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Neither Here Nor There…Random Thoughts on My 10 Month Old.

A pastiche of observations on my nearly-eleven-month-old daughter, shown above as my blog assistant at a recent event, wearing a Ralph Lauren corduroy set from her sweet godmother (my sister!) with Jacadi Liberty of London floral shoes (no longer available, but they have a ton of other cute items in Liberty London prints!)…

+Mini very suddenly has a very big personality.  It’s as though she went to bed one night as a baby and woke up the next morning as a toddler — she screeches and arches her back when she doesn’t like something, shrieks with naughty laughter whenever she tosses food to Tilly, waves coyly at strangers, pants heavily with excitement when Mr. Magpie comes through the door.  She has learned to communicate her — very bold — likes and dislikes.  I love her sassiness, her spark, her conviction.  Her passion reminds me of her father, who is inclined toward similar dramatics in his opinions.

+I’m obsessed with everything about her.

+Chief among mini’s dislikes: being changed (she will squirm with all of her strength to avoid laying flat on her back mid-diaper change and then shriek with frustration when I attempt to hold her in place), having her hands and face cleaned after mealtime, having a “toy” (my glasses, the remote, earbuds, etc.) pried from her hands.  I often distract her from these inconveniences with decoys (silly noises, songs, toys), but there are times where we just squirm and scream right through it.  Me, learning to keep my cool and drown out the histrionics, and her, learning to test my resolve.  There was a time in the middle of last week where I was consistently attempting to diaper her while she was in a crawling position, the insanity of which is not lost on me.  It was not a good look for anyone, least of all future me, who would soon be dealing with a blowout owing to a poorly affixed diaper.  So we’re working through the theatrics of diaper changing time head-on now, cutesy upside-down diaper attempts excluded.

+My nanny mentioned two weeks ago that she felt mini might not need a second nap.  I was instantly resistant — for many months now, those naps have been two pillars of sanity, two pockets of an hour and change that I can count on to GSD.  Even when the nanny’s here, those two quiet sessions are perhaps the only times over the course of the day that I can truly focus on work unless I’m out of the house working elsewhere.  (Living in close quarters with “my office” visible from mini’s play area and the dining room, the loci of much of her daily time in the apartment, I am dialed into whatever’s going on with mini.) I phoned in the expert: “Mom, when do babies stop sleeping two times a day?!”  Her response: “Every baby is different, but usually around a year.  But, honey, it doesn’t mean you can’t put her in her crib for a little quiet time by herself.”  So, for now, even though mini will only nap on occasion in the afternoons, I will still put her in her crib and leave her to play.  She’ll often tolerate it for stretches of 30 minutes — just rolling around, chatting to herself and her beloved babydoll, crawling from one end of the crib to the other — and then she gets bored and my time is up.  As Mr. Magpie says: “She’s learning to play on her own.”  As my mom says: “Everyone needs downtime.”  I’ll take it, even 30 minutes of it.

+Mini started sleeping through the night at around nine months, and I felt like a whole new person.  Then she had an odd regression that started about two weeks ago where she would wake up at 5 a.m. and fuss and cry consistently until I’d make her a bottle — when she would then promptly fall back asleep until around 7:30 a.m.  We were perplexed.  Mr. Magpie insisted that I let her fuss through it, but whenever she’d hit the 30 or 45 minute mark, I’d give in and go to her.  After consulting with Le Expert (my mom), we changed three things: first, we started feeding her more formula before bed; sometimes, she takes 8 oz right before bed, and sometimes she takes closer to 6.  But now we always offer her an 8-oz bottle in the hopes of filling her up.  Second, we realized that her bedroom was often oppressively hot in the mornings.  We live in an old, pre-war building where the heat is centrally controlled, meaning that you can either turn the radiator in your room on and enjoy 3948394838 degree heat or you can turn it off and freeze.  I wondered whether the sauna-like conditions of her bedroom in the morning was disturbing her and started to creep into her room around my bedtime to turn off the heat.  Now, in the mornings, her room is a cool but completely comfortable temperature.  Third, we started putting her down to sleep 15-30 minutes later than we had been.  Between these three changes, we’re back in business and she’s consistently sleeping from around 7:15 P.M. until 7 A.M.  It’s heaven.  I share because — while none of these are shocking secrets to getting a child to STTN — they are small improvements that have restored sanity in our mornings and may help another mama out there.

