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The Best Things I Bought in October.

I talked a big game about these Tory Burch heels, which I pre-ordered from Moda Operandi right off the runway earlier this year, and which just arrived and are too big (GRRRRR) for my pixie feet, even in the smallest size available (size 5).  ARGH.  I am so annoyed.  I was literally waiting all season for these!  (Although, there are lots of other options along the same lines…)  I’m debating whether to try to put foot petals in the toe bed, which have the added benefit of making too-big shoes a little snugger, or returning them because they are going to be slipping off the back of my heel all season long…

Maybe one door closes, and another opens, and now I think I might take the plunge on these instead, although now I’m having a hard time finding a size 35/5 in those, too!  Who are these small-footed chic peas who are stealing all the good footwear?

And by stealing, I mean overspending, like me, on fancy footwear.

SO, those heels *were* a good buy, but they didn’t feet mah damn feet.

Below, a few other favorite snags over the last month:

+I love love love this sweater cape.  The design is actually very clever — your arms go through the little space between the buttons.

+I’m very into my new face routine — this cream is heavenly, this micellar water leaves my skin completely clear at the end of the day, and this relatively well-priced eye cream is MAGIC.  I love the consistency — cooling, soothing, gel-like — and I swear it does brighten the area.

+I feel like I’m constantly cleaning these days — maybe I’m overly and unnecessarily concerned with the gritty/dirty New York streets, but I’m mopping the floors nightly, scrubbing bathroom surfaces with these (flushable!), and wiping down minimagpie’s toys and activity center and stroller with these at least once a day.  I’m also thinking about ordering some of these to keep our shoes looking fresh amidst the city grime!

+Very much enjoying this book in the handful of minutes I have to read here and there…suffice to say, I did not make it very far in my October reading list.  But, a full report to come soon!

+Cannot waitttt to wear this to a holiday party.

+Not a recent purchase, but heavily used lately: I found that I was getting super light-headed and dizzy (no joke!) while unpacking boxes and moving items around our apartment this week and have found that keeping a water bottle at my side is really helpful.  I love this one because I can drink from it one-handed thanks to the sport nozzle — handy when minimagpie is on my hip or I’m traipsing around my neighborhood with the stroller.  But this one, a gift from a dear friend, is pretty.  Also, in case you were wondering, this is the best travel coffee mug of all time.  (Would make a great gift!)  It keeps coffee super hot for hours and hours, and it has a nice “flow” when you drink from it.

P.S.  More of my favorite daily-use items — not particularly glam, but tried-and-true with the Magpie stamp of approval.


  1. Too bad about the Tory heels! They are cuuuuute. I am reading your blog posts in order (only on November 6, haha!) so you may have already answered this, but did you find a suitable replacement?

    Re: cleaning — I definitely know how you feel; I felt like I was doing the same when I lived in New York. One rule I instituted, which seemed to help, was never wearing outdoor shoes inside. I had a few pairs of slippers I would only wear indoors, and only wear my real shoes outside of my apartment. This is probably pretty obvious/you may well already do it, but it seems like it might help cut down on the need to mop every day!

    1. I did! I got the Aquazzura “powder puff” pom shoes. No velvet bow, but velvet and dramatic nonetheless. YES. We have become a no-shoes-inside fam.

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