I’m obsessing over this Tory Burch “Garden Party” mini ($250). Actually, I’m sorta dying over the WHOLE collection of pieces in this print.  I also love this sweet top and this longer dress style in the same print.  And this bikini!!!  Looks sort of like a higher end Lilly P. print, n’est-ce pas? Those BAGS!  OMG. […]

Hi pretties — Two little notes:  Some of you may have noticed my blog has been looking a little wonky in certain browsers this week.  I’m working on it, and please excuse it in the meantime.  [Grumble, grumble.] Also, I typically post minimagpie stuff on Thursdays, but I’m a little off schedule this week, so […]

A long-standing bugaboo between Mr. Magpie and I is my use of the phrase “fruit cup.” He insists that “fruit cup” can only refer to those pre-packaged Dole containers filled with syrupy, soupy lumps of colorful…stuff (is it really fruit??), and that the correct term for a bowl of sliced fruit is “fruit salad.” Which is […]

Though I generally gravitate towards the feminine (ahem, BOWS!), there’s a stubborn little boho streak that will rear its head every now and then, introducing confusion in my wardrobe.  (Sometimes I look at my closet and am tres confused by the miscellany of styles represented.)  I felt compelled to pull out all my boho-leaning pieces after […]

I’ve officially declared this season the season of the statement top.  One micro-trend within this broader fashion movement?  Bow embellishment.  This is a trend I heartily endorse — I’m obsessed with the femininity and frivolity of it.  And though I’ve already covered my obsession with the bow-topped mule, today, I thought I’d share my top […]

I’ve been spying a lot of joveralls (jean overalls) on bloggers and street style stars lately, but worn in a new, unexpected way: with frilly blouses or good girl loafers.  I dig, I dig. {All images, per usual, from Pinterest — with the exception of the last two, the first of which is from the blog […]

I am a selective splurger.  I will typically save up and buy a new pair of statement shoes once a season (just pulled the trigger on these after drooling over them, and the big bow trend more generally — eep!  September can’t come soon enough!); a fab designer dress for a special occasion every few months (which […]