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Sinus Infections, Snowboots, + Interior Design.

I’ve been down for the count with a sinus infection for the past few days (so has Mr. Magpie, though he stubbornly refuses to see a doctor…ever…), which has meant early bedtimes and hours of Veep, a show I can’t believe I just got into.  It is so, so good.  The dialogue is unbelievably smart.  I sit there with a cheshire cat grin on my face, eagerly awaiting the next zinging one-liner.  Fabulous from start to finish, and I absolutely adore Julia Louis Dreyfuss — she has incredible comedic timing and such expressivity! — and her WARDROBE!  Ugh, the whole thing is too good.

At any rate, not much happening upstairs while in this fog, so I’ll just share 10 things I’m into today…

Pick No. 1: The Sorel Snowboot

I know I’ve mentioned my Sorel snowboots (shown above; a different color here) a quadrillion times, but they came in SUPER DUPER handy during the #bombcyclone this past week.  (After my rant, I’m not sure it’s appropriate that I use that hashtag.)  They are the thickest, sturdiest, warmest boots you can imagine.  Even in subzero temperatures, wading through 6″ of snow, my feet were warm.  (I might go so far as to say they were even a little hot??)  They never let in any snow or moisture thanks to a high shaft and they have great traction.  If you live anywhere that snows or is impacted by these wicked cold snaps — do yourself a favor and grab a pair.  Also, mine coordinate with mini’s snowboots, which literally KILL me they are SO CUTE.

The Fashion Magpie Sorel Snowboot

Pick No. 2: The Polka Dot Blouse

I’m v. into this polka dot blouse by Ganni that I first spotted on the lovely blogger TheFashionBug.  How adorable does she look in it?  I need to up my ante with the statement blouse game, and this looks like a lovely starting point.  I’m also dying over this one by Zimmermann, this maxi for summertime, and the Oscar de la Renta vibe of this frock.  Finally, I think this Caroline Constas statement blouse would be SO FUN for summer with white jeans.

The Fashion Bug Blog Polka Dot The Fashion Magpie Polka Dot Blouse Ganni

Pick No. 3: The Floral Tablecloth

I am smitten with all of the chic tablecloths by India Amory, but especially this peony print one for spring.  Hint: she also carries robes for mama and baby!

The Fashion Magpie India Amory Table Linens 2

The Fashion Magpie India Amory Table Linens

Pick No. 4: The New Lip Balm/Color

Have heard great things about Dior’s Lip Glow, a product “born backstage”  described as “the perfect balance betweek make-up and lip care.”  Apparently, the formula “reacts to the unique chemistry of each person’s lips to give them a natural flush of custom color that suits each skin tone. Lips look fresh, full, and radiant, as if revived from within.”  Um, sign me up?

The Fashion Magpie Dior Lipglow

The Fashion Magpie Dior Lipglow 2

Pick No. 5: The Rattan Light Fixture

I have been obsessing over the unexpectedness of a rattan light fixture — I love the way it introduces an earthiness or beachiness or jungle-ness (?) into a room.  Cases in point:

The Fashion Magpie Rattan Pendant 2

The Fashion Magpie Rattan Pendant 3

The Fashion Magpie Rattan Pendant 4

The Fashion Magpie Rattan Pendant

I especially love that nursery — how epic with them all clustered together?!?  You can get the look with this, this, or these sconces.  OR.  HOLY COW.  THIS.

P.S.  If you’re not into rattan but are looking for a statement light fixture/chandelier, consider this.  Would look amazing in a white wood nursery!

Pick No. 6: The Leaning Bookshelf

After hemming and hawing over our media console, I think we agreed on this one, but — in an unexpected move, in the white color.  We have so much brown in that room of our house that I worried introducing another large piece of brown furniture would further close up and darken the space — and the white will provide a nice contrast.  I already have a white wood desk in my nook just off the living space, with a white wood mirror right above it, and a white chair upholstered in the cutest orange and white print fabric.  So, I trust it won’t look too out of place, especially since I plan to move some of my ceramic white figurals and decor into the living area to bring it all together.  We were also in bad need of some extra shelving — we had hoped that the console might house some of overflow books, but ended up with a style that will provide some storage, but not enough to house my gargantuan collection of books.  So, we ordered this leaning bookshelf, which got wonderful reviews, and seems like such a reasonable price.  I love that it affects an airiness — unlike many bookcases, enclosed on all sides, this lets the wallcolor through and doesn’t block out much light or space.  I also think that the white color will further tie the entire room together.  I may order a second to go on an opposite wall to really tie things together — or, maybe, move things around in the living space to line the two up alongside one another, which brings me to another reason I love these bookshelves: they are modular!  And there’s a coordinating shelf desk (shown below) you could tuck right in there.  What a fantastic use of space!  I can imagine us repurposing this, maybe with the desk included, in mini’s room as she grows older and needs space for homework.

