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Loves — I am just back in town from the most gorgeous vacation in Sag Harbor, so I am a little short on time tonight, but I thought I’d sit down and jot a quick note your way while Mr. Magpie whips up a batch of bucatini all’amatriciana in the kitchen (one of those dishes for which we nearly always have everything on hand)…

Oh, Sag Harbor…!  I am in love.  We had such a wonderful time we’ve already started planning a second return before the summer’s out.  I’m not sure whether we’ll return to Sag Harbor or visit another town in the Hamptons, but suffice to say we are complete and hopeless devotees of the Hamptons.  Sag Harbor felt quiet, quaint, approachable, languorous — but sophisticated, well-designed.  I loved the mix of old-school five-and-dimes and ice cream shops alongside higher brow restaurants and boutiques.  Hard to believe we were just two hours outside of Manhattan; it felt like a moon-length away.  Just perfect.

A couple of quick things that made the last few days extra special:

+A Granite Wear clam steamer.  This is the legit real deal that everyone on the Chesapeake Bay uses to steam blue crabs.  Mr. Magpie has wanted one forever, and this trip led to its purchase, as we feasted on local steamers (divine, dipped in butter) and lobster (equally divine, also dipped in butter).  This would be such an incredible gift for a blue crab / seafood lover.

+Mr. Magpie swears by this cookbook for figuring out how to prepare lobsters, steamers, etc — and all the accoutrements for oysters (mignonette!)

+While in the Hamptons, I decided mini does, in fact, need a Minnow Swim suit.  This is en route, just in time for her first swim lesson this weekend!  (This less expensive similar style looked adorable on her, though.)  Separately, I’m so sad I missed out on this rash guard style!  (More rash guard picks here.  And a full rundown of my picks for mini gear at the beach here.)

+This purchase has to be the best $20 I’ve spent all season.  We use it constantly — for picnics and playdates in the park, that time we listened to the Met Opera al fresco, and, more recently, on the beach!  Must buy.  I wish it were a little more insulated/waterproof on the one side, but it’s super thick and absorbent nonetheless and comes with a little strap that enables you to roll it up and throw it over your shoulder.

+Things I wish we’d purchased in advance (rather than spending an arm and a leg at the last minute at the local hardware store): a soft-sided cooler (I love this and this for the wine), a beach umbrella (how darling are this or this or this?; value pick: this one), folding beach chairs (adorable, but this one is probably the most realistic).

+Less practical but just darling: this monogrammed insulated bag for toting snacks.

+I brought these melamine dip plates along for mini — they’re the perfect size for a little snack, and they can’t be broken!

+Everyone was wearing Birkenstocks.  Everyone.  They’re not really to my taste, but I have to admit a lot of the ladies were totally rocking them!  I saw one ultra chic pea wearing a top knot and a muumuu style (muumuus for the win!) printed tunic dress with a pair in pastel pink and she looked ridiculously put together.  I spent some time searching for her dress online (why did I not ask where it was from?!) and couldn’t find anything that looked exactly like it, but I did come across this $36 boho tunic dress which nail the vibe — just much shorter — and it’s currently in my shopping cart.  (Also considering this.)

+I am obsessed with this preppy hat.  I need it!  I want to wear it with something like this.

+This is such a good idea for traveling with a dog!

+EPIC Intermix sale — an extra 40% off all sale! — and I am eyeing this, this, and these.


  1. You and I are truly kindred. Everyone was wearing Birks on our trip as well! I’m not so hot on them but this one suuuuper chic mama was wearing the electric orange Arizona EVA with the most perfect tunic dress and I have been scouring the internet to find it with zero luck. (Sobs.)

    1. Totally — I will admit I contemplated their purchase more than once since the trip. They can be worn with aplomb! I’ll keep my eyes peeled…maybe eBay??


  2. It took me a while to really appreciate Eastern LI (my family moved out there from NYC when I was in middle school, and I am definitely more of a city mouse), but it has become one of my favorite places on earth. So many wonderful nooks and crannies, I feel like I always discover something new every visit. A few little thoughts…

    I really love visiting in the off season — fall and winter are my favorite, it just takes on a different character. Of course, not everything is open and you won’t be working on your tan but rentals are much easier to come by and I am happy as a clam to spend the weekend cooking and watching movies and playing games and taking brisk morning walks on the beach and swinging by Candy Kitchen every day for ice cream 🙂

    Along the way, Briermere Farms (in Riverhead) is a fantastic farm stand that has all kinds of great produce but more importantly, amazing baked goods — muffins, cookies, and PIES. Possibly the best pies in the world. Tilda’s Bake Shop (in Rocky Point) has the best jelly donuts.

    And finally, the HomeGoods in East Hampton is surprisingly good. I still drag my mom out there every time I’m home (even though there are several closer outposts) and we always come away with treasures.

    1. Ugh OMG, I am SOLD. Mr. Magpie and I are determined to make a fall trip happen! Thanks for all the suggestions, especially on Briermere Farms! Done done done. Cannot wait for many more trips!

  3. We had a heavenly afternoon in Sag Harbour last July (all the way from Sydney, Australia!). I still think about the little cinema on the main strip, how are the renovations coming along?

    1. Hi Leigh! To be honest, I didn’t even notice the cinema construction…so either that means it was completed and I never new the difference or it was up behind construction fencing (and there was a space on the main drag that was). At any rate, totally magical! xo

  4. You just found my Christmas present for my dad 6 months ahead of time (he is RIDICULOUSLY hard to shop for) with that steamer, so cheers to you!

  5. East Hampton has you written all over it! Verdant hedges, lacy porches, immaculate beaches, hushed and tidy and, yes, languorous. The Maidstone even has grass tennis courts! Of course, it also has the Bentleys and RRs and soulcycle bougieness but that’s pretty unavoidable anywhere in the Hamptons.
    Also that steamer pot–genius!!

  6. Do you still wear your Golden Goose sneakers? I’m always so worried when thinking of ordering something trendy that as soon as I get it, it will be “out!”

  7. I haven’t been to the Hamptons in quite some time, but the way you describe it is just how I remember it. I loved the little farmers’ market stands, too, and Bridgehampton was probably my favorite. So fun that you will go back before summer’s out!

    And so interesting to hear about the Birkenstocks! I got a pair late last year but admit I do not wear them often enough.

    1. Yes – it was as if Birkenstocks sponsored the Hamptons! HA! I’m excited to try the other towns — will look into Bridgehampton!

  8. Sounds like a great vacation! Thanks for the tip about the clam steamer — would be a perfect gift for my Maryland-born sister-in-law!

    I’ve been a fan of Birkenstocks since middle school, though I now gravitate towards (slightly?) more sophisticated models than the classic taupe suede. I have a pair in optic white that I love — nice dresses really elevate them, I feel.

    Love when Intermix sale section goes an extra 40% off! Wheee!

    1. Hi MK – Yes, I saw a lot of the white ones! They do feel fresh / modern. So ahead of the game!


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