Happy Sunday, chickadees!  We are having gorgeous weather here in Chicago and it’s making me want to wear all the floral dresses…taking major inspo from this stunning street style snap: My Latest Score I wore this dramatically-sleeved Zara top ($49) to date night with Mr. Magpie last Friday.  We left minimagpie at home with our […]

My parents renewed their vows on their 25th wedding anniversary nearly a decade ago.  At the reception following the ceremony, my father tapped his glass, turned to my mother, and professed his love to her in front of his family and friends, leaning heavily–improbably–on the words of country singer Alan Jackson.  While I mentioned earlier […]

I ran a post on “the last 10 things I bought” a couple months ago and a few of you mentioned that you really enjoyed seeing what I’d bought + loved recently, since I feature so many products on this bloglet.  I thought I’d share my favorite recent purchases–most of them MAJOR budget buys!–and some of […]

Wunderlist tells me we have completed 53 to-dos under the “MiniMagpie” category.  The three left un-ticked (“order announcements!”; “add you to our insurance policy!”; “remind grandparents about TDAP!”) will be completed after your birth. I see your bassinet first thing every morning.  It has been sitting empty, clean-sheeted, anxious for your arrival, in our bedroom for four […]

I attended a Jewish bris for the first time in my life the weekend before last.  I was so moved by the ceremony, and by my dear friend, the new mother to the beautiful newborn at the center of it all, who, after the ritual was complete, tried to say a few words, and then held […]

I am trying to exercise serious restraint when it comes to minimagpie’s wardrobe, but…it’s a whole new world for me and there are so many absolutely gorgeous pieces ripe for the picking.  A friend of mine was asking how I planned to “style” minimagpie — and it occurred to me that I’ve been gravitating towards […]

With no preamble, my latest obsessions… I am loving big florals RN.  I hadn’t realized it until I drew up this luscious list of girly, romantic finds, but those dramatic floral prints were really calling my name.  I just recently stumbled upon this insane dress ($390) from Alice McCall and instantly imagined myself in it […]

I think this will be my last post about Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement (already shared some thoughts on it, sorrrryyyyy), but I was fascinated by this op-ed piece by Leandra Medine of the blog Man Repeller in reaction to it.  And even more fascinated by her subsequent apology/update in response to the many comments (ranging from thoughtful to […]

I alluded to this recently, but one of the biggest micro-trends over the past season or two has been embroidered detailing–specifically, embroidery that looks hand-stitched on the breast pocket of a tee-shirt.  The look first caught fire thanks to uber hip line La Ligne and their “I’m with La Bande” tee ($115), which has been spotted on […]

{SURPRISE!  Magpie got a little facelift today.  Thoughts?  Tell me what you think!} When Mr. Magpie and I were discussing potential names for #minimagpie, one of our criteria was that her name had to sound like it belonged to “a woman of substance.”  I’m not sure where I found this phrase, but Mr. Magpie and I both agreed […]