The Fashion Magpie Celine Trio Bag 3

I Seen Celine.

The other day, I saw a chic mom walking her daughter to school wearing Golden Goose sneakers (<< on sale!!!), tapered joggers, a huge parka, and one of those Celine trio bags that was all the rage a few seasons back, shown above and below.  (You can snag one gently used and in a fantastic color here.)  It made me realize how timeless a bag it is — owing, largely, to the practical crossbody strap, simple shape, and sturdy leather.  I instantly wished I was wearing her entire outfit, but especially her unfussily chic handbag.

The Fashion Magpie Celine Trio Bag 2

The Fashion Magpie Celine Trio Bag 2

The Fashion Magpie Celine Trio Bag

Because I’m contemplating the pragmatic purchase of a backpack that can be used as a diaper bag, a new Celine is not in the cards; here are some other options I’m contemplating:

+This sleek pebbled leather beauty ($115!!), which you can have personalized with your initials.  I’m normally such a color girl, but I’m interested in basic black for this look.

+This chic two-tone style from new and very trendy label Danse Lente << I’m obsessed with this brand.

+This Clare Vivier, in the black nubuck (though navy intrigues me, too…), which you can also get embossed with your initials!

+This feminine See by Chloe.  Love the scalloped detailing.

+This boyish Madewell steal.

+This sleek wallet on a chain.  Love the simple design, and the price tag is fetching, too!  (<<Could I stuff my phone in this though…?)

+At the higher end of the spectrum, I’m dying over all of the sleek and polished bags from new-to-me line RSVP, but none more than this clutch, with an attachable crossbody strap.  I WANT.  The drama of the hardware against the simplicity of the shape!  I love it in the navy, black, or “gold” (tan leather).  AND you can get your initials on it.  UGH.

P.S.  More fashion picks inspired by the streets of New York.

P.P.S.  What I want to be wearing RN, and fashion micro-trends I’ve contemplated recently.

P.P.P.S.  I am currently in FL, wearing these $10 sunglasses and living my best life.


  1. I’ve always admired the Trio … so chic. I love the quality of Clare V’s bag and the Sac Bretelle is a great alternative!

    I’m still on the backpack train and have been stalking options on The Real Real … I’ve had great luck there in the past! Do you have any other favorite resale sites? I like them best for bags and accessories, though on occasion I have gone for a NWT clothing item as well.

    1. Me tooooo. I really like RealReal; I trust their vetting process and I think they have appropriate pricing. I’m more skeptical of eBay because I think it’s easy to get swindled there — but I have used it. I’ve also — oddly — found some amazing finds on Etsy, especially with vintage jewelry; you may get lucky there, too?

    2. Very helpful, thanks!

      P.S. I found a Mansur backpack on The Real Real for a reasonable price, and snapped it up! I can’t wait for it to arrive!

    1. Super cute! Am not as familiar with that brand — thanks for sending that. I like the pearl color you linked! xo

  2. Ooh, this is such a good one! I currently have a few perfect crossbody bags in rotation but it certainly does not hurt to add another. And Celine, au mon dieu… I never seem to like the Celine bags that the it girls favor (the Phantoms and Luggage Totes don’t do it for me) but I splurged on a “pre-loved” (or whatever the nice term is for secondhand) Edge bag this year and it is EVERYTHING. And it’s funny because the Edge wasn’t ever a super popular style, but I think it gets noticed when I carry it (and it does get noticed!) because it is unique (it seems like those Phantoms, Luggage Totes, and Trapezes are everywhere). OK, officially stalking a Small Trio on Fashionphile (my favorite source for preloved/gently used)…

    1. I love The Edge! It’s sophisticated and ladylike but modern. I like those under the radar shapes from major bag lines. Remember when those spikey/studded Alexander Wang bags were all the rage about five or ten years ago? I went off-trend and got the Alexander Wang Emile in a gorgeous caramel/camel color with rose gold hardware, and I still wear it to this day and find that it turns heads. It’s a great strategy for getting extra mileage out of a pricey bag — you won’t feel like you need to retire it when the coolness wears off.

      But I need that trio, too…check Real Real, too!!! I’ve had good luck there! xoxo

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