New Directions

It’s almost a new year — time for reinvention, revision, rebirth.  And I, for one, love the feeling of a fresh start.  In the spirit of that adventurousness, I’m sharing a few discoveries I’ve made in the past few weeks — thing that intrigue me, things I love, things I’m inspired by, and all in a rumbly tumbly melange perfect for this slow holiday workweek.

At the repeated request of my lovely friend Alison Kenworthy, a talented local news reporter here in The District, I watched the fascinating documentary “Bill Cunningham NY,” an insider’s look at one of the most revered and prolific street style photographers in the world.  (As Anna Wintour, chief editor at Vogue, put it, “We all get dressed for Bill.”)  He still shoots and assembles the New York Times street style column, and he’s still #winning.  The film is a moving tribute to a man who has humbly and lovingly dedicated his life to his craft.  Something about the peculiar juxtaposition of his quiet, unassuming personality with the extravagance and flashiness of the fashion world that he records with such transparent glee strikes a deeply meaningful chord.

Yes, it’s definitely upon us.  And, lucky for us all, Shopbop is today featuring free overnight shipping for those of us who tend to procrastinate.  I just ordered this glittery lil number and am giddy with excitement.  In a similar last-minute predicament?  Check out lines Rory Beca or Shoshanna for glam NYE-appropriate numbers.  It’s a little late to be planning your own do, but — maybe next year, you can test out this adorable idea for an NYE bash invitation from bloglet You Are My Fave {discovered via Luella and June}!

{images via You Are My Fave}

This little confetti confection above reminds me of the company Confetti System, which is enjoying the limelight thanks to this month’s issue of Martha Stewart Living, which I pored over from cover to cover on the plane back from Florida a few days ago.  One of the articles featured a lovely party accented with all kinds of Confetti System goodies, including their lovely tassel garlands ($130 apiece, Confetti System):

They also have glitzy pinatas, which would be fun to fill with more confetti ($140 and up).  How could you NOT ring in the new year with style with those sorts of decorations?!  Equally as festive — these darling confetti pom-pom straws I spotted over on the Cupcakes and Cashmere bloglet.

{image via Cupcakes and Cashmere}

And speaking of the bubbly, Santa filled my stocking with lots of my favorite gummy candies and a bottle of pink champagne (Mirabelle Rose, available here) from the Schramsberg winery out in Napa.  Mr. Magpie and I popped the cork on Christmas evening, after spending a lovely couple of days with my family in FL and Christmas day with his parents.  It’s our Christmas tradition: drink champagne while watching “A Christmas Story” (his favorite — mine is “Home Alone”) and exchanging gifts.  The pink bubbly made it all the more special, because I know he’d done it just for little ol me.


I’m not sure whether it was just being in Florida {I saw none in real life, but…} or seeing them on a marathon of Planet Earth with my siblings, but when I saw this funky little photo print ($25-$5,000, depending on the size, TheAnimalPrintShop), I kind of knew I needed to add it to my gallery wall, which, thanks to my incredibly generous and thoughtful husband, is now off to a good start.  {He bought me an original canvas from the Him and Her Shop!}  Well, it’s a tie between either the photo below or this darling print from Etsy storefront Untitled Thread ($20 for 8×10).  And check out the name of the latter print — “All the Single Ladies.”  Love.



Since we’re talking pink, I should also mention that I am currently living for this day-glo pink tootsies from Brian Atwood ($595, Bergdorf’s).  Perfect for my bestie’s bachelorette bash, which I’m currently planning with the rest of the bridal party.  We’re doing VEGAS.  Woot woot.



While on the subject of footwear: don’t judge me, but I’ve been watching with interest the micro-trend of hi-fashion sneaks for the past few months.  I’m pretty sure I’m not leggy or model-off-duty-looking enough to pull them off, but then again, I thought for months that I wouldn’t be able to pull these off, but then, mid-season, went ahead and snagged them and haven’t looked back for a minute.  Not sure you’re buying it?  Check out Alessandra D’Ambrosio, Anne Hathaway, and Miranda Kerr.  How slick and fashion-forward do they look?!


I’m loving this Alexander Wang style (“The Dillon,” $385, Shopbop) — cool gal chic without being too intense.

Willing to try something bolder?  These Ash wedge hi-tops are pretty awesome ($225, Shopbop):



Um, do I even need to justify my obsession with the eye-catching glitterati above?!

#1: Earrings, $145, Doloris Petunia

#2: Necklace, $495, Samantha Wills

#3: Noir Jewelry Neon Knot Bracelet, $143, Shopbop {and while you’re ogling over it, check out the entire Noir Jewelry Collection.  Obsessed.}

#4: Shourouk Bracelet, $200, Net-A-Porter

#5: Gumball Stud Earrings, $24, Macys

#6: Neon Bib Necklace, $39, ColorBlockShop

Keep it all vibrant on this equally BRIGHT jewelry tray just for fun ($75, ShopFurbish):

While I was in FL, my baby sister whipped out a steamer {in true Parson’s grad fashion} and steamed her clothes before heading out for the day.  I learned that she’s saved a bundle on dry cleaning by investing in a steamer — she said that more often than not, her clothes aren’t “dirty,” just a little wrinkled or creased.  And a steamer is the perfect way to release those wrinkles and leave her garments looking good as new.  I rushed home and ordered my own mini steamer.  I’d read good things about the Joy Mangano for HSN model ($19-$44 depending on kit, HSN) in a Martha Stewart mag — and they come in such beautiful colors! — I snagged one immediately.


My Dad and I were reminiscing about favorite moments from my wedding over the Christmas holiday, and we both dwelt on the unexpected singing of the “Good Ol Song” (the University of Virginia’s fight song) just as Mr. Magpie and I were departing.  I had just thrown the bouquet and we were about to run down the dramatic stairs at my family’s country club to leave when all of the sudden, The Good Ol Song broke out, and we all stopped and sang it, including my Dad {’71}, my groom {’05}, and dozens of guests {all Wahoos}.  It was such a beautiful and unrehearsed way to pay tribute to the place where Mr. Magpie and I fell in love, and the song always gets us Virginians all riled up and ready to party {check this flash mob video out — UVA students singing the Good Ol Song in Clemons library, my old stomping ground.  It makes me want to stand up on my desk at work and start chanting/yelling.}, so it was the perfect “high” to leave on.  I miss you, Virginia.

**And lucky for us, The Good Ol Song is played to the tune of “Auld Lang Syne,” the traditional hymn sung on New Year’s Eve, so we’ll get to demonstrate our love of old Virginny then, too.  Also lucky for us: I found this ah-may-zing text-filled silhouette of the Old Dominion ($12, B and A Prints — and they have loads of other states, too!) that I gave to Mr. Magpie as a stocking stuffer.  Lovesies.


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