{january 2012 covets}

{holy cuteness — january 30, p.m.}

As you know, I try to keep lean on the content focus here at TFM, only featuring items pertaining to fashion, beauty, and home-styling, but…then I saw this adorable little shot on Tumblr and had to share it with someone.  Do you not DIE over the preciousness of this little bebe?  OMG, so so so sweet.  I want to just pinch his little cheeks.

{by gillian — january 30, p.m.}

Loving and living for the breezy pastel separates from designer Gillian Tennant.  So artful and feminine.  Must have that blouse…

{the right equipment — january 30, a.m.}

I’ve been holding out for so long, but I finally think I need to pull the trigger and buy an Equipment blouse.  They have the best colors and patterns and are made of the loveliest silk you can imagine.  Who is with me?

{that bag — january 27, a.m.}

There are a bajillion and one bags I want — the Celine Boston, the Alexander Wang Emile (and Prisma), the Chanel 2.55, etc., etc.  The list goes on.  One that I’ve not yet featured enough is the Hermes Constance, illustrated so beautifully by the terribly talented Teri Chung.  {May or may not have spent half the day drooling over her work.}

{image via Teri Chung}

{soo. — january 26, p.m.}

Loving these cuffs by Soo Ihn Kim ($58).  That is all.  I want one in each color.  Or maybe two in each color, so I can do the whole Wonder Woman thing.

{note to self. — january 26, p.m.}

We all find ourselves in times of stress and transition, and this lovely little hand-scriped note from calligrapher Lila Symons arrested my attention for that reason.  Love to you all!

{arrow up — january 26, p.m.}

I’m in love with this adorable pair of arrow necklaces ($190 for the set) from Concierge Couture.  I’m kind of a sucker for anything old-school, and since I used to wear friendship necklaces {you know — the kind with the heart charm that’s split in two, and each friend wears a half around her neck?}, these feel like a major throwback.  Heartsies.  Much love to Beth Beattie, who collaborated with her sister and brother to create this necklace duo {love a family affair!}, for alerting me to them!

{the good ol ampersand — january 25, p.m.}

I feel like the ampersand is having a major moment right now.  {The plain old “plus” sign is probably suffering from a serious inferiority complex.}  I say this because two cool little boutiques are offering prints of the symbol right now — Super Rural has a letterpressed neon pink style with a heart flourish (love the oversized scale — 20×20! — $50) while Shop Ampersand has these awesome neon pink and yellow styles in a more traditional font up for grabs ($22 each).  I clearly had to have the pink ampersand for more budding gallery wall.

{sketch — january 25, p.m.}

Holy macaroon.  Check out these phenomenal fashion sketches from the unbelievably talented Bernadette Pascua.  I seriously want to buy one of each and cover every single one of my walls with them.  Her personal blog is just as inspiring as you’d guess — full of sketches and color and snapshots.  I’m an insta-convert.

{scripted — january 25, p.m.}

If I could have one of my mother’s bajillion secret talents, it would be to write calligraphy.  I mean, seriously — what an amazing skill to have.  She hand addressed all of my wedding invitations in her lovely script.  As you can probably tell from that rambling sequence of thoughts, I’ve always had a thing for fonts and scripts, so when I discovered that Louise Fili {what a freaking genius — check out the other work she’s done} partnered up with Steven Heller to create a book on scripts, I was instantly dying.  AND…into the Amazon cart you go.

{my initial thought was… — january 24, p.m.}

Loving these initial necklaces from Lulu Frost ($385 apiece).  Personal jewelry is so lovely and heirloom-worthy.

I’d get the J.  {Duh.}  But it also occurred to me that it would be cute to get one featuring Mr. Magpie’s first initial.  He’s out of town at the moment, and I hate it.  I’d love the thought of keeping him close to my heart with one of these badboys.

{confection — january 24, p.m.}

Louis Vuitton’s frothy, ethereal Spring 2012 collection was pure inspiration.  In my opinion, it totally set the tone for what’s hot for spring: pastels and retro 50s details. Plus, having Kate Moss {first snap below} walk the runway is pure magic.  See more here and here.  And P.S.  — yes, that is a carousel in the background.  Only LV would cue up a full-on carousel for the occasion.

