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10 Picks for a Tuesday.

My latest finds on this Tuesday:

Pick No. 1: The HVN Bucket Bag.

I am still waiting for the arrival of this inexpensive Gap steal (shipping is s-l-o-w), but I recently came across these darling faux fur bucket bags (seen above and below) from label HVN, whose dresses I absolutely adore.

The Fashion Magpie Fur Bag 1

Pick No. 2: The Quick Read: Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty.

OK, I am dying to read something thrilling and delicious and I cannot wait to get my paws on this book, from the author of Pretty Little Lies, which was just released last week!  Is this enough of a teaser for ya?: “Nine people gather at a remote health resort. Some are here to lose weight, some are here to get a reboot on life, some are here for reasons they can’t even admit to themselves. Amidst all of the luxury and pampering, the mindfulness and meditation, they know these ten days might involve some real work. But none of them could imagine just how challenging the next ten days are going to be.”

The Fashion Magpie Nine Perfect Strangers

Pick No. 3: The Black & Decker Hand Mixer.

I already own a hand mixer from Kitchenaid (mine is pink) and I have to say I use it far more frequently than I do my heavy stand mixer.  This is in large part owing to the fact that we don’t have the counter space to keep our mixer out on display (and easy to access), so using the mixer is a commitment.  (It’s heavy!)  If I can possibly get away with it, I’ll use my Kitchenaid, which has never given me any reason for complaint — but I have to say that this Black & Decker is getting rave reviews and costs about half the price!  I appreciate that it comes with a little bin attachment so you can store your attachments in it and also have it stand up straight/slide into a cabinet more neatly.  A small thing but — how annoying is it to have that bulky stand mixer with the cord dangling out in the back of a pantry cabinet?  This would be a fantastic addition to your kitchen if you are an occasional baker, or if you’ve wanted a mixer but lack the space.  Would also be a fantastic gift for a college or post-college child/friend/nephew/niece/cousin who enjoys baking.

The Fashion Magpie Black and Decker Hand Mixer

Pick No. 4: The Baby/Toddler Faux Fur Vest.

Do you follow the FashionBugBlog on Instagram?  She is fantastically stylish and I love the way she dresses her babies — often topped off with a faux fur vest (as seen below).  Her babes are usually wearing pricey pieces from Belle Enfant (these, shown below), but I found a couple of more realistically priced alternatives: this one by Tartine et Chocolat (love the bow!), this reversible style, this Zara steal, and this Jacadi.

The Fashion Magpie Fur Vest


Pick No. 5: The Sweater Dress.

In part inspired by some of the Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini picks I’ve been drooling over lately (like this!; see more of my picks from this must-have label in the post-script here!), I did a quadruple take when I walked by Sandro the other day and spotted this elegant sweater dress.  I would love to wear this with oversized pearl earrings to a fall gathering with friends!  So chic.  (And mini can coordinate with this!)  And P.S. — Check out the Sandro section, which is stock full of insane finds at great prices, like this ladylike cardigan for Charlotte York vibes, this lace-front dress (the price!!!), and this gorgeous lace blouse.

The Fashion Magpie Sandro Sweater Dress

Pick No. 6: The Cashmere Joggers.

I wrote a lot about Everlane’s cashmere joggers last season, but they sold out in my size and then a couple of you wrote in to say that you weren’t nuts about the fit, so I deferred.  I’m still intrigued because I love their cashmere crewnecks!  And wouldn’t you love to look like this on a travel day???  (I’m thinking specifically of our road trip to D.C. for Christmas.)

The Fashion Magpie Cashmere Joggers

A girlfriend of mine said she loves her Theory cashmere joggers so much that she ordered them in triplicate, even though it was a huge splurge.  She was worried they’d sell out and never be re-made — so she still has a pair with tags on “for back ups!”  Pretty rousing recommendation if you ask me.  Other options:

+Total splurge would be these RLs in the baby blue — to die.

+Bargain buy: these from H&M.

+Middle of the road: these in the navy!

+Non-cashmere: eyeing these waffle knit joggers and these Eberjeys for the ultimate in coziness.

P.S.  For the babes: I ordered this gray cashmere crewneck for mini IMMEDIATELY.  Will look so cute over a peter pan collar onesie and underneath a little gray fur vest (see above)!  Also available: coordinating baby joggers.

P.P.S.  These cable knit socks also look insanely comfortable.

Pick No. 7: Becca Under Eye Primer.

I have been losing a lot of sleep lately for some reason.  (Here are my top tips for sleeplessness!)  My exhaustion was compounded by daylight saving’s time, and I was reaching in my cosmetics bag for my heavy-duty undereye concealer (this is, like, stage paint, and it works like a charm — but it’s SUPER thick!).  I then heard about Becca’s anti-fatigue undereye primer thanks to a rave review from a makeup artist.  #orderedonthespot #staytunedforfullreport.

