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Hi my ladies.  Sorry for my absence late last week — crazy busy week with Fizz, and events almost every night, including fun ones — like my book club, with the loveliest ladies ever.  We are starting this, which promises to be the new Girl on a Train — read along if you’d like to join!  Perfect for our next book club, which will be close to Halloween.  Then, this weekend, my sister flew into town and we had a delightful dinner at neighborhood Italian place (if you’re local and live in my ‘hood — Ukrainian Village — we love Briciola, a cute and unpretentious little BYO with an outdoor seating area and handmade pastas…my favorite is the pappardelle montenapo, which comes in this ridiculous creamy red sauce and they melt mozzarella into it, OMG I DREAM ABOUT IT), saw the new Bridget Jones Diary movie (I actually thought it was hilarious — plus, we brought in about 12 bags of candy from the grocery store and it was deeeeelightful), went shopping (had been waiting for this to go on sale, and scored it for 40% off), and then had the most incredible dinner in our backyard with a bunch of friends.  The weather cooperated (75 degrees in late September, WUT!), and we just sat outside over fajitas and wine (and strawberry shortcakes — I use Martha’s recipe — for dessert) for hours and hours.

Basically, it was a fabulous weekend.

Sometimes I feel like I spend too much energy focusing on The Next Thing.  I’m poised, anxiously, for the next checkbox on my radar: the next trip, the next meeting, the next guest.  I really tried this weekend to focus on living in the moment.  Why is this so hard for me?  Because later on, I think back, and I feel all woozy nostalgic for the incredible moments I’m able to enjoy when I’m surrounded by friends, sitting in lovely weather with not a care in the world, listening to the Robin Thicke Pandora station over our Sonos sound situation (I only name drop because it is THE BEST SYSTEM EVER — we inherited it from the previous owner of our home, and use it literally every single day of our lives.  You can control the music from your smartphone, and then just turn on and off knobs in each room to turn on/off the music and control the volume.  We even have speakers outside, so we were able to sit and enjoy dinner with Mr. Thicke crooning in the background).

Have I turned into a hippie?

At any rate.  A few things on my mind at the present moment:



Chunky sweaters.  I know, I know: sweaters?  For fall?  GROUNDBREAKING.  (Haha, homage to Miranda Priestley.)  But I’ve been stocking up on some great finds lately.  Aside from my Loft poncho, I also snagged this Gap poncho.  I also snagged this duster-length chunky cardigan in the heathered navy ($128) and this boucle cardigan in the gray ($69), both from Gap.

I also absolutely love the shape and ribbing of this Faithfull brand sweater.

This slightly librarian-ish gray cardigan from Madewell would be so easy to throw over jeans and a blouse/flannel/tee.

Love the fit and weave of this affordable JOA sweater.

Another poncho option — love the oversized plaid!

Fair isle, on ridiculous sale!  And this one is also rad and so well-priced.

Love this warm caramel colored chunky sweater.

For something a little more fitted, love this cropped-length sweater in winter white and this has got to me the yummiest shade of lilac-pink ever created.

And, a little bit more coat-ish, but this fringed ivory lovely is such a fab statement piece for fall.




I recently dug out a beautiful navy silk printed scarf and wore it tied around my neck with this Banana Republic dress, and LOVED the effect.  It’s made me want to add a few additional scarves to closet.  J.Crew has a precious Paris print one ($49) that I HAD TO HAVE.  And this cherry print one also caught my eye.  They also have some less whimsical prints, like this one and this one in navy.

I also like this tassel-print style in the black colorway, and this funky animal print one on ridiculous sale.

But, I REALLY would love one of those classic Hermes scarves — love this and this.


I’ve mentioned this before, but Gucci has been dominating street style the past season or two.  I felt like their star was waning for awhile — yawn, snooze — but, suddenly, their accessories in particular have taken on new freshness and they have been everywhere!



Processed with VSCOcam with e4 preset


Street style, Darja Barannik arriving at Lexington Fall-Winter 2016-2017 show held at Biograf Zita, in Stockholm, Sweden, on February 2nd, 2016. Photo by Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion/ABACAPRESS.COM

I absolutely love the ladylike shape and color of this beauty ($2,300).


I absolutely love these padlocked styles ($1,650), too.

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-4-26-06-pm screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-4-26-38-pm screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-4-26-46-pm


Meanwhile, these elegant wallet-on-a-chain styles ($1,300) would be such a versatile piece — tuck the chain inside for an evening look; where it over the shoulder for daytime.  Those classic double Gs are such a 70s throwback.  TOO GOOD!

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-4-27-14-pm screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-4-27-23-pm screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-4-27-28-pm

Finally, this pearl-accented wallet on a chain ($980) is doing me right.


Org Chart.

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You know how spring cleaning is a thing?  I’m having the spring cleaning urge in the wrong season.  (Fall nesting?)  I am on the lets-organize-or-purge warpath these days and can hardly open a closet or drawer without grimacing and thinking about how to tidy the clutter.  (And, BTW, I would describe our house as very clean and tidy to begin with.  Mr. Magpie and I like to keep countertops clear and to neaten up the living rooms each night before bed.  So what is this new OCD?!?)  I don’t know if any of you chickpeas fall into the same patterns — but thought I’d share some of my recent organization purchases.

