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Bad + Boujee.

Have you guys heard the hip hop “song” (is it considered a “song”?) “Bad + Boujee” by Migos?

I cannot get it out of my head.

It’s not good but it’s so good, if you know what I mean.

There are two things that I love about this song, and both are tangential to the actual song itself.

The first is that Mr. Magpie kept telling me he was into “that corncob pipe song” and was incredulous that I hadn’t heard it since he always turns to me for the latest pop joints.  (LOL, “joints.”)  I kept listening to the radio, waiting to discover it myself, and yet, never did.

Finally, one day, we were in the car and “Bad + Boujee” came on for the millionth time that hour and he turned to me excitedly and said: “Here it is!  Corncob pipe song!”

…Only nowhere in the song do they use the phrase “corncob pipe.”

He kept randomly voicing over bits of the rap with “corncob pipe,” trying to convince me it was coming up, but no dice.


Now we will frequently use the phrase as a filler whatchamacallit term, i.e., “Where did I put that…corncob pipe?”

The second is that the lyrics spurred an unexpectedly long, curious conversation about what “bourgeois” means (“boujee” being, we boldly presumed, an abbreviation for the terms).  My impression was shaped by my undergraduate degree in history, as I immediately tried to call to mind the difference between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, and what those terms meant.  I remembered there was something about “means of production” but kind of groped around.  Mr. Magpie took the more pragmatic approach, reminding me that “bourgeois” is typically synonymous with “middle class,” “conventional,” etc.  I had to laugh, though, at our semi-protracted semantic exploration of such a ridiculously dumb song.  It made me realize how much I enjoy his company, willing as he is to follow me (or lead me) down these silly lanes of palaver.  It also makes me wonder whether this song will always stand out in my head when I think back on minimagpie’s first few weeks with us.  Lord, I hope not–but music is so often synesthetic with the other emotions and experiences I’m going through that I wonder whether it will.  (I mean, just look at how much I had to say about one stray Miranda Lambert song.  And another stray Alan Jackson song.) I’m trying to counterbalance the potential that this Migos song comes to represent the first few precious days of motherhood by constructing and listening to a playlist I’ve titled “Emory’s Lullabies,” full of beautiful, folk-sy classics–Van Morrison, Willie Nelson, even some Peter, Paul, and Mary.  And, Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon,” which I haven’t been able to get out of my head since hearing it on the soundtrack to Big Little Lies, which, incidentally, you should download immediately.  It’s eclectic and amazing.  (I’m also currently listening to the soundtrack of Out of Africa, which is just gorgeous if you’re looking for some introspective, emotionally piquant “work music.”)

So, there’s that to send you off into your weekend.

And, also, these 10 things:

Pick No. 1: The New Spring Polish.

I’m OBSESSED with this new gel color by OPI, “Let’s Be Friends.”  It’s a great near-white-pale-pink situation perfect for spring/early summer.  The ladies at my salon were all atwitter about it, saying it’s been one of the most popular colors in a long while.

The Fashion Magpie OPI Lets Be Friends

The Fashion Magpie OPI Gel

Pick No. 2: The Pink Top.

This is such a pretty top for spring ($98).  I know, I know, I’ve featured 298 “pretty tops for spring” in the past few weeks.  But it’s the season of the statement top!  Which, honestly, is kind of a blessing in that you can sneak by with just a few pairs of pants/shorts and rotate some amazing tops in and out.

The Fashion Magpie Banana Republic Pink Top


Pick No. 3: The Gauze-y Dress.

This gauzey dress ($265) has my name all over it.  Can’t you just imagine wearing it on a vacation with a thin stack of gold bangles and a great tan?  (More float-y picks here.)

The Fashion Magpie Gray Demoiselles Dress

Pick No. 4: The Otomi Print.

I’ve been in the mood to spruce up a few of my rooms with some new art/accents, and this framed otomi from St. Frank Textiles ($1275) is at the top of my lustlist for our master bedroom, which is predominantly outfitted in shades of gray.  (Ha, I guarantee that’s not a sideways reference to the book…)  And P.S. — if you’re looking for a little galvanizing nudge in your professional life, read about the inspiring founder of this amazing online boutique.  (#Badass.)

The Fashion Magpie St Frank Otomi

Pick No. 5: The Camel Figural.

In a similar vein: how amazing is this little “tattooed” camel objet ($14)?!?!  Sometimes Target has the best finds; this one is from the Nate Berkus for Target line, from which I’ve snagged several great and inexpensive pieces over the years.  (New mamas: check out his collection for babies, too.  Super cute stuff.  This pom pom bin!)

The Fashion Magpie Camel Decor

Pick No. 6: The Dog Cookie Cutter.

