Let me tell you a lil story about the gamut of human emotions, and how I displayed each and every one of them over the course of 45 minutes in an innocuous sounding exercise class — Bardio at Barre Bee Fit.  Now.  I am not a jock.  I am petite and worthless at sports.  But […]

My sassy little sis and I have a very serious commitment to Mr. Flo Rida’s “Wild One.”  It’s pretty much our song.  When I hear it on la radio, I remember dancing all out with her (you know the kind — eyes closed, body jumping up and down, voice straining from screaming the words as […]

“Oversized blouses are pretty much all that matter to me.” -Rumi Neeley HAHAHA.  I read this quote from esteemed fashion blogger Rumi of Fashion Toast (recently featured in The Coveteur) and literally guffawed.  I know she was being sarcastic here, but after I regained composure, it did make me pause and think about priorities.  And […]

I know that neon will eventually lose its effervescence on the fashion scene — it’s the textbook flash-in-the-pan trend, and it’s already dwindling.  (Don’t fret — your mini magpies will one day l.o.v.e. your neon Cambridge Satchel when it comes back into vogue in another decade or two.)  I already see it being phased out […]

WHAT.  How is it Monday.  (Grumble, grumble.)  This weekend flew by in a millisecond, though it was full of fun and shenanigans.  First, I dropped some mah-jor cash on outfitting our new apartment here in Chicago.  My favorite find?  The least expensive one — this stately little steed ($39), which is now gazing into our […]

Every time I see a chic pea in clean black-and-white, I think, “I must emulate that look ASAP.” Some eye-candy: SO sophisticated, SO pulled together.  Such cool restraint.  I’m determined to get the look with a couple of additions to the old wardrobe.  First thing on my lust-list?  This Pierre Hardy tote ($875).  Yes, a […]

I’ve mentioned this in the past, but when I was little, my sissies and I “played Barbs” (played with our Barbies) every Saturday and Sunday morning.  We developed our own vernacular in this game-playing, and one of our most oft-used terms was “richie” or “richer,” an adjective signifying “ritzy” or “well-to-do” most commonly applied to […]

I always get “frost-bite” this time of year — that hankering for colder weather, the smell of autumn, and all of the fun holidays fall brings with it.  (Mr. Magpie and I have a dear set of friends who have celebrated “Octoberfest” with us for several years in a row — we carve pumpkins, down […]

When “The Royal Tenenbaums” first came out (while I was in high school), it was lost on me.  I didn’t like the deadpan, styled “cool” it projected, and I felt annoyed by friends who flocked to its quirkiness with a certain smug sense of understanding, as if by liking the movie, they were joining some […]

Lucite.  As you may have gathered from my post last Friday, I’m sorta smitten with it.  (I think it’s a requirement of the consummate bloggerina — must own a lucite chair, write on a Macbook, and prominently display well-styled trays in all rooms of the house.) Lucite, lucite, and more lucite.   Love, love, love.  Items […]