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Man have I got pool-wear on the brain — between our upcoming trip to the Hamptons and the sudden spike in temperature that led me to take mini out in her swimsuit a couple of times in order to enjoy the splashpads, I have been on a beach-gear-buying-spree!  Below, a couple of my favorite finds:

Beach Gear/Wear for the Chic Pea Set.

Click on images to access details, or see notes below!  (And if the image doesn’t take you anywhere — see footnotes!)

+My absolute favorite swimwear purchase, currently 20% off!  I love the dramatic style of this suit, and the cut is actually very flattering.

+Inflatable flamingo — duh!  (More affordable dupe here.)

+These Dock + Bay towels are supposed to be incredible!  Highly absorbent and very well made.  I just ordered one for mini’s splash pad days!

+A great beach read!  (This is on my list.)

+Chic Mara Hoffman cover up (on sale!) — I own this in a different colorway and get tons of complements on it!

+In love with these A Piedi bow slides!  Too darling.

+Kayu tote!  On sale!  (I own and love the mini size.)

+People rave about this sunscreen.

+Dramatic beach hat.

Beach Gear/Wear for Your Minis.

+A classic beach bonnet.

+The sweetest one-piece from my favorite brand for mini swimwear, Sal E Pimenta.

+Adorable personalized canvas tote.  (My mom gifted me one of these for a birthday a few years back and I wear it constantly in the summer!)

+Another Dock + Bay towel!

+A baby inflatable swan to match mama’s for some mommy and me lounging.

+Classic white sandals (can be worn in water!)

+I just ordered mini this terry cloth coverup.

+A personalized puddle jumper cover!

+Watermelon beach towel.  I also like this one, which comes with a small removable pillow for mini’s poolside naptime!

+Personalized bucket.  I actually ordered this style, though — can’t go wrong with an oversized monogram 🙂  And I like this one, with the crab decal, for boys.

+Fish goggles!

P.S.  If you’re looking for a beach blanket / picnic blanket — I got you.

P.P.S.  I neglected to include my new favorite beach accessory in this roundup.

P.P.P.S.  My top favorite 10 beach reads.


  1. Hi! We are going on our first beach trip this month with our almost 11 mo old. He’s not quite walking yet. I’d love to hear your must have beach essentials if y’all have been with mini? Tents/umbrella/sunscreen? I know it won’t be like the old days of staying on the beach all day sans kids but I’d love to get him down there for a few hours a day.

    1. Hi Lee! I haven’t done a full-on beach trip yet, but I can tell you I really like this Babyganics sunscreen, sold in a set of 4 2 oz bottles:

      It’s perfect because I’ll keep a tube in the stroller, in my diaper bag, in her nursery, etc., and they’re small enough to pack in a carry-on without any TSA issues. It’s thick and therefore easy to see where you’ve applied it, but it eventually sinks into baby’s skin and offers great protection. Mini has never had so much as a patch of pink on her.

      Beyond that, I would turn to Lucie’s List for tips. She has a bunch of great articles on all things summer, starting with this one on sunscreen, then one on swim diapers, etc, etc:

      She really does her research and knows what she’s talking about, although I don’t think she weighs style/design as much as I do…ha!

      The only thing I’d add is that I had one of these on my list:

      Would be amazing to afford a little shade / a spot for a nap for a longer day outside!

      Let me know how it goes, and I’ll update you if I discover anything else!


  2. Love this roundup! That Marysia maillot is so lovely. I can’t remember if I told you about Laura & Emma, but I read it last month and enjoyed it! It’s definitely on the lighter side, but delves into female relationships (mother-daughter, friends, etc.) in an interesting way.

    1. Aha! That’s exactly how I must have come across it – your recommendation! Thank you! xo

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