The Fashion Magpie Alexis Mabille Dress

Alexis Mabille, Wear-with-Everything Sandals, and More.

Pick No. 1: Alexis Mabille.

Completely head over heels for new-to-me label Alexis Mabille and his sumptuous, menswear-detailed, dramatic silhouettes.  Do you DIE over this photo shoot (shown above and below)?!  I would love to own this satin twill top or (SWOON) this gown.  (P.S. You can get the look for a little less by hunting down some of the sale styles from chic designer Leal Daccaratt, who has a similar vibe — something like this statement blouse nails the look!  Or get the look in a small way with these chic, affordable satin slides!)

The Fashion Magpie Alexis Mabille Dress 2

06-Alexis-Mabille-couture-18 The Fashion Magpie Alexis Mabille 1

Pick No. 2: The Ancient Greek Sandal.

All summer long, I have been wearing an inexpensive pair of gold sandals with two straps (one across the toes, one across the top of the foot) that I bought at J. Crew a few seasons back.  They go with everything, and I’ve worn them into the ground.  I have been thinking that I need a replacement pair and then I stumbled upon the snap below on Insta and thought: aha, I need those in the white.  Turns out they are Ancient Greek’s Clio sandal and they have a cult following.  Will definitely be ordering for next summer — and wearing with everything.

The Fashion Magpie Ancient Greek Clio Sandal Street Style

The Fashion Magpie Ancient Greek Clio Sandal 1 The Fashion Magpie Ancient Greek Clio Sandal 2

Pick No. 3: The Bold Upholstery.

I mentioned this recently, but I am contemplating changing up my living room vibe by snagging some new pillows and/or drapes.  For context, we have a Stark Antelope Rug and this Jayson Home couch in a heathered linen brown color along with blue barrel chairs that look like this (can’t find the exact style anymore, but we did get them from One King’s Lane two years ago) and a blue velvet upholstered ottoman we use as a coffee table somewhat similar to this.  We currently have JP&J Baker’s hydrangea print pillow covers mixed in with some orange-red textured throw pillows, but everything feels tired to me right now.  I want to lighten up the mood with some brighter, more whimsical prints and colors.  I was inspired by the bold colors and prints in this California home.  They also use the Stark antelope carpet but pair with a lot of bright, splashy patterns.  I’m thinking of maybe introducing a bolder blue print drape like Thibaut’s Jacobean pattern or Schumacher’s Huntington Gardens.  I love Brunschwig & Fils’ Les Touches but worry it might be too much against an animal print rug with a similar pattern.  Alternately, could leave the drapes simple in a linen weave in a neutral color and amp up the drama with pillows in Shumacher’s chinoserie or Kate Spade’s fiery kravet or Peter Dunham’s fig leaf, which I’ve long loved.  Or maybe Caitlin Wilson’s chinoserie?  Love the navy!

The Fashion Magpie Bold Interior Decor 2

The Fashion Magpie Bold Interior Decor 3

Pick No. 4: The Clare Vivier x Le Catch Tote.

How fresh and chic is the new Clare Vivier by Le Catch monogrammable tote?!  I love the colors and the rope detailing on the side and of course the monogram!

The Fashion Magpie Clare Vivier Le Catch

The Fashion Magpie Clare Vivier Le Catch 1 The Fashion Magpie Clare Vivier Le Catch 2

Pick No. 5: The Kitten Heel Boot.

I’ve been debating over kitten heel booties for the past few weeks as my fall boot: will I go for the Aquazzura Quant (shown below) or the Alexandre Birman Kittie?  But I walked by the Alexandre Birman shop on Madison Ave last Saturday and it settled the matter: I am now determined to own these sparklers.  They might look a little loud for everyday wear, but if you see them in person, you’ll note that they’re a gunmetal color and are not ridiculously sparkly.  I think they’ll look EPIC with skinny denim and a black sweater or simple white blouse or, really, anything at all.  I’m in love.

The Fashion Magpie Aquazzura 2

The Fashion Magpie Aquazzura 3


The Fashion Magpie Alexandre Birman Kitty 1

The Fashion Magpie Alexandre Birman Kitty 2


Pick No. 6: The Puff Sleeve.

No style feels more fresh and on-trend than a puff sleeve right now.  I love following the blogger/designer Arielle Charnas of Something Navy and she has been wearing a ton of this style — I am so on board!  (She’s wearing this Amanda Uprichard blouse at the top and one of her soon-to-be released styles from her Something Navy brand at the bottom — get the look with this.)

The Fashion Magpie Puff Sleeve Style 2

The Fashion Magpie Puff Sleeve Style 3

The Fashion Magpie Puff Sleeve Style 1

I want to get the look with this moody floral from Rebecca Taylor (on super sale!), this sweet Amanda Uprichard, this simple La Vie RT,  or (SPLURGE!) this Cecilie Bahnsen.

Pick No. 7: The Laundress EVERYTHING.

I am in love with The Laundress’s Crease Release (available in larger size here).  When I don’t have time to iron or steam, I use this and it works like a charm — and makes your clothes smell incredible.  I also have gotten into the habit of a self-performed “turn down service” — it’s a small step but it makes bedtime feel so luxurious!  Before I wash my face, I take off all the throw pillows and lay our sleeping pillows flat at the head of the bed and then pull the duvet up from the foot of the bed and fold it back midway.  I will often spritz some crease release onto the pillows or the duvet and tuck the sheets in extra tight.  I’m reading this back and thinking — “you are a weirdo!” — but it makes bedtime so, so inviting.  Try it!  I also currently have their detergent in my cart along with their stain brush and fabric fresh spray (namely for our upholstered furniture, which is constantly under siege by mini and our dog!).  I already have a bunch of other Laundress products — I love their wool shampoo and their delicates wash for bras.

