Return of the Mule.

It started with the Gucci Webby ($595).  Indecently chunky, unabashedly-disco, and oh-so-fresh.

They were everywhere.  Then came the Gucci Princetown mule ($595).

And with fleets of well-heeled ladies stepping out around town in these two styles, it was officially the dawn of the return of the mule, that darling of the late 90s and early 00s that has suffered through a decade of malign.  I used to recoil in disgust at the thought of a mule–“so dated!”–but nothing looks fresher.  Cases in point:

Below, my top picks for nailing the look:

+Holy crap.  Velvet, a bow, and a backless mule–so on point, so right now, so TDF.  Rochas, $520.  Also available in a less audacious black color.

+I am OBSESSED with these Nicholas Kirkwoods ($495).  GREAT colors, such a cool little heel situation.

+These Brian Atwoods ($130) are hella chic.

+Love the tassels on these LRs ($295).  And these Stuart Weitzmans ($398).

+Cool patterned/textured ones ($150).

+Velvet!!!! ($188)  Also available in a fun glitter!

+These Pradas continue to haunt my dreams ($650).

+These are loud and fun ($130).  Pair with jeans and a white button down or simple white tee and you’re ready to be featured on a street style blog.

+Heeled beauties from Balenciaga, on RIDICULOUS SALE for $262.

+Vacation-ready (and on sale for $308).

+Patent perfection ($145).

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