{movie magic — january 23, p.m.}

I died when I saw this editorial for Elle Italia featuring model Anouck Lepere as Richie Tenenbaum {from The Royal Tenenbaums, which my brother, a true arbiter of all things artistic and literary, describes as “the perfect movie”}.  LOVE.  What a fabulous inspiration point.  Of course, nothing will ever compare to Gwyneth’s portrayal, but…the styling here is right on point, and Anouck is just  I also love that name, Anouck — it was very popular when I lived in Lyon, and I’ve always found it sort of appealing in an oddball way.

{cool beans — january 20, a.m.}

Ah, to be a gifted crafty type.  I sometimes think I am, but I’m really not.  I’m good at baking, but that’s about where the creativity ends in terms of Stewartry {Stewartry = noun, the art of being Martha Stewart-like}.  My mother in law is BANANAS, on the other hand.  She makes her own drapery, creates the most fantastic tablescapes, and wraps each gift she gives like it’s an art form.  I long to be that way.  So when I saw this crafty little demon {the bloggerina behind eponymously-labeled blog Elise Blaha} whipping up these enormous script-covered canvases, I half-thought: “OMG, I could totally do that.”  Then I imagined the shoddy end product I would probably yield and shied away.  Now am on a hunt for an Etsy seller that will do the dirty work for me…

{a moment.  — january 20, a.m.}

No post today — sorrrryyy.  Last night I had every intention of sitting down with a glass of wine to watch my guilty pleasures {American Idol and The Jersey Jerz — I know, I’m lame} while blogging but suddenly found myself in the kitchen for 4 hours straight, decorating cupcakes for a co-worker, baking a blueberry coffee crumb cake {recipe here} for breakfast for our out-of-town weekend guests, and putting together a curry potato salad for the dinner I’m serving tonight {oven-friend chicken, curried potato salad, biscuits, and what Mr. Magpie calls “popped collards” since he’s a prepster — gotta love that Southern cookin!}.  Somehow these projects did not seem like they would take that long, but thenitwasmidnight, and I was still somehow standing over the stove.  Not complaining — cooking = therapy for me — but.  There it is.  A long-winded way of saying: no post.  Instead, join me in wishing you had the street cred to pull this leather-and-denim look off.  And yes, that coat is Balmain circa 2009/10.  And yes, she’s still rocking it.

{image via Caroline’s Mode}

{half and half — january 19, p.m.}

Honestly, the snap below {from H&M originally, but magpied from Tumblr — and yes, I’m trying to make “magpie” a verb} summarizes my styling aesthetic at its very core.  Mix 1 part preppy/classic/ladylike with 1 part trendy/updated/bold = one very happy Magpie.

{don’t have to tell me twice — january 19, p.m.}

Loving this notebook from Smythson {conveniently on sale for $55}.  The message on the front resonates deeply right now, as I feel like the luckiest little lady on the earth thanks to my wonderful husband and my lovely Magpie readers.  LOVE you all.

{on the dl — january 19, a.m.}

Ooh la la — 50% off three of Deborah Lippmann’s sparkly shades {Across the Universe, Happy Birthday, and Today Was a Fairytale} with coupon code GMA.  Don’t miiiind if I do.  Always room for a little glitter in my life.

{take a seat — january 19, a.m.}

LOVE these boldly upholstered armchairs ($500 each, Name Design Studio).  Mr. Magpie have talked for some time about swapping out two of the chairs in our dining room set for a pair of upholstered Parson’s style chairs to sit a both heads of the table.  This is really pushing me over the edge…

{a bold toe — january 19, a.m.}

I’m loving the contrast of a textured, organic-looking wheat color with a pop of cap-toed neon.  Check out these pointy-toed lovelies from Ann Taylor ($158, but they’re running a 30% off promo with code SPRING30) or these uber-affordable round-toed styles from Old Navy ($23!  What a steal!)

{blog crush — january 18, p.m.}

There is something about the Rockstar Diaries blog that is entirely captivating.  I find myself voraciously reading through archives from time to time — something about the blogger’s transparent joie de vivre, her pride in her precious little baby {soon to be babies}, and the fact that she rocks the geek chic Jenna Lyons look {see below} like it’s nobody’s business make her blog impossible to stop reading.   Enjoy.  Especially if you’re having a slow day at work…

{image via Rockstar Diaries}

{woolfing it down — january 18, p.m.}

{No idea what the heading of this little post means — it just flew onto the page with reckless abandon.  Sorry.}  But I had to share these beautifully-designed Penguin Classic versions of Virginia Woolf’s novels.  Woolf happens to be one of my favorite authors of all time — Mrs. Dalloway and To the Lighthouse are just exquisite, and, in my opinion, rival or exceed the inventive work of some of the other high modernists, who tend to earn more attention and acclaim (James Joyce, T.S. Eliot, etc.).  I still {rather romantically, or old-fashioned-ly} subscribe to the Modernist vision of the artist, who creates provisional order using the tools and media at his or her disposal in order to stave off a world seemingly gone to ruins.  I love that constructivist credo.

