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Beauty Reviews: Tata Harper, Weleda, Origins, and More.

I recently refreshed my beauty routine, and thought I’d share some honest reactions to some of the products I’ve used recently, including several I’ve been using for a couple of weeks/months…

+Weleda Wild Rose Day Cream.  I liked this product for the first few days I used it, with the exception that I found that my skin felt sort of tight after applying it — not necessarily uncomfortable or unpleasant, but it left my skin feeling…affected.  But about day five or six, I started to find the scent cloying.  I normally love scented products, but this took on a weird “fresh paint” smell for me after a few days — I’m not sure why it didn’t strike me as bothersome the first few days, but by the end of the week, I was decidedly unexcited about applying it in the morning.  I’ll be testing a different facial lotion next month — this one is on my wishlist after many readers recommended it.

+Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser.  I’ve used Proactiv for nearly two decades now (yikes) and I swear it is the only formula that prevents breakouts for me.  Any time I’ve switched to something else, I’m always dismayed by the outcome.  After testing a sample of Tata Harper’s formula, though, I decided to take the plunge.  I am OBSESSED.  I like that it has the same exfoliating texture as Proactiv, but it’s a bit gentler on the skin.  It lathers up nicely and has a light, herbal kind of smell to it.  I also love that it comes in a pump bottle (I bought the bigger size) — so easy to apply in the evening!

+Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask.  In conjunction with the cleanser above, I’ve been using this mask every few days.  I can’t tell if it’s the cleanser or the mask, but my skin is clearer and more dewy than it’s been since before the pregnancy.  I like that this mask doesn’t leave your skin overly tight and dry.  My only gripe with it is that it’s pricey for the amount you get, and because the texture of the mask is sort of gel-like, it’s hard for me to tell when it’s all rinsed off.  I never feel like I know!  One of the now-realized perks of having a clay mask or something that does have color — you know when you’ve cleared it all!  (BTW — if you want to test a few of Tata’s products without investing in full-sizes, check out this miniature set!)

+Garnier Micellar Water.  I have to be honest — I was very skeptical when many readers suggested that I try this $7 drugstore variation instead of my $42 Dior micellar stuff.  While I certainly prefer the lightly-perfumed scent of the Dior product, I have found that Garnier’s works just as well when it comes to removing makeup — and, honestly, I found the Dior “applicator” frustrating to use, as a little spray of product would always escape through my fingers, even when I was holding a mound of cotton!  Much easier to apply a little dribble of Garnier!

+Origins Night-A-Mins Mineral-Enriched Renewal Cream.  I like the texture of this cream — thick, emollient, but non-greasy.  It feels lovely to apply after cleansing my skin at the end of the day, and while it feels like it’s hydrating, it also contains salicylic acid to combat breakouts.  Just what I need.  (If you aren’t prone to breakouts, I also LOVE this stuff.  It has a strong scent — sort of like laundry and roses — but you wake up with the softest, most glowing skin.)

+Origins Night-A-Mins Refining Oil.  I was torn between this and Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Oil, but went with Origins because I’m trying the accompanying cream and thought they might work in concert with one another.  As I write this post, I’m realizing I probably should have staggered the start of using my new face wash and adding this cream/oil into the routine, as I’m not totally sure which is helping my skin out the most.  But, at any rate, the new beauty regimen seems to be working well altogether.  The only thing with the oil?  I find that it’s not as…oily? as some other formulas I’ve tried.  With my favorite Chantecaille rose oil, for example, I found that just a drop or two of oil would sufficiently coat my face.  This stuff seems to absorb so quickly into the skin that I can barely get the oil to cover my cheeks without needing another drop or two for the forehead, and another for the nose.

+Tata Harper Creme Riche Moisturizer.  I received a decent-sized sample of this moisturizer with my recent Tata Harper purchases, and was completely disappointed.  It just does not blend into your skin!  I spent a good few minutes applying it and then tried to put tinted moisturizer on, and my moisturizer swam around on top, in odd streaks, because it couldn’t absorb into the skin through the layer of impenetrable moisturizer.  UGH!  I had to remove everything by washing my face and starting over again.  I decided I’d use it instead at the end of the day or maybe on top of makeup instead of underneath, but was still dismayed at how impossible it was to blend in.  So disappointed, as I’ve loved everything else of theirs!