The Fashion Magpie SAWYER Leaning Bookshelf

The Fashion Magpie SAWYER Leaning Bookshelf 2

Pick No. 7: The Mini Tray

I was just reflecting on my most used daily products, and it occurred to me that one unusual item I could not live without is my melamine petite square tray.  I use it every mealtime when feeding mini, as I always have a little bit of an entourage — I need her food, bib, sippy cup, spoon, wet paper towel, and often miscellaneous other ramekins and bowls and occasionally some sort of decoy spoon (she will sometimes get into the zone of “reach out and grab the spoon as mom tries to feed me and think it’s hilarious but get applesauce all over the place,” and in those circumstances, having a “decoy spoon” to preoccupy her is a lovely little hack).  I believe that the company I bought mine from around the time of my wedding (Fontaine Maury) must have gone out of business because I can’t find it online anymore — but this is similar, these are chic, and I like this one (shown below — endlessly versatile!) if you’re not super into monograms.  What I love about all of these styles is that you just need to give them a quick rinse down and you’re done.  Plus, it helps contain the mess and prevents me from leaving my drippy spoon on the wood dining table.

The Fashion Magpie Mini Tray

Pick No. 8: The Play Tent

I am legitimately dying over these kids’ play tents ($159).  What phenomenal colors/prints!  Would look so adorable in a nursery or playroom.

The Fashion Magpie Kids Play Tent 2 The Fashion Magpie Kids Play Tent

Pick No. 9: The New Interior Design Book

I’ve been thinking a lot about interior design lately, and I recently read about Tom Scheerer and was smitten with his designs (see below).  I love the way he blends styles — so unconventional.  He doesn’t have a “look”; it’s always some fresh new blend.  I mean, take a look at (top pick) those traditional audubon bird prints mixed in with a hipster Moroccan rug, a beachy white slipcovered couch, old-fashioned upholstered stools by the fire, and then the cabin-y look of the pine ceiling!  WHAT THE WHAT!  I think I need his book!

The Fashion Magpie Tom Scheerer 1 The Fashion Magpie Tom Scheerer 2 The Fashion Magpie Tom Scheerer 3

Pick No. 10: The Sanitizers

With mini getting sick, then Mr. Magpie and I both catching whatever she had, and then her nanny falling ill to the same thing (ugh), we feel like a germ factory over here.  I put a big hand sanitizer pump by the front door and then also ordered these packs pre-emptively for our trip to FL after Eva Chen recommended them.  She does round-ups of her favorite products on occasion and these were listed in her “how to travel with children” list.  (I have some thoughts on how to travel with babies, but trust that will change as she grows…)  She said to vigorously wipe down the plane seats, buckles, trays, etc before settling in.  My mom does the same thing.  NOTED.  But also — this is the chic-est hand sanitizer I’ve ever seen!!!



  1. You know that VEEP is the USA version of the old UK TV show “In the thick of it” – same writer also.
    Also same for Game of Cards your USA version is based on the very old UK version- written by Michael Dobbs (now Lord Dobbs) Margaret Thatchers old Chief of Staff.

    1. No worries! I know, sometimes it’s a little glitch-y. Now I’m twice as inspired to buy it 🙂

  2. Try the Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint as well as the Dior. I used the Dior for years and recently converted to the BB for two reasons: 1) the BB moisturizes way better (IMO) and 2) the Dior has a tendency to turn a very very bright pink if you apply it more than once a day, whereas the BB stays a “my lips but better color” every single time you apply, no matter how many times per day.

  3. Try the Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint too. It’s similar to the Dior, but way better (IMO) for a couple reasons: 1) I think the BB moisturizes way better and 2) the BB has a “my lips but better” tint to it every time you reapply, whereas the Dior turns a very very hot pink after the second reapply.

    1. Wow! Good to know. I’m a huge fan of every product I’ve ever tried of BB’s, so this sounds like it’s right up my alley. Thanks for writing! xx

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