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I bought a few of these vintage washed v-necks at Gap ($12-$19 depending on color) earlier this week and am smitten.  I have been into wearing distressed denim, a v-neck, and some statement flats/sandals lately (I own a pair of snakeskin slides very similar to these that I’m digging right now) — the low vees are nursing-friendly, don’t require dry cleaning, feel ultra-soft against the skin, and just make life feel effortless.  Plus, that price!

The Fashion Magpie v neck jeans street style

The Fashion Magpie V Neck Tee Shirt

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Most popular items on Le Blog this week:

+My mini-steamer ($34). #lifesaver

+Striped asymmetric top ($69), for the second week running.

+Mini’s sleep sheep stuffed animal sound machine ($24).

+Reusable shopping tote in the cutest pattern ($14).

+Chic heeled statement sandals (on sale for $77).


I just (…a million years late) watched the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop on street art and, more specifically, the legendary Banksy.  Or, should I say, I just watched the mockumentary?  (There is speculation that the entire documentary is an elaborate prank / commentary on art by Banksy himself.)  There is so much going on regardless of whether you interpret the film as an artistic ruse by Banksy or as a more straight-forward documentary on several famous street artists–a lot of themes similar to the ones I ruminated over with regards to the installation of the fearless girl statue in Manhattan earlier this year.  Issues of artistic trespass.  Of ownership.  Of commercialism.  Of artistic intent.  Of public consumption.  (Just your casual Saturday morning fare, amirite?  Ha.)  There’s a great line at the end of Exit through the Gift Shop where one of the art dealers interviewed describes one of the street artists, who has allegedly manufactured dozens of meaningless art prints to the praise and acclaim of a very hungry L.A. public, as “playing a joke on…[pause] well, I’m not sure who the joke’s on.”  I thought this truly cut to the quick of the entire nest of artistic issues with which the film grapples.  It’s hard to pass judgment on anyone in the equation, as some of the artists appear to be confused, self-absorbed counterfeits with little artistic intent; the public seems to be painted as a brainwashed sheep, duped into obsessing over anything with celebrity and fanfare around it; the art dealers seem to buy into hype with little filter for artistic pedigree–but then, who cares?  If someone finds artistic value in something, so be it; perhaps art doesn’t need to have any sweeping intent or ostensible talent behind it.  It kind of brought to mind Jack Kerouac and Bob Dylan, TBH.  (Effigies may be burned in my likeness for this opinion.)  Dylan’s voice is horrible and off-key.  Kerouac’s writing is a string of jumbled and maniacal run-ons.  But both are considered geniuses because of the way in which they represent an energy, an ethos, a hippie zeitgeist in the 50s and 60s, and because of their appropriation and reimagination of a self-centric, undeniably American poetic voice paying implicit (at times explicit?) homage to Walt Whitman and other celebrated American artistic traditions of the past.  Without that historical context, though, I wonder…

At any rate.  Have y’all seen it?  Penny for your thoughts!


+Love this denim cutout dress ($128).

+A blush bomber ($108) — I want to throw this over all the LWDs I seem to be snapping up this season.

+The perfect top for an evening out ($83).  More wallet-friendly picks here.

+This little jacket ($71) looks just like a Dodo Bar Or piece but without the price tag.

+Mini and I have joined a baby playgroup with some lovely other mothers in my neighborhood.  We have some upcoming playdates at a local pool, and while I have mini’s swimsuits ready and waiting (this one, monogrammed, and this rash guard set), I just snagged two of these reusable swimming diapers, which come very highly reviewed.


  1. Ooh, I’d wanted to read But What If We’re Wrong and I see that my horrible little library actually has a copy — thanks for the reminder!

    On Exit Through the Gift Shop, a few thoughts…
    I remember when I saw it, it reminded me that many years of studying art (my undergrad and grad degrees are in art history and material culture) got my head a bit turned around about my ideas about what was “good” or “not good” and even what I liked. I feel like I’m forever trying to go back to the days when I was a wide-eyed freshman and my gut would tell me exactly what I thought of the various slides (ha ha, #imancient) being projected in front me. That’s the only thing I want, the voice in my own head and heart to come through loud and clear without worrying about noise, gimmicks, drama, etc.

    Also, I just attended the wedding of one of my college roommates and her maid of honor joked in her toast of the bride’s proclivity for dragging her friends to “some movie that no one’s heard of yet that you end up loving” and Exit was exactly that for me. A happy memory, always 🙂

    1. COMPLETELY relate to this sentiment, Alison. I actually took a YEARLONG hiatus from reading — no joke! A year! — after earning my M.A. because I couldn’t get my head out of “lit crit” mode and it totally sapped all the joy out of reading for me. It started to feel clinical. I’m not happy that a lost a year of reading, but I truly needed to clear my head. Even now, some of the old jargon rears its head in an inconvenient way — though I think I’ve gotten better about restoring a sense of open-mindedness when reading / permitting myself to just enjoy. Let me know what you think about But What If We’re Wrong!

  2. Love today’s turbothot! I knew exactly which line you were going to quote because it stuck with me too 🙂 Five years later and I’m still trying to figure out who the joke is on, but I think it’s on people who try to narrow the definition of art. To me, art is an individual experience. An expert can (and should!) tell you the history and technique, but only you can decide the significance.

    And no effigy burning from me for this week’s music commentary! I’m surprised you didn’t tie Dylan’s voice to the essay on failure from this week. By no means am I saying Dylan is failure, but maybe we appreciate him because he shares his voice in spite of its non-canonical sound.

    Your thoughts on Dylan also reminded me of the book But What If We’re Wrong (subtitled: Thinking About the Present As If It Were the Past). An easy and enjoyable read where the author does a series of mental exercises attempting to discern what will be remembered of our culture today. One chapter focuses on rock music, and while I won’t spoil his conclusion, he had similar things to say about Dylan the mythic hero and his place in the genre.

    Of course there’s also a chapter on literature and I think you’d really enjoy his analysis on what it takes to write a 21st century Moby Dick.

    1. “Non-canonical sound” — what a great and succinct turn of phrase. Always the mot juste, Taylor! I’m tucking that one away for future use. But also, I immediately ordered this book. It sounds fascinating. Will report back when done! Thanks for writing this. xo

  3. Ugh I don’t know if I can do it with the reusable swim diapers!! I had one….. and then freaked and threw it away when it got dirty But we have a pool at our house! Sigh. LMK your experience. Also could you do an update of how your packing went after you come back from your trip, please? Thanks!

    1. LOL! I can see myself doing this. Hm. Will keep you posted. My thought was logical — I don’t know how many trips to the pool we’ll make, won’t it be cheaper to just get two of these instead of a whole package of disposables? But I could see myself not being too pleased with the clean-up. Also, my mom just reminded me that some pools have rules about what kinds of diapers are to be used! So, I guess some of it may be out of our hands. I will absolutely write an update on travel with mini, but the short story is that it was actually pretty easy and all of the gear I packed came in handy. I especially liked the little OXO formula dispenser: Weird how some of the littlest cheapie things can be total MVPs. More to come soon!!!

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