{jewels — january 18, a.m.}

Loving these funky necklaces from Mariska Haskell. I’m especially fond of the La Paz ($99) and the Cairo ($170).  Also, I’m slowly converting to the idea of turquoise, which I used to think was for crazy old cat ladies {sorry, but true} — but the necklaces hanging to the far left and far right are so chic!

{seriously siriano — january 18, a.m.}

Christian Siriano’s latest collection {see it in its entirety here} totally, completely blew me away.  Talk about having his finger to the pulse — the colors are pitch-perfect and right on point: poppy orange, acid green, strawberry pink.  And the shapes are infinitely wearable.  Love.  LOVE.  That floor-length yellow number is too good to be true.

{images via}

{tee hee — january 17, p.m.}

A little sartorial sarcasm for your afternoon delight — check out these cheeky totes from Maude & Tilda ($45/pop).

{merrick merit — january 17, a.m.}

WOAH.  Absolutely dying/drooling all over the entire Heidi Merrick collection.  Who is this genius and how did she know everything on my fashion wishlist for this spring and create it so quickly?!  Bold colorblocked looks in melon and tangerine, accented with black?!  Love the shapes and styles seen below, but especially the “neapolitan dress” featured far left below ($437) and the “kissing shirt” (tangerine-and-black blouse), available for $262.  Eeee!

{monogram addict — january 17, a.m.}

I’ll be the first to admit that I am obsessed with my own monogram.  I wish I could monogram every article of clothing I wear.  Overkill?  Yes.  So please forgive me for featuring these darling monogrammed lampshades, which would look darling in a child’s nursery ($89, Shades of Light):

{is it february yet? — january 16, p.m.}

I’m seriously looking forward to February.  Not only will it mean VALENTINE’S DAY, but it will also see the launch of the Jason Wu for Target collection, which I am eagerly anticipating.  I’m especially loving the lace-trimmed trench and that marigold-black color-block dress.  See all of the looks here, and then get ready to log on to Target the morning of February 8th, credit card in hand.  I’m anticipating Missoni-like sell-out.

{flaminGO — january 16, p.m.}

I’m always looking for new pieces to add to my expanding gallery wall, and this funky flamingo giclee ($145, Everything Begins) has my name written all over it.

{more neon, neon — january 16, a.m.}

I just can’t get enough of the neon trend at the moment, so I had to share UH-MAY-ZING Etsy retailer RocksPaperMetal with y’all on this blustery Monday morning.  (It was 24 degrees when I left home today.  Boo.)  One way to banish the winter weather?  With some of RocksPaperMetal’s neon statement pieces – – love that they deliver The Look of a neon Dannijo, Noir Jewelry, or Shourouk piece, but without the hefty price-tag (prices range from the $20s-$40s).  I really must have the following items.  Like, yesterday.

{insta-classic — january 13, p.m.}

I’m sadly pathetic at sticking to that whole “buy only high quality items that you will wear time and time again” adage.  I usually go all out for colorful, frou-frou items that make my heart race instead.  It can be so boring to drop your money on a black sweater — I’d much rather spend it on some hot pink ankle-breaking shoes.  SO.  I awm eternally grateful to my lovely Magpie Mother, who just bought me this J. Crew blazer, which I’ve wanted for months and months.  Now I can join the ranks of these chic peas:

I’m already planning 3948 outfits centered upon my new navy blazer, but I’m especially excited at the idea of wearing it olive green, white, and denim.  Heartsies.  Thanks, Mamacita!

{jolly giles — january 12, p.m.}

Ah, the things you learn on Tumblr.  How cool is this: designer Giles Deacon created prints for his fall 2012 collection using an iPad app and had them blown up on silk!  I would love to frame a little scrap of this fabric.  The colors and shapes are phenomenal!  Check out that little matador-type figure with the orange fur puffer and the little pom pom hat!  D.I.E.

