Amazon Finds, July 2020.

By: Jen Shoop

A roundup of my latest Amazon discoveries…

+Inspired by the open shelving situation above, how amazing are these white-with-red-trim bowls?! I own a serving bowl almost identical to this one that I love and use often. (Also love the way the styling above makes the most of inexpensive red, white, and blue dishes and then showcases the pricier spongewear dishes along the top!)

+In case you are interested in trying the belt bag trend (I have surprised myself by how much I wear my State Bags one — so, so handy), consider this pastel blue one at a well-priced $32. I personally think they can look kind of chic when layered over an of-the-season loose-fit dress like this or this and some Hermes Oran sandals. (Upgrade pick: Clare Vivier. Splurge: Prada or Chanel.)

+These stools in the mint green! I have been eyeing one of these for our kitchen, where I often pass long stretches of every evening watching Mr. Magpie cook, standing with my elbows propped up on the counter. It’s a long, narrow L-shaped kitchen without space, really, for a stool, but maybe we could keep it stowed elsewhere when in the way?

+So many of you have recommended these “anti-pollution” bronzing serum drops!

+Ran out of my beloved Dry Bar detangler and decided to try something new — I’ve loved the scent of Davines OI products since my former hair stylist introduced me to them back in Chicago; think I’ll give this all-in-one milk a go. (Read the reviews — I also think a few of you have recommended this to me in the past!)

+Cute way to organize arts and crafts supplies! Or — laundry supplies, or cleaning supplies, if you have a full-on laundry room/cleaning closet!

+Hill has very sensitive skin around his mouth — I know this from months of cleaning his face twenty two times a day. I can’t use paper towels or baby wipes because they irritate his skin; instead, I use a damp burp cloth, which is perfectly fun (sustainable) at home. But while out, I bought a pack of these. (Great reviews and I’m a new convert to this brand after falling in love with their mineral sunscreen stick for babies.)

+One of my favorite under-$35 Amazon dresses was just restocked (I own it in the blue and white).

+This under-$10 eyeliner is my absolute favorite. It’s almost exactly like Stila’s liquid liner, which is twice as expensive. My only gripe with it is that I find that applicator tip sort of “splays” easily (i.e., the fibers bend in different ways) if you aren’t careful when putting the cap back on.

+A heavenly-scented counter spray.

+Have heard so many good things about this lip mask (which most people just use as a balm) that I finally tried it after finding it for several dollars cheaper on Amazon than anywhere else. (FWIW, if you’re looking for a proper lip mask, this gets incredible reviews.)

+Speaking of lips: I am OBSESSED with this lip scrub. I don’t need it all the time, but I apply it a lot in the winter and then just after coming back from our recent trip, when I found my lips crazy-dry after swimming in a saltwater pool all week. I used this scrub and followed with my beloved 8 Hour Cream and voila.

+I am such a huge fan of the French skincare line La Roche-Posay — I use their fluid sunscreen DAILY — and am intrigued by this misting spray.

+Baggu pouch sets! Have bought a couple of these sets in recent weeks to organize the twenty three thousand bags I have on hand…

+Usborne sticker books — still a total lifesaver in our household. They occupy entire mornings of mini’s time. I try really hard to keep them tucked away in her closet until we hit dire straits…

+My mom has been doing a virtual storytime every Thursday morning for all of her grandchildren. It’s absolutely adorable. Mini and all of her cousins went wild over this book, which I’d never read before! Had to order it!

+Oddly, one of the least expensive places to find Gogo Squeez Yogurt pouches. I always monitor the price here — sometimes it goes beneath $2 for a four pack.

+Wrote about this last week, but this continuous mist spray bottle is a gift from the gods. I use it when styling mini’s hair in the morning and my own if I was too lazy to blowdry it the night before.

+Chic white marble vanity tray. Perfect for organizing perfumes and toiletries that are worth bragging about.

+Thanks to a fellow Magpie for the rec — these are my absolute favorite running socks. Cushioned, comfortable, and snug. They never ride up in the back or irritate.

+I carry this pen with me everywhere. So elegant.

+I bought these in multiples in the white to layer under mini’s summer dresses.

P.S. A thing of gingham beauty, sunglasses I need, and I’m so excited Aje brought back this ultra-covetable silhouette. Eyeing it for my ten year anniversary celebration (i.e., just the two of us eating at home, like usual — ha).

P.P.S. Rereading this post about the early weeks of caring for Hill gives me all the feels.

P.P.P.S. This London-based artist hand-renders bespoke chinoiserie wallpapers and artwork — WOW; under-$100 scores for summer; and I am dying to try this Brooklyn-based ice cream and popsicle shop.

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12 thoughts on “Amazon Finds, July 2020.

  1. Beware of the Lip Mask on Amazon, I’ve read about fakes….Sephora best. I only bought it recently after reading rave reviews for some time….my newest staple, love it!

  2. Love the look of that Modern Citizen shirtdress you linked! Gorgeous & so chic.

    I have some Tolix café chairs from DWR (similar design/material as the stool you linked) in our kitchen and a bonus feature in summer is that the metal stays cool! (It’s conversely not so great in the winter, as the metal doesn’t warm up that much, so I’ve been investigating some cushion options.)

    I have & love the Drunk Elephant bronzing drops, Davines Oi milk, and those Baggu pouches! Highly endorse all three. 🙂

    Also — the little girls’ shorts made me think of the ones I’ve bought myself to wear under minidresses (haha, not sure if this is an idiosyncratic quirk of mine or something that other women do?!) — I have the high-rise cotton-spandex shorts from Aritzia (I think the style name is Atmosphere?) and they’re like buttah. Love them for a bit of extra coverage and they’re inexpensive, too!


    P.S. That Aje dress is so alluring in an understated way — perfect for an anniversary celebration, I think!

    1. Good point on hot/cool of the metal chairs! Hadn’t thought fully about that! So glad so many of these products are already well-loved by you!!

  3. My daughter loves loves loves Goodnight Gorilla! We were gifted one when she was born a couple of years ago and it’s one of the books that have “longevity”. I love how the minimal text leaves room for interpretation and imagination.

    I use the Laneige lip mask almost nightly. It has done wonders for dry lips and even dry cuticles (not sure that’s advertised, but it worked). Love the Amazon price! I did notice that some beauty brands (like Caudalie) are priced way lower on Amazon. I was wary at first but so far I haven’t received anything that was questionable in quality in comparison to when I’ve bought from Sephora or the brand’s website.

    1. Me too, Mia – Walmart and Amazon often have the best prices and I’m always a little leery as to whether they are counterfeit or something. But I’ve not yet run into issues! I always read the comments, though, just in case.

      Love the gorilla book! 100% agree that the minimal text gives lots of space for funny sounds/interpretations/re-interpretations. Love it.


  4. The ice cream/popsicle shop is right down the street from me. I’ll have to venture out and give it a try!

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