BTW, if you REALLY want to experience organizational OCD, check out Khloe Kardashian’s pantry.  [Clouds part, angels sing.]  WOW.  If only.



Holy organizational skillz!


So it all began with my closet.  I decided that a good weekend project would be moving my fall wardrobe from the guest bedroom closet into my closet and my summer clothes in the opposite direction, and then fell down a deep and dark organizational hole from which I’ve not yet emerged.  Once I got going, I launched all of these other side projects — creating piles of clothes to donate, selling a few treasured pieces on eBay, and then deciding that I wasn’t using my closet to its full advantage and that instead of using up the guest closet, I should buy some sort of organizational system and store the fall gear in the top shelves of my closet system.  Kinda hard to visualize without pictures, but we have pretty tall ceilings in my closet so there’s about 6 feet of unused space.

So, I scoured the web for options.  I wanted the boxes/crates/shelving to look pretty (not ruin my walk-in closet aesthetic!), but it would have to be narrow (about 14″ deep) to actually be supported by the closet system I have in place.  There were lots of clunky, ugly plastic Tupperware-esque options.  And then there were wicker basket options, which mainly tended to be too small due to the depth restriction.  And then there’s this horrible place called The Container Store. [Jumps on soapbox.]  GUYS.  Who shops at the Container Store?!  It’s like a store for bajillionaires.  I went in there confident I’d be able to find a couple of bins/baskets to suit my needs for less than $100 and my jaw dropped to see simple, cheap looking bins with price tags on the order of $39 per.  Wut.  I looked around in wonderment at the hordes of organizationally-minded shoppers around me–who are these people?  Secret oil lords?  I mean, seriously, you can hardly get a 3×3″ container or two without spending $50.  Maybe I just didn’t have my expectations appropriately calibrated, but WOW.  To handle all the clothes I needed to store, I’d easily have dropped a few hundred dollars there.

So, onto Target.  There, after roaming the aisles like a mangy wolf for 15 hapless minutes, I honed in on a cute couple clearly trying to solve the same problem, and they directed me to my solution: these 13″ collapsible fabric cubes ($13 each).  They are PERFECT.  They are lightweight (so, easy for me to get down!), they look coordinated and clean, and they collapse in case you aren’t using them all at the same time.  And affordable!  I bought 10 of them, filled them with summer wares, and stacked them above my closet.  DONE DEAL.

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-7-46-40-pm screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-7-46-48-pm screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-7-47-05-pm

I also noticed that I was not fully utilizing some spare wall space in my closet — and that I could do myself a huge favor by adding some hooks to the wall to store purses/bags instead of stuffing them in a bin (sinful, really).  I spent wayyyy to much time looking for cute but inexpensive wall hooks.  I really like a lot of the decorative options from Anthro, but I wanted to get at least 3 or 4, and just felt that it was going to stack up to too hefty a price tag.  But srsly, how cute are these (spell out your initials or nickname?!) and these?  I also liked the simplicity and no-nonsense-ness of these.  I also went insane over these Swiss cross ones ($14 each) because I have a great black and white Moroccan shag rug as a carpet and they would echo the design and color palette so perfectly, but was thrown off by the semi-long wait time and shipping process and still felt ambivalent about the price.  Problem finally solved with these adorable arrow hooks ($5 apiece!) from World Market.



I also decided to tackle the chaos that is our medicine “cabinet.”  Basically, two shoeboxes full of assorted bandaids, bandages, creams, medicines, hot water bottles, and a mess of other miscellaneous items we’ve amassed over time.  It’s horrible because half the time when you’re getting sick, you look around there half-heartedly for a minute or two, can’t find anything that meets your needs, go out to buy some Sudafed, and then find a whole box of ’em the next time you check.

I searched hi and lo for solutions and was close to settling for a couple of tupperwares I’d label with a labelmaker, when I found this cosmetics cube (normally $129, on sale for $49!), which I loved because of all of the different compartments to store different types of products, and then will supplement with a few of these ($16) and these ($15).





Next up: food storage.  I may have admitted I have a horrible sweet tooth for gummy candy (Haribo heaven!) and love to get a few different bags and throw them all into a baggy to mix them up.  I was able to find the most adorable little glass cylinders ($6 each, Crate + Barrel) in a petite size — perfect for storing my gummy bears and sour straws — or, as the mood struck earlier this week, Halloween M+Ms and candy corn.

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-8-21-17-pm screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-8-22-29-pm

Also comes in larger sizes:


I’m thinking I may snag a few more for my burgeoning tea collection/obsession.  I bought a TON of loose leaf tea from David’s Tea the other day to support my bedtime tea ritual…oh Lordy. Is this the most boring post over?  AHHHH, I’ve lost my mind.