{good fortune — january 12, p.m.}

Loving the pieces from Etsy storefront FORTUNE at the moment.  Well-priced, and each feels like a unique vintage find.   My favorites?   The “neon Egyptian” statement piece ($43),  the “avocado” necklace ($53), and the brass fan necklace ($37)

{necklace obsession — january 12, a.m.}

This chic pea is knocking it out of the park with her bold necklace and cobalt blue blouse, as captured by Lee Oliveira.  Obsessed with everything going on here.

{image via Lee Oliveira}

{knick-knack, paddywack — january 11, p.m.}

Did anyone else collect figurines when they were little?!  My sisters and I were obsessed with little knick-knacky porcelain statuettes and dolls, and would collect them and display them on the shelves of our bookcases.  Kinda weird/old granny-ish now that I think about it.  But this personal history explains why I was obsessed when I stumbled upon the porcelain collection from Herend USA, which includes these precious bulldog figures ($240 each, Herend).  They have all different animals, from crabs to chihuahuas.  Kinda want one to perch on the ever-increasing stack of papers, cut-outs, and lists on my desk…

{haute — january 11, a.m.}

How beautiful are these snaps from Mariano Vivanco’s shoot for Muse magazine?!  I love the retro feel to them — they look like magazine snaps from the 60s, featuring vintage Dior.  And Kendra Spears is just lovely.  {Discovered via Chic, Glamorous, and Splendid.}

{images via Chic, Glamorous, and Splendid}

{a day at the zoo — january 10, p.m.}

Loving these sweet, whimsical animal prints from illustrator Ping Zhu.  Mr. Magpie and I have been talking about getting a puppy for months now, and I’m obviously daydreaming about commissioning a cute little pup print of our little terrier-to-be.  {I think her name will be Southpaw since Mr. Magpie and I are both lefties!}  At any rate, Ping’s prints are available for $25 in his e-boutique.

{snow! — january 9, p.m.}

Uh-woah.  Just looked outside and it’s snowing!  This makes me happy.  I immediately pulled out my Tory Burch rabbit fur mukluks {find a similar pair here} and put them on.  Woot woot.

{puff — january 9, p.m.}

Sale alert: extra 30% off all final sale items at J. Crew with coupon code WINTER.  This is problematic/thrilling, because I’ve been wanting to buy the Wonderland Puffer (now around $50, with the coupon code discount!) all season…

{between the lines — january 9, p.m.}

When I took classes in France, I noticed that all of my Lyonnaise classmates took notes on graph paper rather than lined looseleaf.  I was an instant convert, in part because I have insane OCD hand-writing {super small, super tidy}, and in part because I felt like a Frenchie adopting that small practice.  So I was naturally overjoyed when I discovered these graph paper notebooks in these awesome near-neon hues from Writers Bloc ($16.50/notebook).  Done and done — perfect for keeping notes on future posts, making shopping lists, etc., and especially in conjunction with my uber fine-tipped Le Pens ($1 each, Amazon).

{chic pea du jour — january 9, p.m.}

I so appreciate the bold color-play in this festive fiesta of an outfit from bloggerina Jessica of Tuula {isn’t she exquisite?!  She totally has the Heidi Klum juice — cute/sweet while also sophisticated looking}.  I don’t know if I have the wherewithal to wear these shorts, but she’s totally rocking them.  Heartsies.

{images via Tuula}

{clean slate — january 9, a.m.}

I’m normally more of a color/print gal, but I’m absolutely drooling over this minimalist, gray-and-white-bedecked apartment.  The lighting, the clean lines, the judicious use of sparing gold accents.  Lovely.

{images via Residence}

{the new new — january 6, p.m.}

I have a problem when it comes to Alexander Wang’s handbags.  I…really do.  I’ve wanted the Emile for so long that I forgot to check out the rest of his phenom collection, and now I’m also HOH for the Prisma in the toffee color ($685).  The leather is so luxe, and the rose gold hardware is such an unexpected but lovely accent.  I tried it on in the Barney’s on M Street during my lunch break and was in awe of how awesomely chic I looked with it on.  Need.

