When “The Royal Tenenbaums” first came out (while I was in high school), it was lost on me.  I didn’t like the deadpan, styled “cool” it projected, and I felt annoyed by friends who flocked to its quirkiness with a certain smug sense of understanding, as if by liking the movie, they were joining some cultured club of movie-goers.

{Poster by Etsy storefront British Indie — available for $16}

While I still shy from its stand-off-ish, flat texture, many years of watching terrible movies has led me to appreciate the Tenenbaums‘ novelty, creative scripting, and attention to detail.  But moreso than anything, the movie is exquisitely styled, and Margot may well be the most distinctively designed character in recent movie history.  So today, an ode to Ms. Tenenbaum.

Flat-ironed bob and all.  Gotta love her.  Let’s begin with the major character coordinates.  First: a big white tub.

You’ll need a nude slip ($195), a mess of bobby pins, and a pink rotary phone to complete the look ($59):

A long fur coat ($2,500) is a must —

— as are gloves ($280) and an Hermes Kelly bag (ha — or something comparable, like this $985 Alexander Wang “Pelican Bag,” available for pre-order…MAN, does Wang put out a nice handbag!):

Of course, it wasn’t all mink and Hermes for Margot.  She had an incredible preppy New York look going on in her downtime — Lacoste polos ($89) and leather loafers galore (Tods, how I love thee — $495 — but…these leather variations from TopShop might do the trick in a pinch for only $90).  Plus, this sporty tote has Margot written all over it.

And isn’t this Olympics-esque bathing suit by Moncler (ps, I need to invest in one of their down coats for these Chicago winters) a natural fit for her ($218) to boot?!

She’d totally rock it out.  This kitschily-designed table tennis set also seems appropriate for her (available by haunting around on eBay…)

And, for casual daywear, don’t forget a throw-and-go polo dress (Carven, on sale for $172)!

Of course, terry cloth wristbands ($12 for set) and a classic Gucci tote ($1,090) would be the perfect additions:

Finally, I’ll end this little imaginative fashion romp with this INCROYABLE SPREAD (!!!!) of Anouck Lepere by David Burton that may or may not have inspired this post.  I came across this series several months ago, and it’s sort of haunted/inspired me since, especially as we head into fall.  So many of the silhouettes and 70s shapes make me want cooler weather, even if the subject is a summer sport.

It’s SO well-styled.  And SO Margot Tenenbaum.  Lovesies.

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