The Fashion Magpie Petersyn Shopbop Sale

Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Closet.

Shopbop just announced an epic April promo — 20% off orders under $500, and 25% off orders $500 and over.  You can get early access to this discount with code EVENT18.  I’m kinda annoyed that I bought this lovely blouse (shown above, excuse my cheeeeesy grin) at full price, and now you can score it for 20% off!  In this case, the early bird did not get the worm.  But I won’t let sour grapes keep me from taking advantage of the promo running now.  Below, the items currently sitting in my cart…

+I can imagine myself wearing this stunning lovely to my summer birthday party!  Love the asymmetry!

+This is calling my name for an upcoming May vacation.

+This blouse with these earrings = easy fourth of July style.

+RRR jammies, already discounted, now an extra 20% off!

+I know I have a lot of blouses in my cart, but I can’t help it — spring evenings are calling my name, and I need this one, too.

+The big question?  Will I use the promo as an excuse to buy this Saloni dress I’ve been eyeing for the last many weeks…

+Without a doubt, I’ll be using the promo to buy a pair of new navy Supergas for the summer.

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