{letterpress loon — january 6, a.m.}

Back when I was a bride, I was pretty much head over heels obsessed with all things letterpress.  I would have letterpressed every last item for the wedding if I’d had my way, but my mother drew the line at programs for the ceremony, thanks to their steep price-point and the fact that my mother insisted that people would just throw them away or forget to even pick them up in the first place.  Sigh, mothers are always right.  I purchased all of my stationery from the exquisitely talented Bella Figura.  Every now and then I scroll through their current offerings and swoon over everything.  Kind of like I did this a.m., when I was browsing the blog of esteemed Minneapolis-based letterpress design Studio on Fire, and saw THIS phenomenal little wedding suite.  DIE.  LOVE.  Whimsical and sophisticated at once?!  Who can beat it?!

{neon — january 6, a.m.}

I was just mentioning yesterday that I could not take my eyes off of J. Crew’s new garment-dyed toothpick skinnies.  Then, Samantha of CouldIHaveThat sealed the deal for me when I spotted her rocking the jeans in the neon persimmon hue.  I  And pairing them with that chambray top was jean-i-ous.

{kiss kiss — january 5, p.m.}

Loving these sweet little sketches from artist Emma Kisstina ($12-$30).  UGH, I’m trying to hold back from splurging on more items for my budding gallery wall, but one of these affordable prints would make a lovely addition…

{wild things — january 4, p.m.}

Love these calf-hair cuff bracelets ($16, Style By Marina).  I feel like a pop of leopard {in the form of this buckle bracelet} amidst a stack of gold bangles and my leather watch would serve as the perfect accents to my basic black work get-up.

{new toy — january 4, p.m.}

I mentioned in my post on Monday that Mr. Magpie surprised me with a new iPhone just a few days after Christmas!  It was the best belated gift a girl could ask for.  I’m not normally caught up in having the “new new” when it comes to technology.  In fact, I’m something of a luddite.  And I’d rather spend my money on clothes/jewelery/shoes I don’t need.  But my old clunky iPhone 3G was like a dinosaur.  I felt like it would make a creaking noise whenever I’d ask it to open an app.  My newbie is the coolest thing ever.  {The camera is phenom!}  I haven’t yet been able to commit to an iPhone cover {it feels like such a huge decision, and the options are endless!} so I eased myself in by instead purchasing a custom backdrop from McKinley Margo ($3.99).  Heartsies.

{not so mellow yellow — january 3, p.m.}

You may have noticed my not-so-subtle obsession with neon yellow these days.  {For example, check out the pops of day-glo citrus in my Stormy Weather post from last week.}  Also, see dress from {covet} entry below.  Hot chi mama.  And now, how obsessed are you with this little get-up on this street style maven?!  OMG, the sleeves!  The color!  The contrast with black!  YES.

{image via TheBerry}

{sunny side up — january 3, a.m.}

Very drawn to this playful little frock from Camilla and Marc ($660, Net-A-Porter).  The perfect bright little thing for a dreary, post-holiday January Tuesday.

{spoonful of sparkle — january 2, p.m.}

The sparkle-loving Magpie in me was instantly drawn to this set of shimmery teaspoons ($34 for set of 6, LeifShop).  Wouldn’t they be adorable as accent pieces for a quirky tea party?

{chic pea du jour — december 30, a.m.}

Loved the “Top 10 in Street Style for 2011” that Who What Wear issued this morning, and this minimalista {as snapped by talented street style photog Vanessa Jackman} caught my eye thanks to her simple and chic get-up.  And that hair!  Hot-chi-mama!

{chic pea du jour — december 29, p.m.}

Uh-woah.  This little outfit from bloggerina Ashley Madekwe of Ring My Bell stopped me dead in my tracks.  The red lip, the classic stripes, the mini Chanel, and those Zanotti booties?!  Too good to be true.  I wish I owned that little purselette…

{image via Ring My Bell}

{issa! — december 29, a.m.}

Ever since Kate Middleton wore an Issa dress to announce her engagement {she’s worn the designer a number of times hence as well}, the label has been making a pretty penny and enjoying a lot of celebrity love.  I’m no different.  I want something Issa, and I want it now.  This floor-length dress is my JAM.  I need it.  Check out its amazing backless sexiness.  Die.  This high-necked style is a little different for me, but also unexpectedly glam/sexy.  Imagine it with shoulder-grazing earrings and some amazing sexy heels.

{selfish.  — december 28, p.m.}

I feel sort of like a glutton talking about things I covet after my extravagant Christmas, which was full of beautiful and generous gifts from my loved ones.  However.  If I had a spare $570 laying around the house, I’d buy one of these Hermes bracelets so quick it’d make your head spin.