The Fashion Magpie Becca Undereye Primer

Pick No. 8: Christmas Candy Ornaments.

I mentioned this in my post on decorating your home for the holidays, but even though I try to buy one special ornament each year, I will also occasionally buy inexpensive sets as “fillers.”  I found my filler set for 2018: these adorable candy-shaped ornaments, available in hot pink, red, or pale pink.

The Fashion Magpie Peppermint Christmas Ornaments 3

The Fashion Magpie Peppermint Christmas Ornaments 1 The Fashion Magpie Peppermint Christmas Ornaments 2

Pick No. 9: Grasscloth Console.

How impossibly chic is this grasscloth console?  It’s available in tons of colors.  Would be a fun way to liven up an entryway in maybe emerald green or Hermes orange.  And speaking of interiors: how incredible is this cowhide chair?!  I like the idea of using them as dining table chairs!

The Fashion Magpie GrassclothConsole Table

Pick No. 10: The Teddy Coat.

I’ve featured a range of different teddy coat options over the past few weeks (a number of them here), but I have slowly honed in on this Madewell find.  Why?  I like the collarless style — a lot of the alternates I’ve seen have big floppy collars that look a little costume-y to me.  And I love the banded wrists, which somehow temper the oversizedness of the statement and bring the look out of the 70s into 2018.  This white sherpa variation is TO DIE.  Love the leather trimming.  And — bargain buy — check out this steal!

The Fashion Magpie Madewell Teddy Coat


P.S.  Mini is…not so into wearing her gloves.  I looked into versions with velcro that could be cinched around the wrist but all I could find were ginormous nylon ski mitts.  I snapped up these in the vintage white color, as I think the ribbing around the wrist might help them stay in place if I pull them up and over the cuff of her coat.  Also, remember my whole round-up of kids coats?  Now that it’s truly cold, I am leaning towards this Patagonia in the spiced coral color.  It’s supposed to be one of the warmest coats out there and I trust Patagonia.  I wish it came in a white/ivory color, but…eh well.  (Note that you can get 20% off any full-priced item on this site with code Take20November!  Might be a good time to snag this fleece, which mini has been wearing daily.)  The other option I am seriously considering is this in the white color.

P.P.S.  Love notes to a friend, practical boots for winter, and a tribute to a surprising favorite in my wardrobe.


  1. Ahh, that Madewell teddy coat is still haunting my dreams! I only wish the hue were sliiiightly lighter. Have you seen it in person?

    I’m still lusting after a faux-sherpa coat from small NYC label Loup. I may finally grab it closer to Christmas, if it’s still available … it was 30% off for Black Friday but I have so many gifts to buy that it felt irresponsible spending money on a coat I don’t really need. #responsibility

    Love that HVN furry bag, too! xo

    1. Oooh, I am familiar with Loup and that coat is adorable!! I hear you. It felt overly indulgent to buy things for myself when there was so much shopping to do…

  2. I swear by Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector, I keep it in my purse at all times for an instant eye lift, so I’m very intrigued by this under eye primer! If you love it, please let us know!

  3. Jen, I’m so far behind on your blog (and life). My apologies for the onslaught of comments tonight eeeeeek!
    I’m uninspired by toddler girls winter coats this year. My son has worn Boden and Patagonia coats for the past two years. Great quality, great colors, and kept him warm in Boston winters. However, their girl selection underwhelms me.
    I ended up buying my gal G this Gap puffer/sherpa lined coat in the navy with floral pattern with the pre-black friday 50% off sale:
    I like it but don’t love it… but needed something to put on her body!

    1. Anna – Never apologize! I love all of your comments, whether they arrive in dribs and drabs or all-at-once-on-a-Thursday. I hear you on the toddler coat quandary. Nothing was knocking me out so I went with tried-and-true Patagonia, which will keep her warm and stand the test of time I am sure. The Gap one is darling though!


  4. I fully purchased the Gap furry bag after seeing it here, but now I think I need that leopard print one!
    All of these other picks are wonderful. You honestly have the best eye.

  5. These picks – LOVE! Putting that book on my list immediately (so intriguing!) and those candy ornaments. So cute. Quick tip – I THINK that mixer is on GMA Steals and Deals today. I already have a hand mixer (still in the box, oops) or else I’d go for it. xo

    1. Yes! Keep me posted on whether you like the book. I’m holding it as a prize for getting through my current read. Thanks for sharing the tip on the hand mixer, too!! xo

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