The Fashion Magpie Crease Release Set

The Fashion Magpie Crease Release

Pick No. 8: The Jackie O. Set.

I have nowhere to wear this, but I love this little suit set from Sandro (on sale): jacket and skirt.  Incidentally, it, too, would look PERFECT with those sequinned Alexandre Birman booties…

The Fashion Magpie Sandro Jacket The Fashion Magpie Sandro Skirt

Pick No. 9: The Back-to-School Bag.

I shared some reflections on school recently and it had me longing for that back-to-school energy.  I have raved for a long time about the quality and style of Cuyana’s totes for travel, and they’ve now released a perfect back-to-school bag — a structured tote.  The main issue with their classic totes is that they do not stand up on their own.  This one comes with a laptop sleeve and will stand on its own!  Perfect for students.  (Alison!!!  Here’s your answer!)

The Fashion Magpie Cuyana Structured Tote 1 The Fashion Magpie Cuyana Structured Tote 2 The Fashion Magpie Cuyana Structured Tote 3

Pick No. 10: The Back-to-School Mule.

Speaking of BTS, my top pick for a fall shoe for school (and I’m sorry for the number of shoes featured in this roundup!) is the Aquazzura Mondaine flat (different colorway here).  These are sophisticated and trendy without being too loud, and can be worn just as easily with a skirt/dress as they can with jeans.

The Fashion Magpie Aquazzura 1 The Fashion Magpie Aquazzura 4

The Fashion Magpie Aquazzura Mondaine 2 The Fashion Magpie Aquazzura Mondaine

P.S.  The sense of an ending.

P.P.S.  The best $20 I’ve spent recently.

P.P.P.S.  Do you dress your age?  (Or is the entire construct hogwash?!)


  1. Those sandals are fantastic. My current favorite pair of sandals are ones I got in Athens, where they adjusted the straps in the store to perfectly fit your foot. Jackie O, Sophia Loren, and Sarah Jessica Parker were/are clients (amongst others), and best part is that they were soo inexpensive. I will be SO sad when they finally wear out. (Need to get back to Greece!)

    Love those Aquazzura flats! So tempted to get them, but I need to stop buying shoes!

    1. OMG how epic?! What an incredible souvenir! What’s the name of the Athens store?

      I know, I know…I have such a huge problem with shoes. There are too many great sales going right now…

    2. Siiiiigh, well if I ever make it over there, I’ll be sure to check them out…until then, will live vicariously through your chic souvenir from afar! xo

  2. Love these!

    As far as decorating goes, I always opt for a neutral curtain and colorful pillows. I find bold curtains to distract from the view and you never tire of a good neutral curtain. Pillows and throws and other decor are much less expensive to change out too! Just a thought!

    Also, can I ask, do most NYers invest in curtains and other design pieces that will only work for their current apartment even if they rent? I find this so curious.

    1. Hi! That’s a really good point on the curtains, especially given that I’m right now wanting to redo EVERYTHING. Glad you made that observation!

      I don’t know the answer to the other question. I would say most of my friends don’t bother with curtains or anything too particular to the unit — but then again I can think of two gals in particular who have totally done up their unit as if they’ll stay forever. I think that’s in part because moving in NYC is SUCH A PAIN and once you find a place, you tend to want to stick around for awhile — if only because most moves involve a non-trivial brokerage fee that you never get back (we’re talking two months worth of rent money!), so I know plenty of people who avoid moving just to avoid that brokerage tax. In addition, I believe that tenant laws here are really favorable to the tenant — meaning most tenants have a first right to renewal or something along those lines.

      Anyway, that was a bit rambling but those are my two cents!


    2. Wow! Yes it does seem like people are willing to invest more into a rental than other places. The question was off topic, but I appreciate your response! Thank you.

  3. Ahh, a customized 10 picks recommendation?!?! I’m tickled — thank you!!

    I never did end up buying a new bag, nothing seemed quite right (I dove deep into my closet and found a serviceable faux leather tote from Zara that has worked, though it didn’t hold up well to some of my larger textbooks). But maybe my indecision was a blessing after all — I’m just starting year 2 and I could definitely use a little treat!

    I’m drooling over the model images and love that all white moment with the blush pink bag, so dreamy.

    1. YES! Good things come to those who wait. I love the Celine-esque quality of this tote…happy back to school shopping! xo

  4. There’s no such thing as too many shoes in a post, in my humble opinion! 😉

    I have owned the Ancient Greek Clios in natural leather before, and really liked them — I wish I had replaced the pair I got in 2013 & ran into the ground, because I tossed them in favor of a pair from La Botte Gardiane (a tiny French brand similar to K.Jacques that Steven Alan used to carry) — I wore them faithfully for 4 summers and then they broke! I need to bring them by my cobbler to see if they’re salvageable.

    Love the puff sleeve trend (on others, not myself, as my arms are so short, I’m not sure if I can pull it off!) and those Aquazzura Mondaines … siiii chic!

    1. Hehe, I like that. Did you know that on the inside of any Aquazzura shoe box, it reads: “If the shoe fits — buy it in every color!” HA!


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