{chic pea du jour — december 28, p.m.}

New bloggerina crush alert: I’m majorly loving the styling gorgeousness over at Fash N Chips.  Check out these lovely snaps from today’s post below.  Has gray polish ever looked so chic?!

{images via Fash N Chips}

{mano a kimono — december 20, p.m.}

I just rediscovered this silky red kimono  ($45, Victoria’s Secret) a received as a gift at my Linen and Lingerie bridal shower nearly two years ago, and am confused as to why it took me two years to appreciate it.  It’s the perfect thing to throw on while getting ready for a night out, while putzing around the house, and when my ratty boxers are feeling a little…unkempt.  Love discovering things in my closet…

{feeling artful — december 19, p.m.}

If you’ve been reading TFM over the past few weeks, you will know that I’ve been slowly amassing works of art for a gallery wall in my apartment, and I just managed to snag a new addition by the ultra-talented Meg Biram.  You probably know her from her awesome blog, Mimi + Meg, but you may not be familiar with her eye-catching collection of artwork.  I’m especially in love with the watercolor I just picked up (seen below, but now sold out thanks to my purchase), which should introduce a lovely textural contrast to the wall.  So — check out the collection and swoon yourself…

{image via Meg Biram}

{more zigging — december 19, p.m.}

I’m pretty much beyond obsessed with chevron, as evidenced by this recent post, so this snapski from Jess LC of a chevron-patterened desk-top left me very visually satisfied.  And, lucky for us, the little gold pouchette ($30) featured below is up for grabs in a multitude of colors.

{a delicate matter — december 19, p.m.}

These delicate diamond bracelets by Poupette ($205 each) have captured my heart.  They are perfectly feminine — what a lovely, meaningful little gift.

{conVINCEd — december 16, a.m.}

Have you seen the new stuff from Vince?!  I’m dying.  I really need that collarless denim blouse ($225) and the LEATHER (! cool times 23988) blazer in that awesome buff hue.  (Currently costs $995.  Can it go on sale already?!)

{hair DO — december 15, p.m.}

LOVE the way her hair is styled in this snap, discovered on the WhoWhatWear blog.  If only I could get my long, straight hair to comply with my wishes.  Stubborn little magpie hair.  {Also, love the dramatic mascara.  Motto bene.}

{get ready to cry — december 15, p.m.}

Um.  May or may not have had to shut my office door in order to sob for a minute while watching this oh-so-moving video of a deaf baby boy who, through the miracle of a cochlear implant, was able to hear his mother for the first time.  I cannot stop watching/crying/snotting all over myself.  I love that his little pacifier falls out of his mouth in shock and then he just stares at his mom in glee and wonder.  AHHH.

{holla colla — december 14, p.m.}

Love these collar necklaces from Dannijo.  Wouldn’t they look amazing atop a simple crew-neck or a silky blouse?!  I’m uber-coveting it in the gold, which Dannijo has already sold out of on their site (however, I found it still available here for $498), but the silver is also pretty rad.  Santa, Baby…this is what I want under the tree.

{stamp of approval — december 12, p.m.}

Just stumbled upon these amazing customized self-inking stamps ($36-$60) from Etsy storefront Ampersandity, and really must invest in one for myself and Mr. Magpie.  How darling are they?!

{chic pea du jour — december 12, p.m.}

Woah.  Could not stop dying over this hot pink long-sleeved maxi dress.  I would, like, never pick it up off the rack, but Taylor of Sterling Style looks beyond in it.  The dress costed an affordable $100 but is {sadly} sold out, already.

{image via Sterling Style}

{no, but really.  cutest thing ever.  — december 9, p.m.}

Just a little treatski for this Friday p.m.  I’m dying.  Also, I’m angry at myself because I’ve been trying to eat healthily and low-carbily (?) all week, and I just feasted on Haribo for lunch.  Eh, well.  It’s the holidays.