+Mini continues to expand her palate in the most delightful of ways.  I now routinely feed her from my plate and she’s recently tried — and liked! — olive, artichoke, various meat-and-cheese stuffed pastas from I Sodi (omg omg the best the best), and ramen.  I am so proud of her and, to be honest, so proud of myself.  It’s making life so much easier.  Thank you x 10000 to the reader who politely, gently suggested that I disabuse myself of the mental division between “kid food” and “our food.”  Of course, we can’t feed her everything we eat, but a good amount of it is doable.

+Did I mention I’m obsessed with her?

+Mini’s nanny is Colombian and will often sing her “la vaca lola” and “los pollitos dicen” and now the entire family is in tune.  Mr. Magpie and I are constantly singing these songs around the house — we’re driving each other crazy! — but mini LOVES them and will twirl her ankles in excitement when we sing them.  She also said the word “teh-teh,” which is what the nanny calls her bottle.  Are we inadvertently raising a bilingual child?!?

None of this is here or there — but I thought some other mamas might take comfort in noting parallels with their own babies, or, possibly, as I have, benefit from the quiet and unremarkable observations of other mothers.

Post-Script: Some Items on My Radar for My 10-Month Old

+LOVE that these jammies for girls have dinosaurs on them!  Who says only boys like dinosaurs?!

+I’ve been meaning to mention this FOREVER, but the lovely owner of The Monogram Studio sent mini a monogrammed Widgeon fleece before she was even born, and I had no idea what an MVP this little fleece would be!  She’s worn it nearly every day this winter.  It’s so easy to put on — no snaps!  Just two easy velcros! — and I love that you can “cinch” the hood so that it fits snugly around her face.  Every other hood comes off or lets in a ton of air; this keeps her nice and warm on these briskly cold January mornings.  HIGHLY recommend.  I will be buying a second one for next winter, and it’s on sale right now so chop chop!

+For our upcoming Florida trip, I’m buying mini some swim diapers — does anyone have a strong recommendation on brand?  I used Bummis last summer and found that they ran very small (although you definitely don’t want these too big or you’ll have…ahem…containment issues) and were kind of pricey for what they were.  Anyone know anything about these?  They have solid reviews and come in cute prints.

+I’m finally going to buy an umbrella stroller for mini and am in the hugest quandary right now.  I feel as though everyone has and loves the Babyzen Yoyo (reviews are INSANE!) but I’m having a hard time rationalizing the price especially given that — normally — I don’t have a need for an umbrella stroller in my day-to-day life.  I use my Bugaboo CONSTANTLY.  I wonder if this will change as mini outgrows her carrier and subway trips begin to look a little different.  But still — $500 for a second stroller?!  I’m inclined towards the Maclaren Mark II with recline, which is the lightest weight of the “fuller featured” umbrella strollers out there, weighing under 8 lbs.  I’m always a sucker for light weight items because I’m not particularly “swoll.”  (HAHA.)  It also got a lovely review from Lucie’s List, and I really trust her — she’s thorough and realistic and logical.  I spent hours reading umbrella stroller reviews and it feels like the only unimpeachable option is the Yoyo — all of the others have complaints about quality, sunshade, etc, etc. — but I’m wondering if those issues are all a little over-precious given that this is, after all, meant to be a lightweight solution for travel and intermittent use.  We shall see…

+Have had a bunch of friends and readers recommended Kickee Pants pajamas — going to order a pair for mini!

+I’m always in the market for new books for mini — this and this are now in my shopping cart.

+Mini’s too young for this, but I recently read about Trunkis — a ride-on suitcase for you mini when traveling!  Genius!  And so cute.

+Tilly recently chewed — and destroyed — one of minimagpie’s adorable Tom’s crib shoes, and I was devastated — it was only the second time she’d worn them!  I re-ordered a pair — even though Tom’s aren’t really my style, they look SO CUTE on a baby! — but was temporarily sidetracked by these precious shoes, which are in the same lane but a touch more feminine.


