Top o’ the Heap.

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OK, so I inspired myself with the workout post and got my butt in gear the other day, wearing Lululemon leggings ($98), an Adidas sweatshirt (#basic, $55), and Nike Flyknits ($130)–Kanye’s Life of Pablo blaring.  It was a beautiful fall day and I took my dog, Tilden, with me.  We alternated jogging and walking for 2 miles.  It’s a start.  I am SO out of shape it is pitiful.  But, it’s a start.  The one maj downside is that Tilden is still a pup and she absolutely HATES squirrels, and there are about a trillion squirrels in my neighborhood, hyper-actively collecting food for winter…so I was almost dragged into a few trees/bushes a few times.  Yikes.  But all in all, I was pret-ty impressed with myself.  I also spent time taking mental inventory of all of the cool new fashionista things I am into right now + they definitely kept me trotting/wheezing along for awhile.


I’m kind of furious with Moda Operandi for featuring some sneak preview items for the upcoming resort season (GUYS, we just got into cooler weather!), but this dress from Rhode Resort is just too good and I need it ($365).  Even though it’s not cheap, it looks like it’s a Gucci or something that cost well north of $1500!



Golden Goose sneakers have been a street style cult pick for a few seasons now.  They aren’t for the faint of heart and dare I say they’re a little dumb in that they come pre-scuffed-up (intentionally!) to achieve a vintage, lived-in look from day 1.  But, I spotted a chic Chicagoan wearing a pair with a short striped cotton dress the other day and have to say she looked very cool.  Net-A-Porter has a quite the collection available ($480).


screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-5-11-02-pm screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-5-11-32-pm screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-5-11-38-pm screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-5-11-45-pm




This taffeta t-shirt ($52) is so high-fashion, and at such a fab price!




Love this crisp striped button-down tunic ($59).  Indulges my prepster side.



This gold pitcher ($59) is EVERYTHING.  It’d look gorgeous styled on a shelf/in a glass cabinet, full of fresh blooms, or (obviously) to serve up a batch of moscow mules.  There’s a coordinating bowl, available in two sizes, too ($39+).

screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-5-17-40-pm screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-5-18-56-pm


Also, while on the topic of all-things-gilded for tabletop, how rad are these candlestick holders ($18 each)?!?!  I love the idea of adding these to a Thanksgiving tablescape.


OMG, this personalized bomber ($380)!!!  I want my name embroidered on it, STAT.  So chic with some skinny jeans and black booties.



These bow-topped leopard loafers are $36.  Yes, $36.  I need.


shoe1 shoe2


I can’t even deal with these adorable striped, embroidered tees from french label Maison La Biche — HOW ADORBS?!  This one ($98) says mademoiselle.  You can even design your own!




Also, though this was a good price for a plain striped tee ($19) — and love the longer length.


Speaking of stripes, my absolute favorite PJs of all time (so comfy, so flattering, so breathable!) are available in three great striped formulations.

pj1 pj2 pj3

Also — love these classic plaid flannel PJs, this plaid flannel robe, and these cozy slippers (I buy a new pair every holiday season).


Ladies, put your hands together.  I’ve found an affordable lookalike to the Oscar de la Renta tassel earrings from Etsy storefront Beading Way.  I die over these gold-and-black ones for holiday parties ($49), but these “latte” ones ($49) are also pretty TDF.  But some classic gold ones ($48) can’t fail ya.


il_570xn-1043397192_5pw6 il_570xn-1060508104_hegx


Speaking of lookalikes, Design Darling has some knock-off BonBon earrings available in a few colors still for $78.  Or buy the Rebecca de Ravenel originals here for $275.



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My parents-in-law are flying out to our house for Thanksgiving this year!  I can’t wait.  I love not only the meal, but the build-up–cooking in the kitchen for the day or two prior, setting a festive fall table, watching Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, and even the cheesy Macy’s parade, which Mr. Magpie and I tend to watch while eating Pillsbury cinnamon rolls (so bad/good) and drinking our morning coffee.  Coziest feeling ever.  A couple of things I’m eyeing in preparation for the holiday:

+Tgiving crackers for the tabletop ($24).

+I like to keep my buffet stocked with season-appropriate cocktail napkins, and Caspari makes the greatest prints and has the highest quality napkin–like these ($8.66) or these ($8).

+I really want this turkey tureen ($49).

+My favorite fall candle ($62).

+While on my Target run from hell this past weekend, I spotted these faux mohair throws — they are super soft and cozy (on sale for $27).














For my table, I have a few mercury glass candle holders ($13+) that I like to pair with gold or white candlesticks ($16 for 6).  And some good linens ($130).

screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-6-29-42-pm screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-6-31-22-pm



And now for my favorite part — what to wear?!  I personally like to wear a dress (any excuse to get dolled up, hehe).  These are the picks I’m trying to decide between:

+I am really into forest green this season, and Zara has two excellently priced contenders: this $70 lace find and this $129 Self-Portrait lookalike.

