The Fashion Magpie Ralph Lauren Mommy Me

Ralph Lauren Mommy + Me Collection.

How absolutely darling are these mother-and-child coordinating outfits from Ralph Lauren?  I love the way the looks were captured by photographer Karel Balas for Milk Magazine.

The Fashion Magpie Ralph Lauren Mommy Me 4The Fashion Magpie Ralph Lauren Mommy Me 2

The Fashion Magpie Ralph Lauren Mommy Me 3

I especially love this pretty white dress for me, and this one for mini.  (And P.S. – if you need that Jane Birkin-esque bag, the answer is this store.  I ordered one last summer!)  And — not shown in the round up above — I also love this striped shirtdress for me and this coordinating one for mini!

Or, flag sweaters for all!  (Mom, Dad, brother, sister!)

A couple of other good sources for coordinating looks in case you’re planning your summer-shoot-on-the-beach-for-a-Christmas-card-picture:

RRR — this and this!

Pink Chicken — this and this!


Lilly Pulitzer

For Dads and Sons — how cute are these coordinating swimsuits?!

Finally, TBBC is running a special promo where you get free shipping and 30% off any of their adorable hats/bonnets with code headsup through this Saturday!  I always stock up on bonnets when they run their promos, and this and this are currently in le basket.

P.S.  How adorable is this tennis sweatshirt?!


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