  1. I’ve just stumbled onto your blog thanks to The Stripe! I have a 16 month old and she wears Alva Baby swim diapers. They come in a 2 pack for $12 which is perfect for beach days with a nap. She’s also been wearing them to her 3 night a week swim class for the last 2 months and we’ve had no issues with leakage and they have been tested 🙂 The pool doesn’t allow disposable. For disposals I would recommend Huggies Little Swimmers as we found they work the best. For reference she’s 27lbs and 34″ at 16 months and she’s on the largest snap setting of the Alva reusable diapers.

    1. Hi Shana! Welcome! Thanks for writing in and sharing this — so good to hear someone stand behind a particular brand. Will try these out! xoxo

  2. Honestly, we have just used pamper or huggies swim diapers. Disposable, but easy. We just put one on before we head into the pool and take it off when we get out. We spent most weekends at the pool in the summer and havent had a problem. They go on like a pullup, but they do have tabs like a regular diaper so they come off easy when wet.

    1. Interesting – thanks for this. I had heard that they “puff up” in the water and had therefore sort of mentally discarded them as an option. Going to look into this!

  3. Girl, get the Yoyo. We LOVE ours. My son is nearly 18 months old and it is by far our most-used stroller at this stage (we rarely haul out our Vista these days). Even if we didn’t use it regularly at home, it would be worth its weight in gold just for travel. We’re just back from London and the stroller worked out perfectly. And YES, if you plan on regular subway trips with a toddler, you’ll want something that you can quickly fold up small and toss over your shoulder. I know it’s spendy, but there’s a reason everyone has one!

    1. YAHHHH. I am so torn now. I had several friends email me the same thing, but the notes below re: Summer Infant 3D are convincing, too. Thanks, Kate, for sharing your thoughts!! xo

  4. My darling child acts like she’s being horribly tortured whenever she has to get changed (diapers and clothes). We have the poopoose changing pad but I think it just makes her stronger when she fights it. I end up chasing her around the room and some days it is just so exhausting!!

    We just used the iplay swim diaper today…no complaints, but we haven’t tried any other brands yet so I don’t know?

    We ended up getting the Summer Infant 3D Lite umbrella stroller for when we travel. I wanted the Inglesina but it was out of stock on Amazon, and had considered the Maclaren, but honestly didn’t see that much difference between the two besides weight. We brought the stroller to France and it held up great. The sunshade is sort of useless, but that seemed to be the case with most umbrella strollers. Full recline is great and the baby was able to nap well in it. For something we use rather infrequently, it fit the bill.

    1. Interesting, Jen – I didn’t even know about the poopoose before (smart idea), but am curious if it will work on my ultra-wriggly babe. Why do they hate it so much?!?!

      Keep me posted on future thoughts on the iPlay. Or maybe swim diapers are all created equal…

      Finally, you’re now the third person to rec the Summer Infant 3D! And the Amazon reviews are very strong…hmmm.

    2. Re: umbrella stroller – since we have to gate check it when flying, if it ever gets damaged I’ll be less mad if the airlines ruin a $70 stroller vs a $200+ one….

    3. Yaaaa, I completely hear you. That’s why we haven’t even considered taking our Bugaboo with us. Also, the Bugaboo carrier is ~$200 — apparently if you use the carrier and something is damaged, they’ll cover the cost of repair/replacement — but at $200 for a carrier, I’d rather just get a cheaper umbrella stroller.

      THEN AGAIN. The damn Yoyo Babyzen folds up into such a small size that it can fit in your overhead compartment, thus totally annihilating the concern…sigh. Cannot decide on this!

  5. This umbrella stroller!! Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller – Black

    I was gifted an UppaBaby umbrella stroller for my shower, but promptly exchanged it (and enjoyed the extra Buy Buy Baby cash!) for the Summer Infant after receiving numerous recs from mamma friends. It’s been on numerous flights, served as our travel stroller, and I otherwise keep it in my car for occasional use (my son is 2 now, and much more into walking) – overall, it’s so beyond worth that delightful $70 price tag!

  6. I always LOVE your mini magpie posts especially the recommendations. STTN = life-changing. I’m also a big fan of Lucie’s List. Can’t believe our babies are almost 1 yo!

    1. Thank you! So glad to hear this because I legitimately paused before hitting publish on this one, wondering “does this scattershot laundry list of thoughts even qualify as a post?!” Haha. Sometimes I forget how motherhood can occasionally feel lonely unless you have time to compare notes with other attentive mamas 🙂 I CANNOT believe mini is almost one. Say it ain’t so!

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