The Fashion Magpie Baby Ballerina

Tiny Dancer.

Later today, I am taking mini to a baby movement/dance class called Juliette and Ella’s playdate, which was founded by two moms — one a former ballerina, and one a musician.  (I am testing it out by using KidPass, which is basically ClassPass for kids’ activities: you pay a monthly subscription fee for access to discounted classes.  Kid classes are so expensive in New York — a single drop-in music class will set you back $44! — so I am thinking KidPass will be worth the expense; for $50/mo, you get access to 2-3 classes.)

But, I am not going to lie: I can hardly wait until mini is old enough for ballet class because, well, is there anything cuter than a precious little girl in a tutu?  I’m a little ahead of the game here, but here are the pieces I have my eye on for her:

I Love Plum Tutu

Bloch Ballet Slippers

Maileg Ballerina Mouse (also love this whole set)

Oversized White Bow Barette

Ballet Tights 

Capezio Leotard

Personalized Ballerina Tote (there’s a coordinating wet bag, too!)

The Silver Slippers by Elizabeth Coda Kallen*

Ballerina Jewelry Box (I had one of these!)

Ballerina Leggings + Socks Set

Pink Bunny Sweatshirt (also like this rainbow one)

*I was devastated to learn these books are no longer in print!  I had like ten of them — each came with a special locket/charm necklace, and I was OBSESSED with them!

P.S.  I have heard great things about this little “walking tricycle” for kiddos around mini’s age, who are just about to start walking!

P.P.S.  Is anyone else enjoying daily battles with their one-year-old around holding the spoon?  Mini wants to feed herself, but we all know what happens next — yogurt in her hair and two baths a day.  I am thinking I might buy one of these to protect her clothes.  Armor!



  1. I strip my little down to her diaper for breakfast and dinner, ie when I allow her to feed herself (lunch is usually on the go so I keep it to something neater). We also hose her down in the sink most days… she also got a water table for her birthday so we’ve been letting her splash in it (ie get soaking wet/sort of cleaning herself off) after breakfast.

    And we have our baby in tutus all the time! Not classy ballet ones, perhaps, but, her dad appreciates a good holiday tutu (not kidding; he is very secure in his masculinity), and so tutus have become her “thing” too. Check out the children’s book “Love is a Tutu” – it is adorable!!

    1. A water table! That sounds like mini’s version of heaven. She loves splashing and spraying water! If only we had more space…

      Where do you get your tutus?! I went to the “precursor to ballet” class I mentioned above yesterday and it was the CUTEST, and most of the other little toddlers were wearing tutus. So maybe I’m NOT too early?! xo

  2. Oh my gosh my father STILL talks about The Silver Slippers – I had a ton of those books as a child, but that was my favorite. He read it to me so many times our copy fell apart, and I wore the necklace for years!

    We still joke about having “a silver slippers moment” any time one of us needs to pinch-hit or step up to the plate (mixing metaphors, eek!)…what a blast from the past!

    1. Liz! That’s too much — I love that. So sweet. Let’s resurrect the series as a collective Magpie Tribe. #bringbacksilverslippers

  3. Haha! The Silver Slippers!! I had all of those as well … I think The Magic Locket was my favorite. Wow, you just blasted me back to the late 80s/early 90s!

    That rainbow sweatshirt! Love!

    1. Yes! I was wondering how widespread that series was — very, it seems. The Magic Locket was also my favorite, next to the one about the ice skater — for one or two winters, I took skating lessons and imagined myself going pro immediately 🙂 xo

  4. Also I’ve been looking for bath towels you recommend — could you resend please? I want them in white! Amazon doesn’t have the yves delorme ones (remember walking down the Charlottesville mall and looking into their shopfront dreamily?? I do!!)

  5. Down to one! Well sometimes a catnap at 4 but trying to avoid. Trying to do lunch at noon and nap at one, obviously today a little early. And I don’t even make it a bath really— I just suds up a sink of water, place him in it, and soapy the essential parts, under 3-5 min total.

    1. Aha! Mini goes down for a morning nap — by 10:30, she’s completely exhausted — and then sleeps until around 12:30. I want to slowly move that to an afternoon nap because I feel like it makes more sense for everyone; right now it’s a bizarre way to split up the day. But, trying to follow her cues and the wheels tend to fall off at 10:30, like clockwork! xx

  6. I had those books and charms!!!!!!!! Awful that they don’t make them!!

    Ok so I’ve somewhat embraced the PastaBananaHair. Here’s how I made peace with it— I just let it happen, and then since he takes a nap after lunch anyways, I (or whoever is around) do a very abbreviated sink bath and use a soapy water hair rinse. Sort of a quick bedtime routine, and useful because it’s already so hot here. (And I strip him down to a bib for lunch anyways.)

    1. I know – they need to make those books again! I had all of them!

      Two baths a day! AHH! I’m thinking I’m headed in that direction, too…is he down to one nap, or still doing two? What’s your schedule?


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