A long-standing bugaboo between Mr. Magpie and I is my use of the phrase “fruit cup.” He insists that “fruit cup” can only refer to those pre-packaged Dole containers filled with syrupy, soupy lumps of colorful…stuff (is it really fruit??), and that the correct term for a bowl of sliced fruit is “fruit salad.” Which is […]

I am a selective splurger.  I will typically save up and buy a new pair of statement shoes once a season (just pulled the trigger on these after drooling over them, and the big bow trend more generally — eep!  September can’t come soon enough!); a fab designer dress for a special occasion every few months (which […]

Wunderlist tells me we have completed 53 to-dos under the “MiniMagpie” category.  The three left un-ticked (“order announcements!”; “add you to our insurance policy!”; “remind grandparents about TDAP!”) will be completed after your birth. I see your bassinet first thing every morning.  It has been sitting empty, clean-sheeted, anxious for your arrival, in our bedroom for four […]

Heads up: there’s a giveaway still raging on yesterday’s #minimagpie post for these Sweet N Swag infant mocs!  Just leave a comment + follow me on Insta and you’ll be entered! So, #Minimagie threw us for a loop when she decided to flip around to a breech position (head up instead of head down) in week 36. […]