The Fashion Magpie Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 54: The One with the Lenten Resolution.

My Latest Score: Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

I mentioned this recently, but my skin has been looking super dull lately.  It’s as if my skin is protesting the lingering cold weather.  I’ve gotten back into my obsession with m61 peels and have been using every few days for the past week, and those are helping, but I’m going to up my ante and add this resurfacing mask to the mix.  It’s currently en route to me.  I also snagged this night renewal cream, which caught my eye because it contains salicylic acid, which is the active ingredient that has helped me with breakouts in the past.


The Fashion Magpie Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask


You’re Sooooo Popular: The Perfect Sweater

The most popular items on Le Blog this week:

+This darling sweater, which sold out in the Shopbop sale, but is still available here!

+A stovetop espresso maker with amazing reviews.

+A darling blouse that looks a lot pricier than it is.  (Under $60!)

+A fast track to a more measured life.

+Apparently the secret to a great blow out.

+An adorable blouse!

+The perfect jacket in of-the-moment ice blue.

+One of my favorite recent purchases — I layer it under everything, and I love how low the buttons go!


#Turbothot: Go Gentle.

My Lenten resolution was not to give up dessert or avoid snacking between meals (both resolutions of Lents past), but to be gentler on people.  I find that — especially now that I live in New York — I tend to be quicker to judge, to become frustrated, to lose my patience, to assume mal-intent.  Especially when I’m working to be gentler on myself, how can I not  turn that energy outward?

I give myself a B so far this Lent.  I still find myself huffing and puffing when people amble around slowly in front of me, or — worse still — cut in front of me with that oh-so-common ruthless, elbows-out mentality.

But then I think about the time I was driving out by Tyson’s Corner in D.C. behind a buffoon who was swerving all over the place.

“What the hell is he doing?!” I yelled, slamming on the breaks, my brows knit into a semi-permanent expression straddling between rage and incredulity.  When I finally passed him, I turned to give him a dramatic glare — and that’s when I noticed a young man, driving white-knuckled, with a bunch of balloons next to him that said: IT’S A GIRL!

My heart broke, not just a little.

Who knows if this is true — it could have been a delivery boy? — but I immediately went slack, thinking I’d just harassed a new dad racing to the hospital or racing home to be with his new baby girl.

Many years later, in a moment of odd deja vu, a friend whose wife had just nearly lost her life giving birth to their daughter told me that while the past couple of weeks had been a nightmare, it had taught him to be patient, to give people space, to not immediately assume the worst.  “When I was driving home, going 5 miles per hour, dodging potholes so that it wouldn’t jostle my healing wife and my brand-new daughter, I just thought…why do we forget this so fast?  Why do we immediately bounce back into rushing around, not giving people the benefit of the doubt?  I never want to forget that.”

I’m re-centering the remaining few weeks of Lent around these two moments, and hoping I can bring myself up to at least an A- by April 1st.


#Shopaholic: The Printed Blouse

+I think I need to go ahead and order this in advance of the Fourth of July.  How adorable with white jeans?

+Speaking of summer — this white linen button-front skirt is giving me all the feels.

+I wasn’t as enthused by SJP’s new collection for Gap as I’d hoped — but I LOVE this gingham number, which looks like it could be a Veronica Beard (this style in particular — or this one, which is on RIDIC SALE!

+I love these lavender-and-cork heels.

+I feel like Louboutin’s star has fallen, but this heel would be a perfect bridal option — it looks like origami!  In love!!!

+For minis: I’ve heard such good things about this brand of jammies.  The lace collar reminds me of pairs I used to wear as a kiddo!

+Have y’all heard about this stuff?!?!?!  I need to try it.  I literally had to restrain myself from ordering it since I just bought the Tata stuff and re-stocked my m61 peel supply, but this is NEXT!  You use a MAGNET to pull off the mask!  WUT.  I’m so curious…

+It feels like everyone I know is reading this.

P.S.  Are you a city person?

P.P.S.  How private are you?



  1. Love your Lenten resolution. Mine was to continue exercising 5 times a week … a bit self-centered, but hey. Between the snowstorms (for which my gym has closed!) and a family emergency, I have only been so-so, but I’m resolving to keep it up the last 1.5 weeks of Lent. My parents always emphasized DOING something instead of (or in addition to) giving something up, which I love.

    I also chuckled at your last bullet point, as I am currently reading (and enjoying) Little Fires Everywhere! I also started a book called Fake Plastic Love … not sure if you’ve read it before? I actually downloaded it to my iPad so I could read while traveling, etc. It’s odd to be reading 2 novels at once, but I have always been a multitasker when it comes to reading!

    1. Ooh – adding that book to my list. I’m 1/3 of the way through Little Fires and am enjoying it. Parts of it remind me (in a good way) of Can’t Hardly Wait and some of my other favorite 90s teen flicks, which is majorly appealing to me. But I find I’m straddling between that sort of happy enjoyment and a feeling of too-good-to-be-true suburbia with this family…xo

    1. I’m so curious about this — my mom sent me an article when I was pregnant back saying that they’d recalled some of it or something? Or it was banned somewhere? Anyway, I mentally put it in the category of things not to try at the time — but thanks for the reminder, because it sounds magical…!

  2. The Tata Harper mask is good! It’s very strong (I have sensitive skin so I definitely left it on for the shortest recommended time, 10 minutes I believe) but super effective. Your skin feels so soft and smooth for days. I’ve been using the Drunk Elephant Babyfacial lately and I I think I slightly prefer that one, but both are superstars!

  3. Remember it’s the thought that counts! So, that means you already have an A because you’re actively thinking about it! Go girl! I’m very impressed with your Lent choice. I’ve always gone toward not eating this or that so thanks for opening my eyes to becoming a better person. Love it!

    1. Thank you for this!! Just going to keep on keeping on. Have to admit I struggled this morning during Pilates when the classmate to my left seemed to have absolutely no spatial awareness and her limbs kept flying into my space. Had to take some deep breaths and think about my post this morning…!!!

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