I went down a dangerous shopping hole when looking for some party accessories for an upcoming birthday celebration and realizing how freaking amazing everything by the line Meri Meri is.  I mean, these candles are so much cooler and more dramatic than the standard-issue grocery aisle kind, and how fun are these Easter balloons or these pom-pom party hats?!  These cookie cutters in the shapes of dogs ($15) are TOO GOOD.

The Fashion Magpie Meri Meri Dog Cutters

And if you think THOSE are cute, check out this insane Etsy store that basically does any shape cookie cutter under the sun — I’m dying over these scottie dogs you can have personalized with a name!

Pick No. 7: The Floral Dress.

You know how I was daydreaming about owning a Giambattista Valli dress?  Well, I uncovered a bunch of little floral frocks while scouring Shopbop to make good on their amazing 20% off coupon code (my top picks here), and had to add them to my lustlist:

+This $110 midi floral — the bows at the shoulder MAKE this dress.

+Little House on the Prairie in the best of possible ways.  No, really.  Tres Zimmermann-esque.  PLUS: $77.

+I’ve mentioned this pretty before, but I LOVE the print of this $105 floral mini.

+This embroidered floral ($138).  Would look amazing with a bright red lip and nude heel.

And, OK, higher price point, but I’m dying over this Marissa Web frock ($498).

Shop em below:

Pick No. 8: The Infant Towel.

Do you mamas know about Mini Boden?  I just got minimagpie the sweetest little Easter jams from them (also available in a precious footie style…and check out this lamb print, too!!) and they have the CUUUUTEST print.  I’m now going Boden crazy and just added this little towel set ($39) to the mix.  Isn’t that print precious?!  Looks like a Liberty of London!  (I also am dying over this animal print dress for a mini slightly older than mine.)

The Fashion Magpie Floral Infant Towel

But P.S. — Speaking of infant towels, I’ve read majorly good things about this Puj infant towel, which you lock around your neck so when the baby comes out of the tub, you just lay them straight on your chest without wetting your clothes.  It’s pretty smart.  We love their infant tub, which slides right into my bathroom sink and can be stored flat and out of sight.  Also for bathtime: I love this Skip Hop rinser.  I initially wrote that it was kind of stupid since “any old cup would do,” but have since come to love its great design, which curves at the lip so you can pour water out without it running into baby’s eyes.  It’s all about the minor conveniences–for example, would you believe that I literally talked for several minutes to Mr. Magpie about how much I like this wipes dispenser?!  I won’t bore you with details, but it’s all about the weighted plate, man.

…who am I.

Pick No. 9: The New Neutral Wallpaint.

I have been thinking about re-painting our bedroom and bathroom.  When we bought our house nearly three years ago, the previous owner had done a spectacular job painting the interiors in phenomenal colors — a moody gray-blue in the kitchen, a neutral gray-beige throughout the living area, and even a dramatic rooster red on one wall of the office to offset an original brick fireplace.  But our bedroom and bathroom are this cloying pastel green that just does not feel nearly as sophisticated as the design of the house.  I haven’t been sure what color I want — but, funnily enough, recently fell in love with Farrow + Ball’s green-ish “Pale Powder 204” color:

The Fashion Magpie Farrow Ball Pale Powder 3

The Fashion Magpie Farrow Ball Pale Powder 2
The Fashion Magpie Farrow Ball Pale Powder 3 The Fashion Magpie Farrow Ball Pale Powder

These rooms make the color look so different and highlight its versatility and prism-like quality.  I love it.  Soft, sophisticated, elegant.  Also, the renowned interior designer Cathy Kincaid had this to say of the color:

“Everyone–men and women alike–loves this color.  It’s a pale blue with a lot of green in it, and it’s a little dirty, which makes it more complex than the typical pastel. I’ve used it everywhere, from kitchens to bedrooms. I even painted my office in it. People walk in and say, ‘This is how I want my house to feel.'”

Pick No. 10: The Dressy Sweatshirt.

Love this lightweight cotton eyelet sweatshirt ($89).  I think I need it in both white and yellow.

The Fashion Magpie Eyelet Sweatshirt 2 The Fashion Magpie Eyelet Sweatshirt 2 The Fashion Magpie Eyelet Sweatshirt 2

P.S. — This denim dress from J.Crew!

P.P.S. — BIG BOWS.  (More bow-adorned goodness.)


  1. I love Bad and Boujee, but I also love how gracious you are in the comments when getting back to those who disagree with you. Such a fresh breath of air when compared to some big-name bloggers who moderate comments with a heavy hand! I love your approach.

    On another note, my parents played the Out of Africa soundtrack for me as a bedtime album for many years when I was tiny, and it gives me such good nostalgic memories. You should try it with mini!