+Vaseline.  I have started applying plain old vaseline to my feet every night before bed — they are so dry from this interminable winter, and it’s been embarrassing in my pilates class, where I have to be barefoot!  I’m sure no one notices, but it drives me nuts!  This stuff really works.  I also like this very expensive body balm, which I received as a generous gift from my bestie, but Vaseline is way cheaper and, honestly, works a little better in the sense that you don’t need to work at it to have it absorb into your foot/heels; you just swipe it on and it does its job.  I usually apply it to my feet, step onto a bath mat, and then go through my nightly routine to give it time to soak in before getting into bed.

+Oribe Hair Mask for Beautiful Color.  OKAYYYY THIS STUFF.  Oh my God, it REALLY works.  I’ve been using it in lieu of conditioner for the past week and my hair’s texture has completely changed.  It is so soft and polite (ha) — it obeys my commands!  I also feel it’s given my color-treated hair a little extra oomph; the color looks shinier and brighter.  Will definitely be using this for a long time.

+Christophe Robin Delicate Volumizing Shampoo.  I wanted to like this shampoo so badly.  I’d seen a couple of other bloggers rave about it — but I just can’t recommend it!  The shampoo barely lathers and has an unsatisfying feel to it — it does not coat the hair in a way that makes you feel you are actually doing anything.  As a result, I end up using more shampoo than I normally would just to make sure I’ve actually covered my head.  And, I think it leaves my hair feeling kind of dry?  If you’re going to splurge on fancy schmancy hair products, the only brand I trust is Oribe.  I love the mask (as noted above), and I also the shampoo and conditioner.  I also really like Drybar’s shampoo — it smells so good and lathers up  nicely.

P.S.  My ride-or-die beauty must-haves.

P.P.S.  Just added a tube of this to my cart — need to keep my brushes ship-shape!


  1. Seconding the commenter who thanked you for the Tata Harper reviews – I’ve been so intrigued by their products! Going to add the cleanser & mask to my wishlist.

    I haven’t tried that Weleda cream, but I remember being excited when I got a tube of Skin Food in a swag bag several years back and was totally dismayed by how greasy it was! It didn’t make the best first impression.

    I love Oribe for fancy hair products – the Gel Sérum is my favorite – but I have to say that my new favorite hair product is Davines’ Oi All in One Milk! So great for detangling and the smell is divine.

    1. The smell of Oi is other-worldly! I hate that they package their conditioners in tubs (so messy and unpleasant to scoop it out, and I always took too much!), but the smell alone is worth the hassle.

      Haven’t tried gel serum by Oribe, but just added it to my list!

  2. Glad to read your reviews of the Tata Harper products. I’ve been interested in trying them out but haven’t bitten the bullet yet! I tend to be rather boring with my skincare routine and it takes a lot for me to change it (if it ain’t broke…)

    A minor downside to living in San Diego is the need to make sure my feet are always flip flop-ready (like I said, a minor inconvenience…). I’ve been using Soap & Glory’s heel genius foot cream and love it – not as sticky as Vaseline to me. I definitely notice a difference in my feet when I don’t apply it nightly.

    And I’ve noticed that since moving out here, where it’s much less humid, that I’ve needed a more emollient moisturizer. (Always had this dry skin problem in the winter back East too). I’ve been layering Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré under my usual moisturizer with sunscreen, and it’s worked like a dream. I’d highly recommend! (….the only change I’ve made to my skincare routine in the past 5 years…)

  3. This post is so helpful!
    I’ve been a Night-A-Mins user for going on six years (I alternate between the regular and oil free depending on what I need that time I’m buying it) and I decided to try the Refining Oil this past winter. I asked someone in the Origins store about the sort of lack of oily-ness and he explained that this one is actually meant to be more of a peel layered under your moisturizer. They definitely don’t make that clear on the bottle, but after he said that it made a lot of sense. I don’t think it adds to the moisture of my skin, but I notice a big difference in brightness and notice that my pores are nonexistent on the mornings after I’ve used it.

    On the rose cream front – I am also an avid user of Fresh’s Rose Deep Hydration Cream. I’ve been using that for two years in the mornings and I’ve never found anything else that helps me with the awful drying winter air. I thought of it because of the rose scent – it has the BEST light and natural rose scent that lingers for just a few minutes.

    1. That is so interesting about the oil — that DOES make more sense. Seems like they have an opportunity to better educate their customers in their labeling, right?! Thanks for writing that. I think I’ll stick with it in that case!

      Oooh, love all things Fresh; going to add this to my list!

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