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I loved this post from a Cup of Jo.

And, particularly, this section:

“When the week’s small slights and emotional bruises strung together threaten death by a million paper cuts…look for the small kindnesses.  They are there. You will always find them.”

Here are mine from last week:

A stranger offering to help me carry my stroller up the Subway stairs with a big smile on her face; a reader direct messaging me to let me know how much she loves my writing (thank you, Bets!); Mackenzie’s generous words about myself and Mr. Magpie; a visit to The Good Foundation’s warehouse in Midtown, where the smart and passionate women who run the program took the time to share what they do (provide families in need with diapers, baby gear, and opportunities to break the cycle of poverty) and made me realize the power of our shared experience of motherhood; a good-for-the-soul wine date with two dear friends; Mr. Magpie’s saving the last bite of vanilla cake for me; minimagpie clutching on to me and nuzzling her face into my shoulder when I picked her up after a long day of being away.

What are your small kindnesses from the past week?


+I had my makeup done earlier this week and my skin looked more radiant than it ever has.  The artist used this foundation — I’m not at all familiar with the brand and would have written it off as teenager cosmetics! — and it is AMAZING.  The least cake-y, most natural finish I’ve ever seen.

+I think I might wear this dress all summer long.  I love throwing this kind of thing on with Supergas and big shades for a walk with my fam in the morning.

+Gap and Target have great, inexpensive options for getting the look of that Caroline Constas midi skirt I was dying over not too long ago.

+These earrings are breathtaking.

+I can legitimately never have enough trays — I am about to order two of these, one to corral all of mini’s lotions and ointments on her changing table and one to keep all of our soaps at the kitchen sink organized.  (We have dish soap, bottle soap, hand soap, and antibacterial gel.)

+This creamer makes me very happy.

+This dress makes all my dreams come true.

+My Dad gave me his old Apple watch and I plan on using it exclusively for running…or had been, until I saw how chic Hermes’ Apple watch bands are…

+I am seriously dying (DYING DYING DYING) over the bows on the shoulders of this dress.  I think it’s meant to be a rehearsal dinner dress, but I might need it.

+Such a fun little statement bag – I love it in the yellow.

+Love this blouse.  Would be stunning on a bride to be with some oversized earrings!

+I loved the juju hats on the walls of the St. Frank store so much, I’m contemplating buying three to mount over our bed!

+Apparently this is Tuckernuck’s best-selling blouse of all time — and it’s not hard to see why!  I like it in the navy.

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  1. Just got a similar striped dress from Joules! So looking forward to wearing it tons (and perhaps stocking up in different colors too – can never have too many stripes!)

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