{take me home, country roads — december 9, p.m.}

I’ve spent the better part of the last week dreaming about creating my own gallery wall, adorned with tons of cool little prints and paintings and framed goodies, after sourcing inspiration from here.  How awesome and beautiful and feminine!?  I’ve been flagging items I want left and right to add to my budding collection, which already includes a framed print from Inslee Haynes’ collection (one she designed after one of my styling posts!  I was so flattered!), a watercolor I found in a consignment shop in Georgetown, a white-framed mirror, and a print of a MAGPIE that one of my besties throughtfully gifted me for my birthday.  My first addition?  This letterpress “Virginny” print from Etsy storefront 1Canoe2 as I am, after all, a Wahoo:

Also comes in lots of other cities/states.  Heartsies!

{tassel hassle — december 8, a.m.}

Loving these tasseled danglers from Margaret Elizabeth ($68 a pair).  Wouldn’t they look super glam/chic with an LBD, big gold cuffs, and some black pumps?!

{shopaholism — december 7, a.m.}

Goody goody gumdrops.  I was dorkily thrilled to open my inbox this a.m. to find a series of J. Crew gift guides from celebs including Martha Stewart (essentially, my life guru, minus the whole prison stint).

I loved how Martha’s picks were so…Martha.  And it only made me want those stupid shearwaters all the more.  Dumb.

{louboutin love — december 6, p.m.}

Just because I love a pink Louboutin.  Snap this pair up here.  Perfection.

{a little artistic inspiration — december 6, p.m.}

Totally head over heels for this gold foil LOVE print I spotted in the Made By Girl boutique.  It’s $35 without the frame, and I am pretty much obsessing over the idea of hanging it inside a gold frame.

I first spotted this hanging on a gallery wall in the home of design genius Erika Brechtel of SmallShopStudio  as shown below, and was swooning all over myself.  How’s that for inspiration?!  Must…redecorate…now.

{images via SmallShopStudio}

{lunchtime leopard lust — december 6, p.m.}

I need this clutch ($68) from recently opened e-boutique C. Wonder.  That is all.

{fair leather friend — december 5, p.m.}

I’ve been toying with the idea of a leather skirt all season, and seeing it worn so chicly and approachably on lovely bloglet SeeJane, I may just have to pull the trigger.  She got hers for $298 at Madewell {still available in limited sizes here}, but it’s out in my size, so I’m still on the hunt…

{image from SeeJane}

{want more magpie covets?! — december 5, p.m.}

I’m flattered by the discovery that many of you love this {magpie covets} section of my little blogski, which started as a quick way to share  on-the-fly obsessions not particularly tied to anything else.  Want to see what else I have my eye on?  You can check out some of my top picks using the new shopping website Currently Obsessed.  Use access code: TheFashionMagpieObsessed.  There are only a limited number of invitations available using my access code above, so snap ’em up while they exist!  {See below for a screenshot of what this looks like.   Also, you can “stalk” other bloggers you follow — I love being able to see what Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific is about to snap up!}

{what a stud, part II — december 5, p.m.}

OF COURSE I spotted Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific wearing the heeled version of the studded Valentino tootsies I gushed over this past Friday!  {See post below.}  UGH!  Can I just go ahead and be her yet?!

{image via Atlantic-Pacific}

{what a stud — december 2, a.m.}

Weird.  These studded Valentino flats ($795, Net-A-Porter) are not even my style, but I’m totally drawn to them today.

Can you blame me?!  Chic pea of life Giovanna Battaglia sported them a season or two ago and totally made them ladylike and approachable.  {And that tiered dress!  Suh-woon!}

{inslee love — december 2, a.m.}

If you’ve been reading my blog for long enough, you know about fashion illustrator Inslee Haynes and my obsession with her sketches.  I actually had the rare fortune to meet the illustrator {a fellow Washingtonian!} and she was cute as a button and just as disgustingly talented as I’d expected.  One item I neglected to include in my “WRAPPED!” gift guides {here, here, and here} this year was Insee Haynes’ darling illustrations and notecards.  Snap up a set for a fellow fashion-lover here.

{sketch by Inslee Haynes}

{richie rich — december 1, p.m.}

Nicole Richie has been looking fab lately.  I love her smokey eyes — I’ve never experimented with liner under the eye, but I may just have to give it a whirl — and her hair is always bomb.  I was thrilled to see that the dress she’s sporting here {a little on the hippie dippie side, but I love the length and floatiness, and could totally see myself rocking it with nude pumps} is from her own Winter Kate selection and is available here for only $365!

{image from Vogue Diaries}

P.S.  Eee!  New {covets} page.  Check out the old ones {from the past few months!} here.

{check out more covets here}


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