk bedding.  I had their scalloped sheeting right out of college.  I love the styling of all of their linens but have to say I didn’t find the cotton particularly soft, so I’m hesitant to take the plunge again.  It was crisp and light — perfect for summer — but not the kind of silky smoothness I was expecting for the price.   But the styling!  I like the stately Marlowe these days.

Goop marketing got to me, I suppose, and so I have been looking closely at Boll & Branch’s banded sheet set.  If it’s good enough for Apple, it’s good enough for me.  (Gwyneth supposedly outfits her daughter’s bed in this brand.)  The reviews are also compelling, though I’m skeptical when I’m looking at reviews on a brand’s own site; I don’t know how they solicit them or filter them, if  at all.

I am drooling over Angela Wickstead’s collections, but am admittedly intimidated by the ordering process — you need to call to custom order and I don’t even know where to begin!

I’ve long loved the whimsical prints of Biscuit Home’s bedding, but I haven’t tired of our simple hotel bedding yet, and I remember growing bored of the printed coverlets and quilts I used in years past.  I think best to stick with white and a simple trim.

Along these lines, I’ve heard Serena and Lily has solid bedding.  I like the simple look of this set.

Other random upgrades I’d like to make for the bedding situation:

+A new waffle robe.  Mine is looking a little long in the tooth.

+A new tissue cover for these new cylindrical tissue dispensers — love that they take up less space.

+A new throw blanket; Tilly claimed ours as her own long ago and it’s no longer suitable for human use if you get my drift.  Also ADORE the throws and especially the custom monograms you can find here.

+I dream of this dresser as an upgrade for our current situation.  It would look so elegant in our gray and mirrored glass bedroom.

Post-Scripts for Home.

+If you weren’t into my traditionalist stocking picks for your holiday hearth, Erin Gates has some chic modern styles that are evocative of Jonathan Adler.

+I also like these Missoni-esque pillows from her collection.  May try to incorporate them into my redesigned gray-trim bed!

+Adore these frames for a treasured photo or letter.  (Another thought: we have framed a few special cards we’ve received in these inexpensive, double-sided, magnetic-fastening acrylic frames.  They’re great if you want to be able to show both sides of something or even showcase a little remembrance like a ribbon or something.)

+Love these little monogrammed brush pots.  I’m contemplating one for my own desk!

+A sweet little way to send some thanks to those you love in honor of turkey day.  (More thoughts on letter-writing.)

+Still dreaming about this nursery.

+Unrelated: people seem to really dig this inexpensive line of cotton basics, including leggings.  I’m intrigued.


  1. We have RH bedding and earlier this year our fitted sheet split right down the middle! We called customer service and they sent us a replacement for the whole sheet set free of charge. They have you send back the sheets you have to determine how to improve the quality for the future.

    If you ever find yourself in the San Francisco area, Serena and Lily has a superb outlet with a ton of options.

    1. Woah, really?! Had no idea. I do love the styling and feel of their sheets. Wish I had thought to do this at the first sign of trouble; now I’d feel guilty sending them in. Ahhhh wish I lived closer to that outlet! xo

  2. I’ve got three sets of Boll and Branch sheets now and actually do really love them. The feel is like a really well washed and loved cotton hanky- really different than my old sheets that were more satiny and cool to the touch. I have white and grey, and also the herringbone grey flannel for winter. But paired with Anthro or Roberta Roller rabbit shams and a big John Robshaw pillow! Try Boll and Branch in classic white! xx

    1. A second rave review right here on le blog — now I’m borderline pot-committed. The only big drawback is that I’d love to have my sheets monogrammed. Maybe I could buy the HHH for shams, coverlet, duvet, etc, and then use BBB sheeting? Hmmmm. Very intrigued. Thanks for writing in!! xo

  3. I get our sheets from Rough Linen, and the quality is superb (so, so much hardier than Eileen Fisher!), but: they live up to the name. Which I love! But if you want something smoother, I can vouch for Garnet Hill percale. Or, if you can bear the wait, you could hold out for the next D. Porthault sample sale. I think their prints and scalloped sets might be up your alley.

    1. I didn’t even know D. Porthault had a sample sale — WHAT! Going to start following them immediately. You are spot on — love love love their stuff. You also reminded me that I have also enviously eyed Yves Delorme bedding and maybe I need to take a look there, too. Thanks for the Garnet Hill rec, too! Decisions, decisions…

  4. We have the Boll and Branch bed sheets and I have to say……I LOVE them!!! They truly are the softest sheets I have ever owned. I have had the Matouk bed sheets as well. They are beautiful, but not nearly as soft as the Boll and Branch. Love my sheets.


    1. Ooh! A first-hand rave review! Thanks for sharing this! Now I’m wondering if I should order a set of B&B and a set from HHH…


  5. What about Pottery Barn? Excellent assortment online, and easy to get into a store to look and feel it! I have had their monogrammed duvet, white with black striping, matching pillows, super classic, since 2012 and it still looks brand new like the day we got it. Better yet, it washes and dries well and is low maintenance despite being white. They have a good variety, and it’s definriely affordable.
    I don’t have any of their sheets, so not sure about those, but their duvet bedding is wonderful.

    1. Oooh I hadn’t heard much about their bedding but I love your rave review and am intrigued by how well it’s held up! Now I’m wondering if our RH set was kind of a rip-off since it’s fraying already, five years in? What is that about? Thanks for the tip! Love the idea of black striping — so French hotel chic. xo

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