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Yesterday’s post was heartbreaking to write, and between the “hot, fat tears” shed while crafting it (to borrow the words of a friend who texted me after its publication) and the fact that I battled the worst bout of food poisoning I’ve ever had on Saturday night, I’m a little helter-skelter.  I essentially look like the inverse of the chic, sun-kissed goddess shown above (Stephanie Hill of The Style Bungalow — I have been DROOLING over her posts lately, and she’s been spotted in a bunch of pieces from my girl Pamela Munson).  At any rate, today’s post testifies to that truth, and I hope you’ll indulge:

+The snap above made me want those oversized bow slides I mentioned last week ALL THE MORE.  I think I need them, actually.  (Stephanie is seen in this similar printed pair << under $100!)

+I had a number of lovely messages from classmates of mine from Visitation after yesterday’s post, including one who sent me this: “…But when I was awkward and the teenage years were so very cruel, she was so kind. Just the embodiment of the little virtues….I read “To an Athlete Dying Young” and I think of her fondly.”    This poem, which we all read as sophomores or juniors in high school, is pristine — its marching iambic tetrameter startlingly formal for its tender, elegiac message.  Lovely.  Thank you for sending, R.!

+On a totally different note, I could not stop laughing at this.  Mr. Magpie sent it to me because it is possibly my number one pet peeve in life.  I cannot STAND when people do this!

+I love this saucy little Brigitte Bardot polka dot dress.  Incidentally, it’s by the same label who made the dress I wore when I terrorized that guy in Chicago so, you know, there’s that.  I also love this skirt of theirs, which looks like a Marni to me, and is also available in dress form (ON SALE!)

+My favorite non-designer-but-look-like-designer shades are back in stock!  Snag while you can; they keep selling out.  I wear them constantly!  I favor them over far more expensive pairs from Dior and Chanel!

+I ran out of mini’s stationery after writing all of the thank you notes from her birthday, and had a lot of fun looking for replacements.  Etsy has so many precious patterns — I loved these, these (<<if they had an airedale print, I would have DIED), these, and these.

+While on the hunt for stationery, I also found this, which would be THE CUTEST gift for a teacher, and this cactus stationery, which I just love.  Etsy is the best.

+I wish I could un-see this dress.  I can’t stop thinking about it.  It’s haunting me.  I need it.

+Just ordered this, and am pretty sure it’s going to be the best $28 I’ve spent in a long while.  Love the boxy shape and tapered sleeves!  I had it in my basket, along with this, which was just released, and then lingered for a day thinking about colors, and — lo and behold — the sweatshirt sold out in my size.  I’m so annoyed.  They always seems to sell out of its pieces too fast!!!  I wanted it in the lavender-blue or bone white.

+If I had more space…THIS BASKET!!! Too cute. I love that, or this, in the giraffe shapes, as giraffes are sort of mini’s spirit animal.

+THIS ONE-PIECE.  OMG.  J. Crew is KILLING the swimwear game this season!  (More amazing-ness here.)

+This skirt is SO much fun. BUT ALSO, don’t miss their sale section right now — Kule striped shirts on sale (!!!), heeled sandals that look close to identical to the Alexandre Birmans I wear constantly in the summer, and oversized floral studs (<<the LEWK right now).

+Gap is having an extra 40% off plus an extra 10% off (no idea why they have two separate discount codes, but some marketer is having a field day with it) PLUS free shipping, so I stocked up on some goodies for mini.  (If I had a boy, this would definitely have been on its way to me.  SO cute.)  I snagged a few pairs of printed leggings, this flutter blouse, pink jeggings, and this classic raincoat in a size up, since she’s currently still wearing her Petit Bateau.

+I’m disappointed in the direction adult Gap has gone — I feel like I found so many cool statement pieces from there over the past few years, and suddenly it’s all SO boring.  The only thing I’m contemplating buying with this great promotion is a pair of these in the khaki — it’s such a trendy shape right now, and you can’t beat the Gap price with the codes!

P.S.  What makes you feel good about yourself?  Loved all the comments on this!

P.P.S.  Words I hate and makeup I love.


  1. THAT POEM. My goodness! Bookmarked. I used to have a “poetry journal” (#nerdalert) and this definitely would have made it into it!

    I actually ordered that very same Everlane shirt – and the olive striped one as well – around the same time you posted it and it just arrived today. Love! But what gives with the slow shipping, Everlane?! I also feel that they do tend to sell out of sizes quickly, which is annoying. Maybe it was because I ordered 2 pairs of pants as well? Hmmm.

    I’ve never bought anything from Tuckernuck but am incredibly tempted by those Kule shirts!

    1. Yeah, shipping was brutal. We’ve been conditioned by Prime!!! I’m always shocked when it takes more than three days for something to arrive — how quickly we forget the days of ordering J. Crew and Delia’s (yes, Delia’s) FROM A CATALOG (!!!!), as I did in elementary/high school, and would then wait for like two or three weeks for things to arrive. So bizarre to think about that!

  2. About the pet peeve comment with people standing up in airplanes, such funny timing because my husband and I were literally talking about this yesterday. On our way home from our honeymoon 3 years ago the flight was 1 hour late and we were going miss our connection so my husband and I did this, we grabbed our stuff and bolted as far up as we could up the plane. Everyone around us thought we were SO rude, they were even commenting on it “that’s too bad you can’t stand because the rude people don’t know how to be patient” one lady said loudly to her seat partner.
    Anyway we literally made it to the next airplane 4 min before the door shut and without the “rude” bolt would have missed the flight. So next time you see someone doing that assume they need to get off quickly- going to miss a connection, need to poop really badly, feeling sick, have 10 min to buy food and make flight, etc!

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