New Beginnings

HELLO, MAGPIES!  I’ve missed you something awful.

No, I am not pregnant (received lots of queries on this front), and yes — I am alive and well.  Thanks to all of you for your sweet notes of inquiry and concern!

The big news is that Mr. Magpie decided to move on from his entrepreneurial endeavors, landed a seriously awesome new job (so happy for him!), and moved us across the country (well, half-way or third-way across anyhow)!  Yes, this little Magpie is now a Chicagoan!  And I dig it so far.  We live in a lovely neighborhood in Lincoln Park, and I am happy as a clam (with Louboutins on…what?).  Shopping galore, and everything within walking distance (or if not — a short El ride away).  Hello, big city!  I feel as though we’re going to be fast friends.

In retrospect, it seems rather dramatic that a move would require a month-long sabbatical from this little bloglet, but the unexpected magnitude of it all caught me a little off guard.  Endless nights of packing (yielding 90 boxes + furniture…sick), emotional goodbyes to our families and friends, a long car ride (filled with lots of annoying, not fun, adventures, including a broken-down car; a terrible set of storms that led to 6″ of “ponding water” in the highway; and Mr. Magpie choking on some trail mix…while driving 60 MPH…no bueno), and the overall stress and frustration of moving in general.  We’re excited to be embarking on this new adventure and this amazing new city, but my Lordy Lord, the move here was pure adrenaline and nerves.  Below are the key lessons I’ve learned in this entire process:

1.  Marry a Mr. Magpie, or at least find one to date while moving.  I seriously hope you all find someone as awesome as mine, because he did all of the heavy lifting (ha, pun intended — but also in the figurative sense).  He arranged everything — quotes from the movers, loading permits, purchase of boxing supplies, stopping our Internet/cable back in D.C. and starting it up here, etc., etc.  He is the man.  I look at him with a new level of respect.  Girl, you should have seen the detailed Excel spreadsheets he had going in order to account for each and every item we were packing for our movers.  (B, I know you approve of this.)  Mind-boggling, overly-organized, and oddly attractive.

2.  Buy a billion and ten boxes.  Or better yet, a google plex of boxes.  (Remember when we used to say that all the time in elementary school?)  And lots of packing tape.  Like, more than you ever think you could possibly need in your whole life.  We had to make so many online orders and treks to Home Depot, we couldn’t believe it.  Buy more than you need; you can always return the extras.

3.  Invest in a couple dozen bottles of wine to facilitate the moving process.  Packing becomes much more tolerable with a glass of fruity red wine in your right hand.  (It could also explain why I packed a total of 10 boxes, while Mr. Magpie managed the other 80.  Ha.  Joking.  But kind of not.)  My girlfriends came over one afternoon with wine spritzers in hand, and it definitely eased the ol’ nerves.  (Thanks, Tini!)

4.  Beware of hidden moving costs.  We’d set a large budget for the move to account for movers, security deposits, etc., but there were lots of pesky unexpected costs that caught us off guard.  First, we had to eat out for like a week and a half straight because we’d packed all of our cooking ware and plates and then because we were on the go.  We were both grumpy about this because we prefer to cook in, but even moreso when we realized the amount of $$ we’d spent on food in seven days.  Second, Costco.  We  bought our own membership up here, and we looked at each other, wide-eyed and slightly impressed with ourselves, and said, “We are now adults.  We have done it.  We’ve turned the corner.  Now, we must quickly go and pre-set the radio to NPR and subscribe to Consumer Reports.”  Then we dropped several hundred dollars on boring adult things like Palmolive, saran wrap, and paper towels.  Boo, boring, dumb.  See ya, $$; see ya, youth.

I have lots of other tiddly bits to share with you, but I am quickly realizing that I’ve been typing for a long time and have not yet made mention of clothing, which is the main reason why you all are here.  And it’s also a much-needed escape from all of the unpacking/moving talk.  So, I’ll share with you what’s on my radar, clothing-wise: NEUTRALS.  Yes.  After a summer of neon, I’m looking for a vacation of easy, airy whites, almonds, taupes, and creams.  Tell me you don’t love the understated sophistication of these looks:

That raffia Chanel bag?!  SHUT up.  I love.  Oh, and P.S. — a lot of this emphasis on neutrals has to come up from this snap Mr. Magpie took of me moving into our new apartment:

Ha.  Right.  I was actually the greezy little grump ball wearing a top knot, a frumpled white throw-and-go sundress, and worn gold t-straps.  Uber chic.  But one can dream.  And so we will imagine that instead, I was wearing this little leopard pullover (it got chilly in the car — Mr. Magpie = polar bear) from J. Crizzle (on sale for $30!) and these linen shorts (on sale for $92) with a pair of slick ombre Stella shades ($225):



An Olympic finish?  These ankle-wrap flat Givenchies (to die — $890):

Or, score the look for less with this $235 Rachel Zoe pair.  I’d finish with the newest member of my covet dream team, the Phillip Lim Pashli ($875).  This will be mine by year’s end.

I also love it in the oh-so-impractical stark white color.  Dreamy, and very Rachel Zoe.  Who I also have a renewed passion for — have you seen her new jewelry collection?  As Ms. Zoe would say, “Shut the front door.”  Holy moly.  But anyhoots. I’d round out the entire look with this gold ram bracelet ($95):


Another outfit I’m looking to roll out some time soon?  A voluminous cream dress ($100) with a funky neutral necklace (love the rope accent — $25):


For work?!  Get outta here.  Chic, chic.  I’d finish with a pair of glittery flats ($195):

I’d add a little edge to this tres Audrey look with the Balenciaga city tote in yummy camel brown ($1,895):

Cha-ching.  For more casual fare, check out this buttonless blouse ($73) with some white jeans, some cool gal perforated leather flats (only $45!), and a chunky tassel necklace ($85):



The Anya Hindmarch “Tiny Tim” bag ($1,500) finishes the look with an exclamation point:

Love the medley of cocoa and cream colors there.  Another lovely concert of neutral hues?  This pinafore dress ($96) paired with chic horn-style shades from hot line Illesteva ($260)



Finish with these funky “Greek” sandals ($245) — my little nod to the Olympics.  So fun.

Also loving the idea of a long, chiffon maxi skirt (See by Chloe, $395) paired with a sleeveless white blouse ($160), this embellished tortoise-link necklace ($128), and some t-straps (on sale for $45!):


I’d finish with a little sunshine, in the form of this sunny Edie purse from J. Crew (on sale for $190!):

Two other accents at the top of my list?  This chunky Sara Designs necklace ($330 — wear with ANYTHING.) AND this studded cross-body mini from Zara ($100 — loves.)


…and we’re back up and running!  MISSED YOU ALL.  Loves.


  1. ah! so glad you’re back and congrats on the BIG move! loving neutrals right now too…i’ve been wearing lots of black already and it is just august…ready for fall and skinnys and layers! but being that the humidity is so intense it makes my glasses fog, that won’t be happening any time soon.

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