Pick5Finally, don’t you LOVE when something is beautiful and functional?!  Like these gold orbs.  I’d been looking for a little traytop accent for my new little breakfast nook area (finally got armchairs!!!  One Kings Lane for the win — I got two of these and they are PERFECT), and love these glossy little domes that DOUBLE as little storage containers for matches/clips/whatever.  The cutest.




There have been a few other even less interesting enhancements that I’ll spare you, including tidying up our under-the-kitchen-sink area, but suffice it to say that I’ve been VERY busy the past few weeks.

One occupational hazard for the organizing fiend: prowling the aisles or webpages of home/furniture/decor stores can be very distracting.  I may have come home with some new goodies from Home Goods and Target that I definitely did NOT need, including a replica of this Tory Burch spongeware pitcher I’ve loved for a long time that I scored for $15 at Home Goods and new towels for the basement bathroom (these and these from Nate Berkus for Target, which look fab paired together — very Missoni! — but are affordable…and they coordinate so well with the funky graphic black-and-white Jonathan Adler shower curtain we have down there.  It works well because the basement is sort of Mr. Magpie’s mancave).

I also went down a long and dark rabbit hole one sleepless night convinced I NEEDED a new carpet for our dining area — something with a bit of color and fun to it.  I really loved this from Lulu and Georgia, but this fun turquoise color or this more affordable variation presented themselves as viable candidates.  In the end, I decided to postpone the decision for a bit while I preoccupy myself with organization.

OK, there we go.  A little peek into what goes on in the oversaturated brain of this little Magpie.  #ThisIs32.



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Can I tell you guys something slightly embarrassing?  In college, I was obsessed with the color pink.  Like, I love the color pink now.  But I had everything pink in college.  To be fair, I went to a Southern school and this was back in the day was preppy was THE look.  So think pink Lilly dresses, pink Polo shirts, pink jeans (colored jeans were also tres popular at the time), pink bikinis, pink mini flouncy skirts (ugh, Abercrombie, what did you do to a generation of college girls?!?!??!).  I even had my brother and his buddies come down to paint my 2nd year room pink before I moved in.  And how’s this for a trip down memory lane that will thoroughly date me?!: I shared a house with 8 other girls (!!!! 8 girls!!! one house!!! AHHHH) right off Rugby Road (fellow Wahoos, you feel me?) and my room cost a whopping $214/month.  $214!!!!  Wut.  It’s almost depression-era.  I can’t wait to tell my future kids: “I used to spend $214 a month on rent” while they roll their eyes.  (Also: stamps cost 25 cents for a long time, and going to a matinee was $4, and my mom used to give me a crisp $20 to fill up the 20-gallon tank of her Lexus SUV with premium gas.  $20!  HAHAHAH.  Beat that.)

At any rate.

Pink room.  Pink wardrobe.  Pink Razr phone (LOLOL, remember).  Pink bermuda bags.  Pink luggage (Longchamp, but still).

I now temper my love for pink quite a bit.  In fact, I was looking at my closet the other day and realizing how much navy, denim, white, and black I have.  Tres ordinaire, but tres sophisticated.

And yet.  Every now and then.  I see a little flash of pink and I can’t help myself.  So, this post is dedicated to the college me and her unabashed love of pink.

+First up: this pink party dress ($325) from Isabel Marant looks so easy and fun in its happy bubblegum pink hue, especially with these epic sparkly heels (Gianvito Rossi, on sale for $319) and one of these adorable Edie Parker clutches ($1,295).

+Bodysuits have made a maj comeback recently, and this CASHMERE one (zomg) is la creme de la creme (on sale for $305), potentially tucked into these palazzo pants ($100).  I’ve come around on these.  My sister rocked them for a full year before they even became a thing — they’ve been all over Mara Hoffman for the last few seasons.  Maybe round it all out with these mid-heel floral printed babies ($100).  Love love love.












+But guys.  This Self-Portrait baby ($540) is just too good.  The lace!  The shape!  The sleeves!

+How classy/classic are these ballerinas from hip line Margaux ($125)?

+This vest / collarless jacket thing ($198) is so, so chic.  Very Olivia Pope, n’est-ce pas?

+Mansur Gavriel can frankly do no wrong.  Love this pink backpack ($795).

+Everyone’s favorite sweater in the most gorgeous shade of peony pink ($79).

+Silver loafers ($135).

+AG Jeans (on sale for $169).

+Thanks to Yeezy, simple cotton sweatshirts are the rage R.N.  Try this $25 pink hoodie to get in on the trend.

















Finally, a few parting ideas:

+This sassy/sexy top ($88) would be great for a bach party with white jeans.  This ($138) would also do the trick.

+This v-neck dress is SO sexy but also feminine and ladylike ($455).  I love the slightly mauve-ish hue.

+All the street style bloggers are wearing this top, also available in a pink gingham check ($98). #HiFashion

+Love this affordable, fashion-forward top ($59).

+This $130 shift looks SO comfortable but chic for work.

+Love this tee-dress-with-a-twist (on sale for $100).