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Sezane the Day.

My ten picks for the week, this time topped by the French line Sezane — are you familiar?

Pick No. 1: The Sezane Sweater

I’m obsessing over this chunky loose-weave sweater ($150) from very French label Sezane.  I love it in all the colors, but especially that petal pink!  Also — FRENCH GIRL BANGS OMG.   A sign, or what?!

The Fashion Magpie Sezane 2

Pick No. 2: The Juliska Belle Botanica Set

I’m flipping out over this flora-and-fauna Juliska set ($98 for set of 4 plates; $85 for butterfly platter).  I die!

The Fashion Magpie Juliska Floral The Fashion Magpie Juliska Floral BUtterfly The Fashion Magpie Juliska Floral Plate

Pick No. 3: The Julep Nail Strengthener

The number of times I’ve promised I’ll “take a break from nail polish to give my nails a breather” but promptly backed out is…beyond count.  I just can’t bring myself to go polish-free, except for a brief time during the move from hell when I had no choice.  I remember when my bestie saw me: “But J…your nails!”  Haha!  I doubt Mr. Magpie has seen me without a manicure for more than a few days at a time.  But that’s why this Julep nail strengthener is brilliant: it “protects and repairs dry, brittle nails by allowing your nail beds to breathe” but leaves a chic pale pink tint so you don’t feel unkempt.  BTW: these nail polish removing wipes are my JAM.  No fuss, no muss, and they’re very well moistened.

The Fashion Magpie Julep Nail Strengthener

Pick No. 4: The Statement Shades

I’d not heard of the Swedish sunglasses label Chimi until recently, but I’m sold on these beauties ($100).

The Fashion Magpie Chimi Shades

Pick No. 5: The Lee Jofa Throw Pillow

I’m dying over this Lee Jofa bunny print on these adorable toss pillows ($40+ depending on size).  I recently mentioned that my couch is a weird hodge-podge of kinda-coordinating pillows because we sold one of our couches in the move to New York and now have about 34 different throw pillows that kinda work but kinda don’t.  I’m partly inclined to do a full refresh so that everything looks tied together, and these rabbit print ones are the perfect balance of whimsical and traditional.  If that’s too loud for you, but you like the idea of a throw pillow with panache, I LOVE the look of these linen pillows with their funky pom trim.  GORGE.

The Fashion Magpie Lee Jofa Pillows 1 The Fashion Magpie Lee Jofa Pillows 2



Pick No. 6: The Prada Kitten Heel Slingbacks

White boots were a major trend this winter but I couldn’t quite get into them — so assertive.  And, if you kind of relax your eyes, a little bit like you’re wearing nurse shoes or something?  But these slingbacks?!?!?!?  I could get on board with these NO PROBLEM.

The Fashion Magpie Prada Slingbacks 1 The Fashion Magpie Prada Slingbacks 2

Pick No. 7: The Lobster Tote

How beyond is this frayed canvas lobster tote ($50) for the beach — particularly the New England/East Coast beach?!  So funky and adorable.   I’m imagining pairing it with one of the breezy-chic I-vacation-in-St-Barths dresses/rompers from either Hemant and Nandita or Poupette St. Barth (THIS!!!).

The Fashion Magpie Lobster Bag 1

The Fashion Magpie Lobster Bag 2

Pick No. 8: The Fancy Schmancy Dog Treat

These “green juice” dog treats made me laugh.  I love this brand of dog treat (so does Tilly) — they have the most clever, boujee names/flavors.  I’ve given these as gifts to new dog moms, usually along with a monogrammed LL Bean tote (and p.s. — they’re also fun gifts to give to friends/family members with inside jokes/nicknames on them, or, if you’re super clever, a witty saying like “House #4” or “Yacht Gear”…)

The Fashion Magpie Bocce Bakery Dog Treats

Pick No. 9: The Inexpensive Legging

Though I’ve long been an evangelist for David Lerner leggings, a good friend recently told me she LIVES in her Old Navy leggings — she said they have the perfect amount of stretch.  And at $8-$12/pop…worth a try!

The Fashion Magpie Old Navy Leggings

Pick No. 10: The Glen Plaid Blouse

I mentioned earlier this week that glen plaid has been a huge trend recently (and Banana has a great take on that trend!), and then I came across this gorgeous top, which I would love to pair with black skinnies and some statement shoes for one of those working-but-also-socializing kind of days, like yesterday was

The Fashion Magpie Glen Plaid Blosue

P.S.  Can you believe this is leather?  I’m DYING over it.

P.P.S.  Shopbop’s doing what it does best — offering unexpected discounts via promo codes, this time an extra 25% off select sale items with code GETLUXE — and bankrupting me.  I’m loving this, these, and this feminine blouse.

P.P.P.S.  ICYMI: my all-time favorite beauty products.



    1. Woah – hadn’t seen it in that light but now that you’ve pointed it out, I completely agree! Love. I loved Lady Mary’s wardrobe!

  1. I was majorly lusting after a floral Sezane sweater I saw on a local blogger. They used to charge a ton for international shipping, which I just couldn’t justify. Looks like they changed their policy, but of course the sweater I wanted is now sold out. I’ll have to check out their other options!

    On another note, I cannot get behind the kitten heel. I honestly cringe when I see them. Gag. No.

    1. Yes! I’m dying over this latest capsule. And, I hear you on the kitten heel — it took me a long time to come around to them. They looked so dorky for so long. I’m imagining you gagging all over the Loop hahaha.

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