A long-standing bugaboo between Mr. Magpie and I is my use of the phrase “fruit cup.” He insists that “fruit cup” can only refer to those pre-packaged Dole containers filled with syrupy, soupy lumps of colorful…stuff (is it really fruit??), and that the correct term for a bowl of sliced fruit is “fruit salad.” Which is […]

I ran a post on “the last 10 things I bought” a couple months ago and a few of you mentioned that you really enjoyed seeing what I’d bought + loved recently, since I feature so many products on this bloglet.  I thought I’d share my favorite recent purchases–most of them MAJOR budget buys!–and some of […]

Home Alone is, quite possibly, my favorite movie of all time. (Well…certainly my favorite Christmas movie; I think I reserve the title of “all time favorite movie” for When Harry Met Sally — THE wittiest repartee, THE sweetest love story.  Nora Ephron at her finest.)  One of my favorite random throwaway lines in Home Alone, though, […]

Heads up: there’s a giveaway still raging on yesterday’s #minimagpie post for these Sweet N Swag infant mocs!  Just leave a comment + follow me on Insta and you’ll be entered! So, #Minimagie threw us for a loop when she decided to flip around to a breech position (head up instead of head down) in week 36. […]