+This more expensive Parker style ($398), also deep green (“juniper,” to be exact), is very much in my wheelhouse.  Love a nipped waist and that leather-trimmed, tiered situation at the bottom.

+Finally, this green-and-gold burnout dress from Cynthia Rowley ($398) is speaking to me.

+Burgundy lace is perfection ($145).  Or burgundy silk ($218).

+The bell sleeves make this ($448) feel very au courant, and the embroidered/textured pattern is so festive.  Anything BUT basic black.

+This satin dress from Alexander McQueen, on sale for $358, is a great pumpkin color and could look very put-together for in-laws.

+This RedValentino (on sale for $397) strikes a ladylike-and-season-appropriate chord (love the collar!)

+This N Nicholas dress is the PERFECT fall color ($395), and those bell sleeves!!!

Outta Shape.

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A young mom recently said that, having had her first child, she felt that “the days are long, but the years are short.”  It was an interesting and insightful comment and it made me think about my experience of time and how wacky it has been over the last year and a half, since launching my own business.  I  feel the inverse — “the days are short, but the years are long.”  (Which is curious, since so many entrepreneurs liken building a business to having a child.)  I’ve mentioned this before, but I often feel as though I’m sitting at the top of a roller coaster hill at the beginning of each day, and Mr. Magpie and I just look at each other and say: “Hang on, toots, see you at the end.”  And then it’s go go go go go go go go with hardly enough time to eat or breathe or understand how I am feeling until 6 or 7 PM or, lately, 9 or 10 PM at night.  But on the flipside, we get to the end of a month and we’re like, “Holy.crap.  This was a long, hard month.  How has it only been a month?  It feels like we’ve been working for a trillion years on end without break.”

I don’t mean this to come off as “woe is me.”  I’m keenly aware of how fortunate I am to have had the opportunity to start this business and financially support our lifestyle during this long period of taking no salary (see ya, savings).  And, I know lots of working ladies out there who work even longer days without some of the amenities I have at my disposal (hello, making my own schedule, working from home, taking my dog for 3 walks a day whenever I want to, working alongside my husband, etc.)

At any rate.  Like so many of you, whether you’re balancing children and a job or a demanding job and a workout regimen or multiple “extracurrical” demands, I’ve had to make sacrifices in some areas of my life to accommodate my intense work schedule.  I’m sad to say that my former commitment to exercise has totally fallen by the wayside :/  So bad.  I console myself by reminding myself that I typically walk my dog 2 or 3x a day for a mile a walk, so at least I’m getting some activity.  But running?  Gym time?  Yoga?  Cycling?  Pffffft.  LADEEZ, if I get a little parcel of quiet time, I’m going to be reading, taking a hot shower/bath, or relaxing in front of the TV.  Because I am TIRED.  I literally don’t know how I could muster up the energy to run after feeling like I’m run over by a freight train every day.

[Goody-two-shoes-on-my-shoulder]: But, Magpie, you could get up an hour earlier and go for a run then.

[Me]: But I am so TIRED!  I need the sleep.

[Goody-two-shoes-on-my-shoulder]: OK, then make a commitment to close up shop at 5 PM to take a little run.

[Me]: No matter what you say, I’m not gonna do it, but I’m gonna feel bad about it.

I’ve been thinking lately that adding some new workout gear to my wardrobe may drive motivation in this area and force me to get myself to the gym.  And I’ve been mega into Kourtney Kardashian’s exercise wardrobe — if you follow her on Snapchat or Insta, you’ll know she’s super fit and I’m very jealous of the idea of someone coming to my house to train me every day.  Hello, mom of THREE!?!?!?!


Goddess.  My KK inspired workout picks:

+Retro Nike sweatshirt ($70);

+Zella sheer panel leggings ($64);

+APL running shoe (love the heathered gray color — $164);

+Athleta cozy wrap sweatshirt thing ($108 — love it in the gray);

+Adidas black hat ($23);

+Nike leggings ($55 — love the logo on the waistband, so 90s, so in right now) and matching sports bra ($45);

+Lululemon sports bra ($52 — heads up, they run small);

+Zella leather-effect leggings ($64);

+Alo moto leggings (celeb pick — $110);

+Athleta half-zip — love the quilted detailing! tres chic, esp. in the black ($118);

+Nike jersey tank (love the t-back!, $35) — OR check out this seriously sexy one for $60;

+New Balance for JCrew leggings ($95) and hoodie ($95);

+Lululemon leggings (on sale for $69);

+Nike track pants ($55).

Here’s hoping…tell me your tricks for getting back on track PUHLEASE!!!!