The Fashion Magpie Slip Dress 2

Slip Up.

I was a touch alarmed when, about six months ago, WhoWhatWear announced that t-shirts under slip dresses were “back in.”  What the hell?  I thought we all tacitly agreed in the early aughts that they were a hideous combination and put them to rest along with scrunchies and those Steve Madden stretchy black platform sandal thingies.  (Also, butterfly clips.)

While I don’t think I can get behind the t-shirt-under-a-slip-dress situation, the idea of a slip dress is growing increasingly attractive.  Minimalist in a 90s throwback kind of way.  Sexy, sophisticated, alluring.  I can dig it.  And I like the vibe the two chic peas below–slinky slip dress underneath a boxy/masculine leather jacket or blazer.  Opposites attract.

The Fashion Magpie Slip Dress 1

The Fashion Magpie Slip Dress 2

For a more formal event, this Zimmermann dress is IT.

This Cuyana style ($260-$315 depending on material) is quite the head-turner, as well.  P.S.  Have you noticed that Cuyana has graduated from solely selling high quality, well-priced leather goods and is now selling beautiful pieces of clothing?  I’m obsessed with this bomber in the blush color.

But if we’re talking a versatile piece at a great pricepoint?  This Line + Dot stunner in its gorgeous lilac hue ($119).  So hot.

And if the maxi length seems a little too much, this midi style from MLM or this $88 find from Everlane are also lovely.

P.S.  I want to live in this dress all summer long.  It nails that beachy vibe I was swooning over last week.

P.P.S.  I’m ordering a new toy for Tilly, and I will only buy these Fluff + Tuff stuffed squeaky animals for her.  More of my dog favorites here.


    1. Oooh! Great advice! I’ve been to one of their brick and mortar stores in NY and thought it was very well styled.

  1. Steve Madden stretchy black platform thingies baahaahaa. I’d wear them with my gap cropped overalls, dark nail lacquer, and Tiffanys silver tag bracelet. Thought I was all that and a bag of chips..

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