    1. That is SO funny! I thought I was the only one whose parents listened to that soundtrack on repeat! And, thanks for the note on responding to dissenting comments. I really love to think that Magpie might be a space for lots of different women with different perspectives to get their voices across! xx

  2. Badly done, Emma.
    While you missed the Bougie references, I’m confident you’ll get this one.

    Everything Taylor said.

  3. ^^^ I’m not from ATL but I love the migos and I want to echo every word Taylor said above.

    I also want to thank you for promoting and linking to an ethically sourced, ethically priced Otomi. So often I’ve seen either cheap or not so cheap copies of this print (and other what I wish were proprietary cultural prints) sold for consumption without monetary or design credit given to the original artists. It’s exploitative and it’s unfortunate. But St. Frank looks like they’re doing great work .

    1. Thanks, Annabelle — per my note below to Taylor, I clearly need to give this song a closer listen. Thanks for piquing my interest, for writing in, and for reading along despite my misplaced dismissal of this jam.

      And, YES. St. Frank is awesome — their mission, the quality of their products, their ethos. I have a grush (girl crush) on their founder!

  4. Honestly you are adding fuel to the amazon prime fire!! You always have the best recommendations.

    I’ve been doing the same for my little guy in terms of music! We listen to Tim McGraw in the morning and it’s just so sweet.

    One request I would love if you could cover some time– how are you getting out of the house? How did you find your baby sitter? How are you finding a way to get your nails done? I REALLY am inspired but I just don’t know how to get started– have I developed child-related agoraphobia?? I don’t even have cold weather to contend with! Thanks so much sweet girl! Happy Easter!

    1. Oh man, Bunny, I feel you! I remember my girlfriend came by with her 1-month old just after mini was born and I was like: “HOLY CRAP YOU ARE A HERO. HOW ARE YOU TAKING YOUR BABY OUT, PUTTING HIM IN A CARSEAT, DRIVING, PICKING UP COFFEE, AND VISITING PEOPLE. THIS SEEMS LIKE AN INDOMITABLE TASK.” I will share some thoughts on this in an upcoming post (thanks for the inspo), but the short answer is that I’m fortunate to have support (part-time nanny and a husband who works from home and a lot of visiting family) and also a husband and mom who constantly push me to “just do it.” Also, timing around nursing is key. Anyway, more to come, but the bottom line is: you can do it!! What’s the worst that happens? Your baby wakes up and cries? You end up crying in your car because of it? These are annoyances but we can get over them. Everyone tells me, too, that it all gets easier with time…

      Also. AmazonPrime will be the death of me. Another random thing I found there that has been a major convenience are these “universal” stroller hooks that can literally strap onto any stroller: I love them because they are un-obtrusive (so many of the other solutions for stroller storage are like huge trays or ugly hooks that stand out; these blend in with the look of my Bugaboo), repositionable/easy to remove if not needed, and they hold a surprising amount of weight. I’ll have to do a round-up of other random items I’ve found on Amazon that make my life better…

    2. Omg I’m not kidding when I say I just bought those yesterday!

      Thank you for the reply– it definitely helps! I am very much looking forward to your post about this in the future also, phew

  5. Atlanta reporting – I think you’ve missed the point. And you told us you were a hip-hop girl!

    I’m disappointed you think the song is ridiculous because I don’t see anything absurd about it. Sure, southern rap is known for funny words and funny noises. There is rap you can smile at and this is it. Combined with a hypnotic beat, of course this song is successful on all accounts. Then, it was elevated to national attention when Donald Glover called it out from the Golden Globes stage as “the greatest song ever.” I don’t it is the greatest, but this song isn’t empty.

    The term “bougie” (don’t miss the point they have misspelled the slang) is distinctly an insult. It is similar to “basic” in that you might joking call your friend basic, but it is not a compliment. The French bourgeoisie were merchant families who were just as wealthy as the (lower) nobility, but didn’t have the title. Today, bougie is used to describe a middle-class women trying to flash enough designer labels as to appear upper-class. In this song Migos is expressing annoyance and discontent with superficial women. They want “women of substance” too!

    Finally, it is painfully obvious you have not watched the video because the styling is quirky and gorgeous and you would have had something to say.

    (Rant over. I’m just hurt you’re hating on our song. Your blog is my absolutely favorite. I love your voice and your aesthetic.)

    1. Taylor!!! Thanks for setting this straight and nudging me to take a more serious listen to what I’d dismissively considered fluff. Mr. Magpie and I actually just pulled up the lyrics to take a closer look, and will tune into the video later today, too. (Side note: we love watching the latest videos on Vevo — such a good app to explore if you have AppleTV/Roku.) Love you for writing in and sharing such an articulate reaction — and hate that I’ve hurt your (clearly well-informed) feelings on this song. Will definitely spend more time auditing lyrics in the future…! xoxo

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