The Fashion Magpie JCrew Pink Ombre Look 2

Latest Look: Ombre.

Guys, I totally ripped off the styling in J. Crew’s latest catalog.  IT IS SO GOOD.  The shades of pink?  Mixed in with khaki?  (P.S. — I have some serious thoughts on khaki.)  I’m not embarrassed to say that I have totally claimed these looks as my own.

The Fashion Magpie JCrew Pink Ombre Look 2 The Fashion Magpie JCrew Pink Ombre Look 3 The Fashion Magpie JCrew Pink Ombre Look 4 The Fashion Magpie JCrew Pink Ombre LookI was particularly drawn to the first look and immediately bought a Tippi sweater (I got mine in the lighter “fresh bouquet” color) and these bow-front shorts.  (I also loveee this pair in the liberty print.)  I am daydreaming about wearing it with this pink lucite ark bag ($300) — it’s SUCH a cool take on the wood version of the bag that everyone and her mom is wearing right now.

The Fashion Magpie JCrew Pink Tippi

The Fashion Magpie JCrew Pink Bow Shorts


I also snagged a pair of these “dandelion” earrings in the white with my order.  I had a helluva time picking a color (they are all SO good!), but white is (duh) super versatile and fresh.

But, other pink pieces I’m loving to continue in this ombre/monochrome lane (you can also shop these and other finds visually via the slider below):

+This bow-sleeved top ($98).

+This eyelet dress ($325).  Or this one ($89)!!!

+This OTS bell-sleeved beauty ($58).

+Statement dress ($298).  This one reminds me of the detailing/cut-outs in dia de los meurtos decorations.

+Cute embellished sandals ($110).  They look a lot like Aquazzuras, but way cheaper!

These and Other Pink Picks for Spring…


P.S. — For an upcoming trip, I am ordering a few sets of these.  I don’t know what it is about being a new mom (actually…maybe I do), but I can’t help but stress about being organized and love the idea of keeping all our items compartmentalized.  I already have a set of these, which I LOVE.  They store SO much and I typically use them for dirty laundry.


  1. Love the baby pink acrylic version of that Cult Gaia bag! I have been debating the wood version ever since finding out that my favorite local boutique has a few in stock, but the outright popularity of that finish is getting me down. I don’t want to buy it if it’s just going to look “so very 2016/2017” in a couple of seasons. Arrrgh!

    In other news, LOVE the Liberty print shorts you linked! #wishlisted

    1. Argh, the old should-I-fall-for-the-trend-or-not dilemma. Agreed. I’ve steered clear of the bag, too, but that lucite!!! AHH. Just cool and different and limited edition enough to make it a possibility…

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